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  1. But boiling LME (Liquid Malt Extract) will probably darken your beer a bunch. It carmelizes. I use 1 lb of DME (Dry Malt Extract) in a gallon of water for my hop boils. Definitely do NOT boil the already hopped malt extract, it will skunk, Monty
  2. I treat them almost the same as beer, 3 weeks in the fermenter, 4 weeks carb and condition. However sometime, depending on how much sugar you added, ciders might need to age longer. Monty
  3. http://archive.maltosefalcons.com/recipes/20051002.php There's a recipe right there. Man, if you google bappir, I found tons of references to people making sumerian beer. EDIT: and another: http://www.netplaces.com/home-brewing/experiments-recipes-from-the-laboratory/gilgamash-sumerian-beer.htm Good Luck Monty
  4. I don't think they had carbonated beer, did they? Also after you mash grain, you don't have any starches left, only sugars. How do you make a bread with no starch? I am not being difficult, but these are the first things that sprang into my mind as I read your post. The Professor is the only person I know of that has made ancient beer, and he did not use bread I don't think. I always thought the bread thing was a mis-understanding on our part. Is it possible that this Bappir bread is not a bread like we know of? Also why use HME at all, I thought you were going to use the bread, but if you need some malt extract, why not use unhopped malt? You can get LME or DME without hops at any LHBS. I relish to hear more of your adventure, and wish you luck. You'll probably end up with something that resembles beer. :") Monty
  5. Yes I do this all the time because it takes a long time to dissolve. I put in half the pack in a gallon water jug (think plastic milk jug) and then a cup of water, cap it and shake the heck out of it for a while to make a slurry, and then add the rest of the water to that. It seems to speed up the process some. One Step is good for a few days I think. StarSan is good as long as the PH is 3.5 or less. It lasts a looong time. Way more than a month.
  6. The CAL has an IBU of 11 so if it is bitter something else is going on. If anything mine always comes out way to 'cidery' with little or no bitterness. You might have had a bit of infection. Let it sit in the bottle another few weeks and see if it gets better. Monty
  7. I'm not sure, but how long did you ferment it before bottling? Did you use a hydrometer to know when it was done? Also 'cold crashing' (putting the LBK in the refrig) for a couple of days before bottling can help with getting everything settled out. Monty
  8. No I've done the Azteca similar to your recipe, (only I used honey instead of agave, but I like that idea) and dumped it all in the LBK. I let it sit for 3 weeks, bottle primed with 2.5 tsp / Liter (I like carb) for 4 weeks and it was pretty good. I use maltodextrin for head, and actually when I make this with zest and juice from 3 limes, my wife drinks all I make. She likes it. I like it too. I think that even after sitting for 3 weeks, there are still enough yeast cells floating around to carb the beer. Monty
  9. I make this and add an LME pack and sometimes a booster. Makes a real nice smooth beer without any bitter after taste. I like it and its one of my regulars. Monty
  10. Are you splitting this between a couple of LBKs? That's about 4 time the normal amount of malt, or twice as much as the seasonal Saison. Just curious. Maybe this is a 5 gal recipe? Monty
  11. The Patriot 'Lager' HME is pretty good I think. The American is a little more bitter, but about the same color, maybe a bit darker. The Patriot isn't really a lager, but an ale. My favorite Patriot Ale recipe is MB Patriot HME 1 Pale LME 1 Booster. (or 2 cups honey) Tastes good and will be about 6% ABV. I actually prefer the honey to the booster. As always 3 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks in the bottle. Monty
  12. OK just tried mine last night. Great head, carbonation and color. Liked the initial taste, but too much bitter aftertaste (BAT) for me. This is only 30 IBU, but just too much bitter for my tongue. I am going to try to mellow it out a bit, and make another batch with lemon zest and juice to try to smooth out the BAT. OG 1.064 FG 1.004 ABV 7.86% Monty
  13. I leave the hop bag in until after I bottle. then clean it out. The less messing around in there the better. That's assuming that it doesn't clog up the works. Monty
  14. I just got back from Japan, and when ever I'd order an Asahi at this one place, they would pull a glass from the draft and then go to a machine that put out a frothy head on the beer. I thought it was effective but stupid. I'd blow it off each time right in front of them, but they kept doing it. I think in Japan, if the beer is served without a head it is considered a bad beer. or something. Weird. Monty
