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  1. Saint Arnolds has become one of my favorite IPAs... just curious of your personal favorites? :chug:
  2. Thanks for your feedback guys... Much appreciated! Too funny on the 30,000 lbs of bananas video Rick... I needed a good laugh :-o
  3. According to this link, this guy waited 5 days before pitching yeast... what would be the purpose of waiting that long? http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/banana-wine-og-too-high-398007/
  4. I actually already boiled them, extracted the juice & carried out the full recipe... My question is ... How do I best preserve the LIQUID at THIS stage... BIG THANKS!!!
  5. Today I had a friend who hooked me up with over 24 lbs of bananas. I immediately ordered yeast to make a banana wine which will arrive Monday morning. I decided to start the recipe today so the bananas would not go bad. All is ready now... Just waiting on the yeast! My question is how do I best preserve it while waiting 4 days for my yeast to arrive? Your feedback is much needed & appreciated! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  6. Thanks guys... It's great to know those who have an appreciation for the art of brewing! Brew on... Brew strong!!! :chug:
  7. Thanks Jim! I wished I had more room...THEN it would be TRUE OVERKILL! I've been experimenting with some coconut wine lately too. I made 4 gallons...we'll see how it turns outs!
  8. Thanks Ranger... I enjoy kicking back while mowing with a few Redbirds in hand! Nothing beats the heat better! :mow: :chug:
  9. [attachment=13078]B.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=13071]image_2013-04-29.jpg[/attachment] Happy Brewing! :party:
  10. It's all good Rick... Happy Brewing!
  11. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/20-advanced-recipes/318820-72-stout-2-with-photo-essay#318820 Hope this might help you with your stout Rick
  12. thanks canam... we'll give it a go!
  13. I'm gonna try putting the espresso directly in each bottle next time & compare... I've had great results the other way but we'll give it a shot! How much in each bottle?
  14. Thanks for your input Homebrew Fool... We'll give it a shot! I'm kind of new to adding fermentables at this stage... How do you determine ABV now? My starting gravity was 1.050... Yesterday I did a reading (see pic) [attachment=12825]image_2013-04-15-2.jpg[/attachment]
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