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  1. "Joechianti" post=390017 said:May I say, your approach to making friends here leaves much to be desired. You'll most likely be making friends with a steel toe boot in the rear end like this. Good luck with that. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  2. +1 Different beers will give you different amounts of krausen. Some will overflow while some won't do much at all. The real indicator as to whether or not you're making beer is the trub. If you got trub, you got beer.
  3. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=389470 said:That's a damned good point. I assumed he meant like a Coopers HME or something. I was assuming the same thing. Either way though, it shouldn't matter. Whether its a jumbo can of HME or a LME/hops recipe, you should be able to follow the directions and either split into two LBKs or use half the ingredients and do one LBK at a time. +1 to the vodka if you use the latter method. I agree it sounds strange, but it works.
  4. I was south...William Cannon and 290ish. But as of last weekend I guess I have to call myself a former Austinite. Ill be in Houston till the 2nd then the wifey and I are moving to Shanghai! A meetup would have been great though. As a noob I would love the chance to pick the brains of some vets firsthand. I feel like I'm just barely scratching the surface of this wonderful world of homebrewing!
  5. Man, I didn't realize there were so many fellow Austinites on the Borg!
  6. "JLScar" post=389380 said:i edited the post after reading some additional information to use the Golden LME, but you would recommend the Pale ... I think I like that better. As for the Hops ... how will I know when I have reached my desired results? [attachment=14386]image_2013-07-26.jpg[/attachment] Here's the chart I use. When adding to a MB batch, I'm usually looking for flavor rather than aroma or bitterness out of my hops. So I usually boil for 18-20 minutes. Sometimes less. As for LME, LBK is right on the money. The difference in a MB batch with and without it is huge. The way I see it, there's no reason to do a can strait up. I always order the deluxe version at the least.
  7. Oh and congrats on the new addition to your family! Double cheers! :chug: :chug:
  8. I would replace the booster with pale LME or DME. All the booster is good for is adding alcohol. The malt extract will do that plus give you more flavor. Bring your 4 cups of water to a boil, and stir in the extract or booster, whichever you decide to go with. Boil that for a few minutes to make sure it's fully dissolved. Then add your hops and boil for however long you need to achieve your desired results. Remove from heat and stir in your HME. Mix with water in the LBK. And ferment for 3 weeks. Sounds like a good recipe! Good luck! :chug:
  9. Sounds like a heck of a brew day. I think it's safe to say the obsession has you.
  10. Tap water and 1/2 liter PETs. Ill be slowly transitioning to glass soon though.
  11. As Joe mentioned, 3/4 tsp would be a good amount to start with. Try using several different amounts in different bottles. Do a few bottles with 3/4 a few with 1 a few with 1-1/4, etc. That will help you understand how different amounts of sugar effect the carbonation levels. And you'll figure out which amount you like best. Just be sure to label which bottles got which amount of sugar.
  12. Just to clarify...cold crashing is done while the beer is still in the fermenter. So the process should be: 3 weeks in the fermenter at 65 degrees or so. 2-3 days in the fridge Bottle and leave the bottles at room temp for 4 weeks Refrigerate the bottles for a few days Drink Edit: only refrigerate a few bottles at a time. That will give the rest time to keep improving at room temp. Once you refrigerate, they will stop conditioning.
  13. Beer is actually a lot more forgiving than one might think. My first four or five batches or so were all fermented at the 73-75 range and may have even gone a bit higher. All turned out fine. I've also never rehydrated my dry yeast and have used booster a few times also. Never with any problems. Actually, the two brews I made with booster are actually my two favorite to date.
  14. "Jim Johnson" post=386678 said:i'm such an idiot i got to look nola up everytime. (duh huh) No worries. I was a actually there for about three days before I figured out what it meant.
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