  15. Hi I thought I'd add a little update to this thread. I made some cider using this recipe: Mr Beer Cider concentrate 3 cups Honey 1lb lactose yeast nutrients + food(urea) rehydrated S-04 OG 1.083 FG 1.008 ABV 9.83% fermented for 3 weeks, bottle Conditioned for 4 weeks. Turned out nicely carbed and just the right amount of sweet. This is going to be my standard cider recipe. Tastes really good even with that 9+% ABV Monty
  16. Well true lagering temps are like 52 F Mr Beer, at least the recipes I've been doing, are all ales, which ferment at a higher temp. I have been making some pretty good beer and my temps are horrible, like right around 74F, so 70F would be even better. Doing a true lager will require a fermentation chamber, and holding the temps in the low fifties. Monty
  17. Guiness uses nitrogen in there forced carbination for the head. So I don't know how to do that unless you force carb. However, you can add maltodextrin or steep carapils or carafoam for better heads. Personally I'm not into the creamy head. My buddy claims using honey to bottle prime will make a better head, but I've never tried it. Monty
  18. Interesting Gymrat. I agree with you. It is YOUR beer and I have MY beer. I'm not saying to do or not do anything, I was just pointing out prolly more for the newer guys, that even if you don't do things 'right', you can still get a decent beer. I am not saying to do it, but my temps are horrible, 73-74, but I get a decent beer. I've only had one batch that might have been infected or had 'off-flavors' and even that was drinkable, my buddy actually liked it. I am right now drinking 4 different kinds of MB homebrew (Oktoberfest, canadian, cerveza, and patriot), and they all are really good beer, I think. And they are all just some MB HME+LME+Sugar (honey, booster, etc) not even dry hopped, or with steeped grains or anything. I'm having fun just flavoring the regular MB HME's with honey, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Now I do have one batch coming ready in a couple of weeks that has my first partial mash, hop boil, and dry hops, so I might go, wow, that blows away my normal stuff, but I might not too. I don't know yet, but it is great fun to have friends and family try my silly extract beers, and have them like what I am making. Monty
  19. First time, keep it simple. You have enough to worry about without making the job harder. Concentrate on sanitation this first batch. Remember it takes a minute or two in the One Step solution to kill the enemy, so soak things well. And remember anything that isn't soaked is covered in bad things you can't see. Don't let it touch the beer or anything that may touch the beer. I like the Oktoberfest. The second time I made it, I went a little mad scientist (added a Pale LME and a Booster pack), and just drank some last night. It was really a smooth dark beer with no BAT (bitter aftertaste). Just my kind of beer. I did 3 weeks in the fermenter, and 1 month conditioning in the bottle. Keep things clean and wait it out. It will be worth it. Monty
  20. Did you ever find out what to do? Sorry I can't help, but it sounds like an interesting question. Monty
  21. I've got an interesting experiment going on. I made 2 batches of Patriot 'Lager', exactly the same, one with re-hydrated yeast, and one pitched dry. Both aerated. I'm betting there won't be a difference. We'll see. Monty
  22. Interesting... I just started drinking a batch of this that I made with an extra LME and lime zest. I think it really works well with the Lime. And it is a little over 5%, so a very nice summer beer. Monty
  23. What was in the water you boiled the hops in? Did you boil the HME/water mixture? Monty
  24. yea I see what you mean with 71 ounces. No way I was that far off. It must have been the beer. The really high one blew me away and I re-checked it and looked for air bubbles etc. But it consistently read high. It must have been the mixing, never thought of that either. Thanks Monty
  25. Yes I always start out checking with water for 1.00, I think my lbks might differ in their water level marks. I am going to start filling them with a known amount (8.5 qt) and seeing if they are marked accurately as they become empty. Temps would be the same, oh wait, one was at 63 because I used refrigerated water and the second was warmer, like 80, because I used non-refrigerated water. That would account for some of the difference, but 0.20 is a big diff. Would it make that much of a difference? This was done within a hour of each measurement, and the only thing I can think of that might have varied is the amount of water, since both batches had the same ingredients, Monty
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