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  1. "Khlogan2002" post=382394 said:North Carolina Oops sorry I got that. I was asking Grove. I do my fermenting in the basement, where the a/c is set for 74, and it stays around 72-74. Don't know if the temps are ok or not, but the beer seems to be. I probably should just do saisons at that temp. Monty
  2. "TheGrove" post=382351 said: "Khlogan2002" post=382223 said:I've looked into a mini fridge, but cant find a cheap one without a freezer. I use a mini fridge that has a freezer, I just ignore the freezer. I use a Johnson Temperature control (around $30) and run the sensor into the fridge and set it at 62 degrees. (Conveniently, the freezer ends up at around 40 degrees, so I can throw a few finished bottles in there.) [attachment=13993]photo.JPG[/attachment] The 2 in the fridge are cool. The one on top is slightly warmer, so that's for my wheat beers and ciders.That looks like a regular japanese refrig. Which makes sense since I know you are there. Don't mean to divert here, but I am going to Yokohama in a couple of weeks for my son's wedding. Where are you at? Monty
  3. "jsherman" post=376394 said:This was my first stab at using hops, and I figured the CAL HME from my scratch 'n' dent kit would be a good canvas. 1 Booster 2 oz honey 1 packet Columbus hops 1 CAL HME I dissolved the booster and honey, then brought it to a boil. I then added 1/2 the hops and boiled for ~10 minutes, and added the rest right before turning off the heat and stirring in the HME. This was born on 5-9 and I tasted after 2 days cold crashing (5-31) and it was delicious, the wife loved the sample also. Big hit of orange flavor then finishing with a mild bitterness. I will bottle tomorrow, as I have had a longggggg day. 1 question, how much, if any, does the hop's citrus flavor fade or mellow with conditioning? I loved the strong orange flavor of pre-bottling, but a milder citrus flavor would be great also. This is a nice simple recipe. I have a question about the hops. I was under the impression that you had to have some malt in the boil for the hop oils to 'cling' to. Did the hop boiling at 10 and 0 add any hop flavor and aroma? Or is it too early to tell yet? Just curious. I did a similar version w/o the hops and honey and with an added Pale LME pack. It was a big hit with SWMBO as well. Monty
  4. "Spucky" post=382061 said:Thanks guys! How important do you think it is to rehydrate the yeast? First time using this yeast. I don't know, but that is what is pictured on the yeast packet, so I assume the manufacturer preferred that the yeast be re-hydrated. But it probably would work either way. RDWHAHB Monty
  5. "Rebel_B" post=381992 said: "Monsteroyd" post=381879 said:Am I measuring wrong? I'd call that 1.060 and then add .002 for temp adjustment, since I bet it is 70 or so. I measure at the bottom of the miniscus. Just curious. [attachment=13970]HydrometerReading.JPG[/attachment] My OG was 1.064 for the Saison. Monty Well, I've been using the measurement at the top of the miniscus (as you can see). Thanks for catching that! My OG should be 1.060, without making temperature adjustments. I've always figured it's about consistency anyways, measure the same way before/after to get a valid answer. True, but if we all measure the same we can compare gravity's. You're right tho, it doesn't matter when you are pulling a reading to see if ferment is done. (I did rehydrate just like the little picture on the yeast showed.) Monty
  6. Well they also say a week to ferment and a week to carb. I think they say to do that just because it gets the spices sanitized, and then you don't have to worry about remembering, or opening the top of the LBK again. Remember those directions are for the simplest way to make their beer and to ensure success. It may not be the BEST way to do it, but it is a way that works ok. The advice I got here was wait a week, then throw the hops (spices) in. However, My first few batches I did not do that , and it turned out OK. I never rehydrated yeast at first either, but now I do, cause it a better way and I get good fermentation. However, not stirring the wort (aerating) and just tossing the dry yeast on the wort and sealing the top also worked ok. There are a number of things that I do based on what advice I got here, that the MR Beer direction never said to do. I haven't had enough experience yet with the results to say for sure that I am getting better results, I just trust the advice I get here. Monty
  7. Yes I did a PM with some Honey malt, carapils and 6-row with some Saaz hops at 20 and 7 minutes in a Pilsner. Still waiting to bottle it. Can't wait to try it to see about the honey flavor. I know that you don't get the honey flavor with honey, but I think the beer is less harsh when using honey vs Booster. Probably just in my head, but I like to add local honey over Booster when I have it. I really like just punching out a batch into an LBK in the evening. Last Night took just a little over an hour to make the azteca. When I have time, like on a weekend, I have more 6-row, honey malt and carapils to do some more PM's Monty
  8. Watch out for clove and to a slightly lesser extent, allspice. If I ever use clove again it will be ONE little clove thing per LBK. It. Is. Strong. Allspice has a little of that same taste too, to me, so be careful. Traditional mulling spice has clove and allspice in it. Monty
  9. OK I have added a couple more LBKs of beer to the pipeline MB Pilsner HME + LME Pale + Booster + 2oz Maltodextrin (about a cup) mouth feel ? OG 1.058 MB Azteca Cerveza + LME PAle + 1# local wild flower Honey OG 1.056
  10. [attachment=13971]HydrometerReading.JPG[/attachment]
  11. Am I measuring wrong? I'd call that 1.060 and then add .002 for temp adjustment, since I bet it is 70 or so. I measure at the bottom of the miniscus. Just curious. [attachment=13970]HydrometerReading.JPG[/attachment] My OG was 1.064 for the Saison. Monty
