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  1. Interesting. So RickBeer, does that mean Screwy needs to tweak the Qbrew database for the new malts? My understanding of your post is that the liquid malts are not 'thick' enough to give the OG? I guess not all liquid malts are the same density right? And the new MB malts are lower than what QB thinks? Not critiquing, just trying to understand. My gravities are all over the map, and I can't explain it. Usually lower, which kind of makes sense, but even higher sometimes. I did 2 batches of Patriot last night, both with an added LME and Booster, one was 1.058 and one was 1.078, with the same hydro. Maybe I am not measuring the water amount right, or have LBK's with not exactly the same water level marks. That would totally explain it if the LBKs water level marks were off. Hmm.. I may calibrate them next time around. Monty
  2. Oh great so I have to worry about this too? From what I have seen the threaded part breaks in two, is that what happened to you? Is there a fix for this? I have 6 of these things full right now and am leaving on a one week trip to Japan next week. Monty
  3. Yep done. Hey do you know what the size limit is? This is under 1 meg now and it seemed to work. Monty
  4. Thanks Guys. I guess I maybe wasn't so lucky as clean? Anyway here's a picture I took of the patriot ale last night on the patio: [attachment=14231]PatAleGlassShrunk.png[/attachment] And it works real well too. :silly: Monty
  5. I am wondering how this happened. Luck probably? I made a couple of batches of beer, one using MrBeer's Patriot 'Lager' HME and one using the Aztec Cerveza HME. Here's the basic recipes for both Mr Beer Patriot 'Lager' HME Pale LME Booster OG 1.062 FG 1.014 ABV 6.29 Mr Beer Aztec Cerveza Pale LME Booster zest and juice from 3 limes OG 1.054 FG 1.012 ABV 5.50 Now both of these were 3 weeks in the fermenter and 4 weeks in the bottle at room tempoerature. My fermentation temps were/are a constant 73 degrees F. Both of these beers came out crystal clear, and perfectly carbonated I think. Also I think they taste great. The cerveza had a wonderful lime aroma and taste, SWMBO loved it. Now here are the things that I think would be judged as not right in these. 1) I used 2.5 teaspoons table sugar to carb. Mr beers recommended level higher than what is recommended here. 2) too high of fermentation temps - 73F 3) I did not cold crash before bottling 4) I did not rehydrate the yeast 5) Used Booster Things I did do: 1) anal retentive sanitation, but mostly with One Step. 2) 3 weeks in LBK 3) 4 weeks Carb + Condition I am not complaining or arguing about anything, I just wanted to point out that you can make a great beer and still not do everything ideally. Now I like a less bitter more malty beer, and I probably can't even recognize the 'off' flavors. But, man, these are really great tasting beers. I can't believe how crystal clear they came out and how great the head retention was. Monty
  6. "LBK" post=385961 said:Just brewed this today. Hit 1.062 OG. Dd everyone do the the 3 week LBK 4 week bottle time for this one? I did/am. Monty
  7. Ok I bottled this batch of saison (I did 2) last night and the FG was 1.004, so with a OG of 1.064, I got ~7.86% ABV. Wow. The gravity sample tasted great. I really hope it tastes this great after carb + cond. It will be fantastic. Monty
  8. I think you steep crystal, as it has already been mashed. So no mashing needed. What is 'melanoidin' grain? Wouldn't you have to mash that? No advice on hops, but those sound interesting. And with the original hops, do they say how long to boil them for the 6 IBU? That might give a clue as to what they are, but I think I would ditch the old hops and add new. Then you would know exactly what you are getting and be able to plan your hop boil better. Monty
  9. Bottled this last night. Got a FG of 1.004, so with a OG 1.060, that's 7.34% ABV. Wow. The gravity sample tasted great, so only another month till drinking time. It was pretty cloudy, is that normal? I've never done a wheat before. Monty
  10. [attachment=14138]HydrometerReading.JPG[/attachment]
  11. Joe. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense. That batch had yeast nutrients and urea in it so the yeast musta went crazy cause it computes out to 9.83 ABV. Monty
  12. Domino Dots are 1/2 tsp each, so if you need 1 tsp you put in 2. I like them. Monty
  13. "Inkleg" post=382532 said:Jeff, I have the STC-1000 and it controls both heat and cold. Trust me, in Maryland you will need heat. I'm in Georgia and glad I have it. I use a reptile heat pad for the heat. Following russkis thread anyone can do it (I know cause I did). You need the heat over in Lilburn? Is your chamber in the garage? I intend to have mine in the basement, and went with the stc-1000 because of the cost and I am a DIYer, but I actually never thought I would use the heat side unless I was using it to hold mash temp or something. Monty
