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  1. Thanks philm for the input! I can't wait to make it. With the assistance of @myhorselikesbeer, I feel we can take on the challange. We plan to try our first lager. We have read about the percise temperature for a lager being it must ferment in a colder climate, if I'm not mistaken. We also just pulled out of the LBK, the Jamaica Mon, and I must say it is quite tasty.
  2. This turned out great for my dad @myhorselikesbeer, Nice smooth taste and after two or three with a nice steak you are feeling prettttty good.
  3. My dad and i @myhorselikes beer, has been brewing since this past Christmas. We have done and AG and started some of the recipes found on this forum. So I would classify myself as little above a newbie. haha. Thanks
  4. Hello fellow brewers, Being an active consumer of homebrews I was curious if anyone knew a clone formula for a Killians or any Irish Red. I have searched some other sites and have not found one very reliable. Thanks Happy Memorial Day
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