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  1. I spoke to a Mr. Beer rep and she informed me they are the same but they just changed the packages so they read different.
  2. For some reason the other pic won't post.
  3. See the difference in the two.
  4. Well actually the packet I have in this post doesn't say what the previous pic post sez. They need to stay try to the print on the packets. So maybe I had a small reason to freak lol
  5. Lmao I freaked for nothing! I just noticed the print on the packet.
  6. I just bought star San
  7. I ordered sanitizer and wondered why it said cleaner.. I bottled my blueberry beer yesterday for my Gf then I was bout to bottle my bewitched and noticed it said cleaner and got nervous. Lol I'm just pulling up to the supply shop to buy sanitizer, this is where I bought the cleaner and it's a rinse cleaner that's why I was thrown off. Well I'm glad I'm ok.. Will but sanitizer while I'm her since I only have one pack left. Lol
  8. A white mr beer packet saying no rinse cleaner. Ill take a pic when I get back home and post.
  9. Even tho it was no rinse kind?
  10. I accidentally used cleanser when bottling instead of sanitizer.. Should that bottled batch be ok? On my way! To brew supply company for the sanitizer before I bottle my second batch. Ugh
  11. Lol Joe.. That's the hydrometer tube.
  12. Can u please explain cold crashing? So sorry
  13. Sorry for all the posts but I'm a newbie with concerns and hopes to get this brewing thing down as I find it so much fun. Here is what's floating around in the blueberry patriot.
  14. This is the gravity of the blueberry patriot (for my GF). I take it what is floating around in the beer is bits of purée? We were at a micro brewery in Boston and had a awesome blueberry beer so I was asked to make one by my GF.
  15. Trub is the sentiment correct? These two pics are what I take it to be "trub". The first pic is of my bewitched and second is my patriot w/blueberry sterile pure. I purchased a can from my local supply and it was probably double the cans of which Mr. Beer sells and was told to add it all bringing the final liquid level above 8.5 quarts.
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