  14. I think your recipe sounds very good to me. If you need a taste tester, shipping info is available. Monty
  15. 1/4 cup of honey is nothing. I usually use a lb. You won't get honey flavor, but I think it is a better and smoother adjunct over something like table sugar or Booster. It just bumps up the ABV a bit, If you want honey flavor, you need to do a partial mash of some honey malt. It is a malt made by sprouting the barley under a low oxygen environment I think. Anyway, it has an obvious honey flavor to it, but needs to be mashed in order to use it. Monty
  16. I know lactose doesn't ferment, and I added it so I could experiment with a sweeter cider, So even though the lactose had to have upped my OG to 1.083 (which I think is incredibly high), and the FG is now 1.008, I should assume that I have 9.83% ABV? Ok I guess, but I still think that lactose as a sugar had to have added to the SG, but it would have added to the final as well, so I guess you all are right and I made some really potent cider. The FG sample tasted great, so I think 1 lb of lactose in an LBK would be about right for me in a cider. YMMV Monty
  17. I just started into some of the new porter. I made mine with the porter HME and a pack pf Pale LME, but I didn't think it was too bitter. Just a hint of it. I thought it was pretty balanced. I am not a hop head or bitter lover, so I liked it. Now it could be that I diluted it a bit with the Pale LME, so YMMV. Monty
  18. Ok i did a full lbk batch with a pound of lactose. My og was 1.083. My fg was 1.008. There is no way this is 10%. How do you calculate ABV when you use lactose? MOnty
  19. No, 6 gauge would be very hard to bend. I got some old power cords with braided wire so it should be OK for the power cord. I will probably use some 12/3 I have internally. Thanks again Monty
  20. Oh Ok, No they don't assume any sugar in their estimates of the amount of alcohol you'd get. And as Rick Beer said. figure only 3.1% for the smaller HMEs, which makes your numbers pretty spot on. @Rick - Thanks for the correction on ABV calculations Monty
  21. I don't get your response. It doesn't look like you added any sugar. The absolute ABV measurement is (OG-FG) * 131, never mind what Mr Beer says. And I don't think the small HME are 3.7, more like 3.3 and the LME aren't 1% more like .8%, so if you are getting about 4% that makes sense. Also make sure you measure at the bottom of the meniscus and add in the temp adjustment. I know it won't make a difference for the ABV calc, but then we can compare gravity readings if we all do it the same. Also with all that malt, from what people have said here, it takes longer to ferment vs sugar. So 2 weeks is probably ok, but 3 weeks is better. It also reduces the cidery taste supposedly. Don't know, I have been doing the 3 week thing since the second batch. For example, I did a Patriot Lager HME with a pale LME pack and a bag of booster. I got a OG of 1.062 a FG 1.014 after 3 weeks for ABV of 6.29% by mr beer's estimates it should have been 3.7 + 1.1 + 1.3 = 6.1% hmm.. not a good example as I got over what the estimate was, but the point is the ABV from Mr Beer are just estimates. The OG/FG is an actual measurement of the ABV. Monty
  22. ohh man, that is brilliant. I am returning my box and getting a 3 gang box. Thanks! Monty
  23. Probably. I don't think my taste buds are very discriminating though, because things taste fine to me. Although I did have one batch of Amber Ale turn out with a pronounced bitter after taste, but my buddy liked it. Until I get money for a fermentation chamber up, it will have to do. ST1300 - better bike Monty
  24. ok the 1.012 finals are not good? Those seem about right, sometimes I'll get a 1.008, but your ABV make sense given the amount of malt that you're using, maybe a little light. I do 3 weeks fermenting in your user name, and 4 weeks carb/condition at room temp. I usually add a Booster (glucose/maltodextrin) for a bit more Alcohol and mouth feel, but I am thinking of backing off when I use my current stock up and go for a 4-5% ABV with a small can of HME and a Pale LME pack. Monty
  25. I am building this one and waiting for enough money to get an upright freezer off craigslist. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/18-advanced-brewing-techniques/249207-temperature-controller-build-with-pictures Monty
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