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  1. I dont have any extra yeast... you think 1 package will be ok.
  2. So you mixed a whole can of pumpkin in it and boiled the pumpkin with the HME. Is that too much pumpkin. Also the spices did you use the ground spices or whole...
  3. So I want to make a pumpkin spice beer. I have all the ingredients from the MRB site. The only thing i have no idea about is mulling spices. What is to be used for that. Thanks
  4. Haha yea the can fell sideways...splashed hot water all over me. Made a huge mess.. and a nice burn. I tried to get out all the floating peices of label out. I figured just ride it out.
  5. I didnt take any pictures. It is in a cooler so the whole cooler had chunks of blueberries all over it. Took forever to clean. Next time ill have pictures.
  6. Ok so here is the whole story. So I am making a batch of Blue Patriot. Everything is going well. I just mixed in the booster, started boiling the water and here is where the disaster struck. I opened the can of Patriot and as i start pouring the can into the hot water the label ripped off and fell into the water, splashing scalding hot water on to me and around the area. So i took the can out and noticed MHE on the counter and i threw the can out. I continued to stir the wort. I thought about throwing the whole thing out but figured to wait till i posted this. Then as i am pouring the wort into the LBK i spill it on the side and all over the place. I lose a good portion. I continue the process. Now as it is fermenting the LBK cap exploded off. So i cleaned and sanitized the lid and cleaned the outside of the keg.... Ok so the big question. Was this batch doomed from the start or will it still be good? Thanks
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