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  1. also keep in mind metal will give (bend/stretch) where as glass will not when you try to bend or stretch glass it breaks.
  2. can someone advise me on the correct temp for fermenting. i am setting up an electrice cooler with a temp controler on it. the mrb instruction say 68-74deg and i have read on the borg that the wort can warm itself during active fermentation. the cooler i am using is a 36qt igloo electric cooler and the lbk will just fit. i will monitor the temp using a digital thermomator. the advise i have got from this borg has been very helpfull an i just want to see if the community has a recomended temp.
  3. i have only completed 1 brew and have noticed it has tiny bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass. these bubbles last all the way to the last sip and when compaired to store bought (ie.sam adams-boston lagar/bud lite) they do not have the bubbles. is this normal?
  4. as i said in another thread i am new and this is just my second brew so i want to keep it as simple as i can until i get my feet wet. my 1st brew turned out pretty good after getting advise from the borg and throwing away the mrb instructions. i am also meticulous and think i can get by with bottle priming for know but may try it after getting more into the brewing game. i would like to get more info on cold crashing due to the fact i dont know what this means.
  5. thanks for all the advise. i cleaned and sanitized my lbk after bottled my 1st brew and will clean and sanitize again before putting in another. i am going to use store bought bottled water this time although i am undecided on using distilled are purified. i also have a power cooler i have plugged up to see what kind of temp control i can get using a digital grilling thermamatue to check reading before putting lbk in to fermint and it is big enough to place bottles in after lbk comes out to use for bottle conditioning. from what i have read in othe post the fermiting temp needs to be 60-70 deg.f due to the wort warming itself during the process.
  6. i just purchased a octoberfest lager to be my second ever brew. other than a good sanitizing of the lbk are there any little secrets i need need to know before i start the brew?
  7. THANSK FOR EVERONES ADVISE. after thinking my first brew was bad i joined this community and followed the advise i received from the borg and pulled the bottled beer out of the fridge and let it condition another 3 week and fridged it for 3 days before tring again with great supprise. MY SON-IN-LAW SAID IT IS PRETTY DAM? GOOD. thansk again for all your help. looking foward to my 2nd brew. anyone have any advise on what flovor i should try next using the mrb basic refills?
  8. the 1 oz glass is not the problem it the 24 count case that gets me
  9. if i ever get a brew completed i will put up the burbon. thanks for the info and i will start looking for true pryoff bottles
  10. BUFFALO TRACE - kentucky straght burbon.
  11. sorry for all the typos. been in the burbon again to night. what i was tring to ask for was indo on the mrb crimp on caps working on store bought bottles like a budwiser long neck with the pryoff/twist off crown caps.the type caps found on most store bought 12 oz bottled beer.
  12. looking for on capping. will the mrb crimp caps and bottle capper woke on cripm/twist bottles? ex;bud lite long necks.
  13. my wife went to sleep because i am still awake and the fact i am sipping my 4th sniffer on burbon-beer not ready yet. some of us arent lucky enough for the wife to want 1st letalone 2nds.the a&w bottles sounds like a plan,i drink that often. thanks for the info on not washing with hot water that is what i would have used to clean before sanitizing.
  14. would a reused rootbeer bottle be a better choice? i hate to invest in new bottles until i know i am going to stick with this fo more than a couple mounths.
  15. what about the bottles as long as they ar kept in the in a room with no sunlight until going in to the fridge.
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