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  1. By the way, this brew turned out fantastic ... Yet seems to be missing something..
  2. Welcome!!! Just FYI, the Borg has saved my butt on more than one occasion, ask ?'s and you will receive accurate, friendly advice here!
  3. There's a 20 gal limit in Michigan? Oh crap everybody hide!!! Breaking the law!
  4. "Chuck N ™" post=387607 said: "Da Yooper" post=387531 said:Just curious, do you go to the Taylor or Ann Arbor store? What is an Arbor store and why do you have one named Taylor and another named Ann?Ha ha! Good one! But on a serious note, it's my LHBS, called Adventures in Home Brewing, there is a store in Ann Arbor, MI and Taylor, MI
  5. Those are awesome pics! Looking forward to getting home tonight to see what I find!
  6. "Da Yooper" post=387531 said:Just curious, do you go to the Taylor or Ann Arbor store? Ann Arbor ... About 15 min from my house!
  7. Just following the instructions that LHBS gave me, but next time I'll play with it a bit! Thanks Jim!
  8. 1st off, welcome! 2nd do not stir!!!! Or shake from this point on! Just get the temp down to 65 - 68 ASAP! 3rd do not throw away ... Brew might get off flavors because of high temp but maybe not! If it does, it might just take a little longer after bottling to condition out, but don't give up and just throw it out! 3 wks LBK and then 4 wks in bottle at 65- 68 degrees!
  9. :woohoo: So I brewed this up last night, tell me what you think! AIB Oatmeal Stout 3.5 lbs Pale LME 4.0 oz Malto Dextrin .5 lb Crystal 120L .5 lb Roasted Barley .5 lb Chocolate .5 lb Flaked Oats .5 oz Willamette 60 min .3 oz Cascade 20 min .3 oz Cascade 5 min Grains steeped in cold water until 158* then held there for 10 min Ice bath till 65* SG 1.053 ... On low side ... Recipe calls for 1.058 - 1.060 Pitch White Labs Edinburgh 028 @ 10:30 pm At 4:30 am little to no activity .. Just a little trub on bottom Arrive home after work @ 5:00 pm today and holy crap just about blew the top off the LBK, beer every where! Has anyone ever successfully rigged a blow off tube to LBK? Pic is 30 min after 1st sanitizing cleanup! Forgot to snap picture of original mess in all the hurry to get it cleaned up!
  10. Yah, kinda figured that it wouldn't start carbing that fast! Thank you!
  11. 1st time batch prime went almost according to plan on this brew! Just a learning curve mistake, beer just sat on priming solution after racking to slimline while I sanitized 24 bottles, oops! @ Jim Johnson earwig ale is tasteless and un-original ... I LOVE IT! Burmeister Rd Earwig Ale! P.S. I did sanitize spigot on both LBK's before racking to slimline!
  12. Thanks for all the quick replies! Does the Borg ever fail?! Planned on using bottling wand for transfer, have all the time I need for this to go smoothly! Probably eliminate the swirling, unnecessary risk? I will make good beer!
  13. Going to make 1st attempt at batch priming tonight ... Shooting for 2.4 CO2 ... Dissolve 15 tsp into 2 cups boiling water, cool, then add to slimline and rack beer on top, gently swirl to mix then bottle away! Looking for conformation of process, not necessarily amounts. This brew is a straight up 2.5 gal American Wheat! Thanks in advance!
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