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  1. 2 oz of honey malt should give you a notable amount of flavor. I would not use any more than 2 oz in recipe if you haven't used it before though. A little honey malt goes quite a long ways.
  2. A big part of the the distinctive "Corona" flavor is a result of the clear bottles it comes in. It has a "light struck" flavor you can find in other beers that come in clear bottles. Newcastle, for instance tastes light struck.
  3. Except CAL tastes nothing like Bud Light, and AMC doesn't taste like Corona. Those two extracts are actually fairly similiar, and in my opinion could be substituted for each other if you are in a pinch.
  4. I have found that T-58 is a bit more tolerant of high pitch temps. I didn't notice the yeast type earlier. If you like the unique flavor T-58 provides, I'm not suprised this turned out well for you.
  5. If you haven't already, get a notebook and write down everything you do. I "wing it" all the time, and since I take detailed notes, I can refer to them later. This especially important if you are drinking beer while making beer (which you should be doing!), since you might forget amounts and boil times.
  6. You want loyalty, do a buy ten get one free on refills or something. I checked out the rewards when this thing launched. You set your rewards insanely high. Don't place the blame on the consumer for this failure.
  7. Growlers are also a bad idea. They are not intended for that level of carbonation. When you fill a growler with tap beer it loses some of its CO2.
  8. I just noticed you already have the beer mostly done fermenting. If you want to add the zest now you could, just toss them in boiled water to sanitize. Make sure to chill the water before adding to the keg though.
  9. I made a lime beer once with a pretty good amount of lime flavor. I added the zest and juice of 2 limes to the hot water right before I dumped the malt in. Adding the juice after primary fermentation would give you a bit more flavor. But I got plenty of flavor my way, without the sanitation risk of opening the keg to add juice later. And I try to make bottling day as simple as possible, so I am not a fan of adding extra steps.
  10. This how the zombie apocalypse starts. People stumbling around chanting "wheat, wheat, WHEEEEEEAT."
  11. Some people use Splenda as it is unfermentable. But a little goes a LONG way. Or you could even sweeten it at serving by adding a bit of real sugar to your glass!
  12. If you are making a big beer (8%+) it would be a good idea to pitch 2 packets of MrB yeast, especially since they might be a bit old.
  13. Always take notes! I have a notebook of every brew I've ever done (I'm up to 71 now) and it is enlightening to read back through what I've done and how it turned out.
  14. Oktoberfest by itself is a bit light on body. If you truly want low ABV just steep some CaraPils. It adds no flavor, just head retention and body. Another grain to consider is Chocolate Malt. It adds more coffee flavor than chocolate (the name refers to color not flavor) and I have noticed a pretty good body/head retention with this one. I add this to pretty much any dark beer recipe.
  15. I work a stressful job with highly variable hours so I place a very high value on my time. I have done PM beers and LOVED the results, but I've only made a few, because 4-6 hours is a lot of time to give up when you have a small child. But I can do a MrB with mods or extract+hops batch easily in less than 2 hours. I brew beer because I love the process. I refuse to make beer and feel rushed about it. This is a hobby, my job is hard enough.
  16. Actually, I think it is pretty funny to put a homebrew in a Bud glass. They don't want people to make craft beer, so you show 'em up by displaying a tasty brew in their glass.
  17. jsherman


    For proper disposal please send it to a qualified beer disposal company: jsherman's Beer Disposal Services 246 Beer Street Booze City, Beerlaska 83345
  18. jsherman


    They advise you to take the pot off the heat because the extract may scorch on the bottom when you add it if you don't stir fast enough. As long as your syrup did not scorch you are just fine!
  19. Boil just enough water to dissolve the sugar (this sanitizes the sugar), dissolve sugar, cool mixture to room temp, add to keg.
  20. Wait the 3 weeks. Your beer will be better.
  21. That is a technique known as First Wort Hopping. From what I've heard it is generally only done with all grain or partial mashing. With extract brewing I suppose you could do FWH with steeping grains.
  22. You want to boil the hops in the wort, not steep. Hops isomerization doesn't occur till temps hit 190ish I believe. Steeping is done at temps under 165.
  23. Dumping beer is bad for the environment. For proper beer disposal it should be sent to: jsherman 321 Ale Blvd. Boozeville, Beerlaska 63352
  24. If the kit has gone past it's best by date you should get fresher yeast to brew it.
  25. If you put the hops in the sack and tie a knot in it, you will have less hop sediment in your beer. However, I personally don't think a sack is necessary unless you are adding more than an ounce of hops.
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