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  1. When should u add the lactose and unsweetened cocoa? I was thinking while the water was boiling before I add the St Pat's stout. How much do you recommend? Im thinking of dropping the coffee and oatmeal and just make it the milk stout like you have going. sounds a lil better anyways. dont wanna get carried away just yet!
  2. Thanks for the idea! Esp. you being a fellow Michigan fan! Go Blue
  3. Ok, Im starting out with the st. pats irish stout...... then unsweetened dark choc. powder and brown sugar. I also work at a coffee distributor and plan to flavor some choc. peatnut butter french roast coffee and maybe even some oatmeal?. How much of each should i use? Remember, I am still pretty new to the brewing thing and trying to expand my horizons so please keep your responses to KISS method. Thanks for your time
  4. Has anyone installed an airlock on their Mr. Beer kit? If so where did u get it and how did you install it? Thanks for your time
  5. Yea, im not up to that challenge yet. I too am not a huge fan of pils..... it came with my kit so i dont want it going to waste. I may throw in a booster and some heavy syrup blueberries to purre and throw them in when i ferment it. Thanks for the help. I am super new to this still. I dont want experiment too much just yet with all the hops. trying to get my feet wet but, i want to thank you all for the ideas and support. I never knew how many people acyually home brew...... this has ben fun so far. I have bottled the aztec cervesa and fermenting the weiss beir with golden LME. being stationed in Germany for 3 years got me to love the wheat beers. I figured pils would be a perfect chance to try something different. thanks for the support. i may brew this blueberry pils this weekend...... if i get my hands on another fermenter!
  6. How much maple syrup...... trying to keep it simple. That sounds like it would be pretty good.
  7. I was wondering if anyone had any tweeking to the Czech Pils? Im not a huge fan of Pils, just wondered if someone added some ingredients during fermentation. Any recommendations would be great! New to this Mr Beer and brewing. In the process of bottleing the Cervesa and fementing the Weiss Beir now. Any ideas on any other good ones. Im a huge fan of wheat beers
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