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  1. Saint Arnolds has become one of my favorite IPAs... just curious of your personal favorites? :chug:
  2. Thanks for your feedback guys... Much appreciated! Too funny on the 30,000 lbs of bananas video Rick... I needed a good laugh :-o
  3. According to this link, this guy waited 5 days before pitching yeast... what would be the purpose of waiting that long? http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/banana-wine-og-too-high-398007/
  4. I actually already boiled them, extracted the juice & carried out the full recipe... My question is ... How do I best preserve the LIQUID at THIS stage... BIG THANKS!!!
  5. Today I had a friend who hooked me up with over 24 lbs of bananas. I immediately ordered yeast to make a banana wine which will arrive Monday morning. I decided to start the recipe today so the bananas would not go bad. All is ready now... Just waiting on the yeast! My question is how do I best preserve it while waiting 4 days for my yeast to arrive? Your feedback is much needed & appreciated! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  6. Thanks guys... It's great to know those who have an appreciation for the art of brewing! Brew on... Brew strong!!! :chug:
  7. Thanks Jim! I wished I had more room...THEN it would be TRUE OVERKILL! I've been experimenting with some coconut wine lately too. I made 4 gallons...we'll see how it turns outs!
  8. Thanks Ranger... I enjoy kicking back while mowing with a few Redbirds in hand! Nothing beats the heat better! :mow: :chug:
  9. [attachment=13078]B.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=13071]image_2013-04-29.jpg[/attachment] Happy Brewing! :party:
  10. It's all good Rick... Happy Brewing!
  11. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/20-advanced-recipes/318820-72-stout-2-with-photo-essay#318820 Hope this might help you with your stout Rick
  12. thanks canam... we'll give it a go!
  13. I'm gonna try putting the espresso directly in each bottle next time & compare... I've had great results the other way but we'll give it a shot! How much in each bottle?
  14. Thanks for your input Homebrew Fool... We'll give it a shot! I'm kind of new to adding fermentables at this stage... How do you determine ABV now? My starting gravity was 1.050... Yesterday I did a reading (see pic) [attachment=12825]image_2013-04-15-2.jpg[/attachment]
  15. I have an Octoberfest that has been in the LBK for 2 wks... Is it too late to add cherry concentrate? Has anyone went this route with the Octoberfest vs St. Pattys? Here is the concentrate I was planning on using... This bottle is 16oz vs 12 oz... What do you guys think? [attachment=12824]image_2013-04-15.jpg[/attachment] :chug:
  16. Looks Nice DBrew! Hats off to you Screwy for all the valuable info! I got everything transferred over into the a pickle jar this morning... hope it all turns out well! PS: When I get ready to reuse this yeast what is the best way to do so WITHOUT a STIRPLATE
  17. I usually go with 8 shots from my espresso machine for a 2 gallon batch... I prefer a sumatra or just straight espresso. If no espresso machine on hand, I've heard people even going to Starbucks and just paying for 8 or so shots and making the mad dash home to add it to their wort. I have found zested oranges goes along well with the coffee flavor. I think coconut might also be good... that is my next venture... any experience there?
  18. I'm gonna say about 4 cups Andy... enough to fill a big cookie sheet. You really have to watch them in the oven... and stir them around on the cookie sheet from time to time.
  19. I simply use Quaker "Old Fashion" Oats. Please don't make the mistake in using 1 minute... it will turn to mush on you. The Old Fashion Oats will hold up better while steeping... I would steep them about 15 minutes or so producing a slight milky texture. I toast them 1st because I like the toasted biscuit-like flavor you find in a Fat Tire.
  20. Thanks for the feedback guys! The flag ones are definitely classic... i just might head that direction! I am assuming the more you buy the better the deal... does this company do pretty well on shipping prices? Also Beer Wrangler, the prices at the place you mentioned are really good all around. How is there shipping?
  21. Hey Screwy... Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your prompt response! I understand what you are saying 100% regarding having a sterilized container that has an opening large enough to maneuver the baster. I think I sampled a little too much hard cider yesterday :gulp: :whistle: while bottling leading me to take a little too many short cuts (LOL) I will definitely have a big pickle jar on hand this next go around. I don't know what I was thinking pouring tap water straight in the gallon fermentor. While researching, you see a thousand people doing things a million different ways... you forget who did what and why. I will try to stick with your method in the future in the future. Thanks again for your feedback...much appreciated! PS: Do you think I should still try using this yeast... if so what steps should I take to do so? How do you determine if the yeast is still healthy (living) or not? :cheers:
  22. Any other recommendations on ordering beer caps on line for a good price? Thanks for previous input!
  23. I made a great oatmeal stout awhile back w/ zested orange & Sumatra coffee that turned out very nice. I " toasted "Old Fashion" oats in the oven then steeped them. I recently attempted the same toasted the oats with brown sugar & cinnamon on top then steeped them. We'll know soon how it turns out! Good luck!!! [attachment=12794]image_2013-04-13-3.jpg[/attachment]
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