  12. Just made this with a Pale LME, booster, and a couple of vanilla beans. Came out great and perfectly bitter. You could dry hop for aroma if you like hops. But it was the perfect bitter for me. Monty
  13. Tried vanilla porter and the cinnamon ale. Wow. I made good beer. Pic to follow when i can resize them Monty [attachment=13944]VanPorterPour34.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=13945]CinGirlPour34.jpg[/attachment]
  14. Maybe, but I thought those iodine test strips were for testing iodophor solutions. Monty
  15. That's a very cool picture. And a very cute kid. Nice job on both counts. Monty
  16. "mashani" post=380776 said:I test my mashes with strips, I know when they are done and not done. What are these strips you mentioned? I just did my first PM, which was going to be a steep, but because I was using honey malt, turned into a mash, so I added 6-row for enzymes, one thing lead to another and I started out steeping and ended up PM. However, I just went by time (an hour) and temp (155), but I had no way to know (as this was the first time) whether I had successfully mashed anything. So.. those 'strips' would have been cool to have. Thanks Monty
  17. I did one batch of it stock with nothing additional and another batch with some ginger and lemon zest. See me in about 7 weeks for an opinion Monty
  18. OK I did the partial mash. It really was no big deal, so I hope I did it right. I set the oven to 170 (lowest it would go) and then brought the water in a pot up to about 158, then added the grains which lowered the temp, then added a little hot water (from another pot) to bring it back up to 158, (probably got about 2 qts of water) then turned off the oven, and put the pot with lid in the oven set the timer for an hour and let it go. Got some really sticky cloudy wort-like stuff from that. The hardest part was getting the water out of the grain. I did not sparge. I then boiled this about an hour and added a 1/2 oz Saaz hops for flavor and aroma at 17 and 7 minutes before flame out. Wow, I did not realize what the hops would do, so thank God I used a hop bag. Those pellets just turn to hop powder. They stained the white nylon hop sack a yellow color. I did add a little more water to make up for what boiled off and for the HME and LME add which I let boil for a minute to get it all hot again. Then I added the pilsner HME and Pale LME after FO. Rehydrated the yeast and pitched it. We'll see in about 7 weeks how it turned out. One thing I got was a little one liter electric kettle, so I could quickly heat up small amounts of water for the yeast rehydration, replacing water that boiled off, and getting the water and grain up to the correct temp. It was only like 14 bucks and was a great little helper. I also punched out a stock Saison (the summer seasonal) and another one with a little lemon zest and juice from a lemon. Got those pitched with rehydrated Saison yeast that came with them. The yeast had a nice little pictograph on the back showing how to rehydrate. So in about 7 weeks I'll be trying out some Saison and some Pilsner. I hate the wait. Monty
  19. Ahh.. GA huh, Me too. Thanks for the hour boil tip, I didn't know that. Monty
  20. Ok I got my grains measured out and this is really a tiny little mash I guess. I did get some 6-row to add to this so it looks like 1/4 lb honey malt 1/4 lb carapils 1/2 lb 6-row (more for enzymes for honey malt And then after mashing this in 1.5 qts of water, I am going to add an LME pack, and boil for 20 minutes with Czech Saaz hops at 17 and 7 minutes before FO. The add the Czech Pilsner, and LBK it with more water to 8.5 qts. My oven only goes down to 170, so I am hoping to preheat it, turn it off, and just put the mashing pot in the oven for an hour after heating it to 160. Maybe with a towel or 2 around the pot. We'll see. This is my Father's day activity, so I am stoked to do this. I actually talked my wife into helping me out, so we're going to bottle up a couple of LBK's, make 2 batches of the Summer Saison (one with a little ginger), and this. 6 more gallons poured into the pipeline. Bwahahahaha... :banana: Monty
  21. Dang you guys - I always forget about the hops in them there HME's. OK well then, I could put 3.75 lbs of unhopped in and do my own hop boils. I am real excited about this since the saison I had at the beer fest was wonderful. Here's hoping this is too. @mashani - Pride or Ringwood? Are those the hops? Thanks Monty
  22. Just got mine yesterday, can't wait to bottle some next week and free up a LBK for it. And it answers the question of 'Can you use those big Coopers cans in a LBK?', well this is 3.75lbs and I assume it goes in one LBK. And it is about the size of those big cans. Monty
  23. I had a black IPA at a beer fest a week or so ago. Widmer Bros - Pitch Black IPA It was pretty good as it didn't have that standard IPA Bitter After Taste (BAT). Monty
  24. OK got a couple more batches bottled and a new cider started. Getting ready for Father's day, which is already designated as a play time brew day. :banana: SO I have been ordering things from Rebel Brewing, and if you are in the Atlanta area, you should give them a try. I think the prices are ok, and shipping runs about $10, but I have been ordering on one day, and opening the box the next. Very convenient. Anyway, this weekend is my big partial mash day. I am going to do a small batch of honey malt, carapils, and some 6-row to provide the enzymes etc. Right now I am thinking about doing a pound total, so about 1/4 lb honey malt, 1/4 carapils, and 1/2 lb of 6-row to provide the enzymes and extra wort. Then I am going to boil the resultant wort (with a little LME added) with 1/2 oz saaz for 20 minutes and another 1/2 oz for the last 7 minutes for a flavor and aroma boost. Then do the normal Czech Pilsner HME. Monty
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