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  1. "RickBeer" post=382012 said:Look at the bottom of the LBK. If you see trub, you're fine. Many times you get little to no visible krausen, but you always get trub. You know what, I have been brewing for a year now and I know this. I can't believe I didn't think to check the trub! I use coolers in the summer that just BARELY fit the LBK and 1 16 oz water bottle frozen to keep temps down. Any hoot, I lifted the LBK out and sure enough there is a nice big layer of trub down there. Brain fart :laugh: Thanks for the help!
  2. I brewed to batches of beer on the 21st of June. The first was a Blue Moon clone that I have made in the past and love! The 2nd was a Mr. Beer Ole Mole Stout kit my wife got me for fathers day. I added 1lb of light dme and 1/4lb of carapils steeped. I added the brown sugar and cocoa but left out the pepper. I pitched US-05 for both batches at around 69-71 degrees. The Blue Moon Clone is cooking away, lots action. The Ole Mole Stout however, appears to be doing nothing 4 days later. There is very little krausen (spelling?) on the top. About a 3 inch diameter circle of krausen and thats it. Is this normal for the Ole Mole Stout? I have the little packet of yeast that came with the Stout, should I try pitching that? Can you over pitch? Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I was thinking that too and I have a couple pounds kicking around. :party:
  4. I will admit that I haven't made a Mr. Beer kit for quite some time. I have been making all extract batches with hopes of moving to all grain sometime this summer. When I used to make Mr. Beer kits I always added 1lb of DME to increase ABV and some Carapils for body and head retention. My wife got me the Ole Mole Stout kit from Mr. Beer for fathers day. I have never made this before and was just wondering what you guys suggest for DME? Amber? Light? I will also be adding some Carapils. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
  5. I find 1/2 teaspoon to be best. You can buy some Domino sugar cubes to make it easier if you like. I love them, they make bottling day that much faster and cleaner.
  6. "Photon Brewing" post=373985 said:I harvested the white labs 820 from an octoberfest i made and the layer was very tiny. I did the best I could and we'll see exactly how well when I use it again. US05 had a giant layer I could have used a shovel on. I too have harvested the US-05 with huge layers of yeast. I have only harvested a handful of times and I wasn't doing it to save money, I just wanted the experience since US-05 is so cheap. I also harvest the Lalvin 1118 I used in my hard cider and it came out pretty good and is currently fermenting my 2nd batch. It went crazy the first 24 hours, blew my airlock off!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I may just pick up an ale pale or a carboy. I wish LBK's were just a little bigger
  8. Pretty soon I am going to step up to brew in a bag. Most of the kits I find online are for 3 gallon set ups. I know 3 gallons will not fit into the LBK and that's fine. I was thinking about grabbing a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot with a lid and fermenting 3 gallons in that. I should be able to just drill a hole in the top for the air lock right? Has anyone used these to ferment? How air tight is the lid? I was also thinking about grabbing a 3 gallon glass carboy but the bucket is obviously much cheaper :cheer: Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I should have specified that I am currently doing extract batches. As soon as a scrape some money together I will be moving to BIAB. I figured the boil was only for the hops, in extract at least, but my buddy told me that I should still boil for an hour. The recipe I am brewing is an orange wheat with a target IBU between 10-15. This is why I only need a 25-30 min boil with the hops I am using. Thanks again for confirming what I was thinking.
  10. I have done many batches of beer and all of them have been 50-60 min hop boils. I am making a lighter beer with a very low ibu. I only need to boil the hops for 25 mins. Is 25 mins long enough to boil the wort or should I still do a 50-60 min boil adding the hops in for the last 25 mins? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the responses. I am a little nervous to try a lager but I really enjoy the style and would love to try to make some myself.
  12. So with the help of the borg I was able to get my cooler, with 2 16oz frozen water bottles, to keep the LBK between 63-66 degrees! I am wondering what it takes, besides lager yeast, to make a lager style beer? I have about 3 lbs of amber dme, a bunch of different left over hops, (cascade, williamette, tetnanger, columbia and a couple more I can't think of right now) some carapils and crystal malt 40l hanging around. Could I make a recipe using these ingredients and use lager yeast instead of ale yeast? I found another cooler and I am thinking I can keep the temp low enough ( around 50 degrees????) to make a lager. Also, how long do lagers ferment for? I know its longer, just not home much longer in general of course. This would be my first time attempting one. Thanks.
  13. I added it about 7 mins before burnout in a muslin bag. Smelled great!
  14. Thanks I had 3 lemons on hand so I added all 3.
  15. I am adding some lemon zest to a wheat beer I am brewing in about an hour. I have never added lemon zest and was just wondering how much I should add to a 2.13 Mr Beer size batch? I want it to kind of match the amount of lemon one would find in a sam adams summer ale or shipyard summer ale. Thanks!
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