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  1. It will be sitting next to a window and the last time i installed a gas stove there was only a gas and elec connection, no vent. Monty
  2. Hey, I'm not saying I'm gonna do it, but what are the dangers of boiling the wort on a turkey fryer in the basement. Let's say with an open window next to it. Would it be any worse than using a gas stove to boil the water / wort. Thanks in Advance Monty
  3. Yes Sir by the end of the day, every beer I tried was the best I ever drank. The pitch black IPA wasn't really that bitter but more creamy. I think it was a great example of darker beers smoothing out the IBU of the hops. Some of the best were the ones from the local breweries like the monday night beers. They are in Marietta, which is near here. Also there were some beers from a place in Cummings which I also liked, but forgot to put on the list. I think it was called Counter-culture brewery and they actually have a brew pub I am anxious to try. But to your point, I always say that only the first few really have to taste great. Monty
  4. Dextrose = Glucose = good for priming, but I'd use table sugar and save the dextrose for the protein drink. The table sugar gets all eaten up anyway, and works great for carbing. Monty
  5. A very simple way to add ABV and flavor is take the standard can of hopped malt extract, and add a $3.50 liquid malt pack from Mr Beer. It will make the beer about 4.5-5% and be balanced. Easy Peasy. Monty
  6. I went to a little afternoon thing I've never experienced this weekend. A BeerFest! What a blast! This is a short list that I was able to make of the beers I liked right up to the point where I could no longer see the paper, let alone write. Thank god for SWMBO. I would never have made it out of there without her. The dang sample glasses were way too big. They had something like 300 beers and ciders to try. Here are some I tried and liked: Goose Island - Matilda Lazy Magma - Jefferson Stout (I think this had sweet potato) Indian Summer - Southern Pecan Magner's Irish Cider - Pear Heavy Sea's - Cutlass + Little Sumpin' Shock Top - Belgian White Red Hook - Long Hammer IPA Anderson Valley - Summer Solstice + Boont Monday Night Brewery - Fu Man Chu Widmer Bros - Pitch Black IPA Monty
  7. Awesome. My fingers are crossed and wishing you well. Keep us posted. Monty
  8. Ooops. 50 degree ferment puts this on the someday list. Ill look for some at a beerfest i am going to today. Monty
  9. Hey thks for that tip. I am now looking for a kolsch that i can do in a lbk. That is exciting that there is a style for my weiny hop taste buds Monty
  10. Yes I think hops are needed for beer, and I think I like the aroma and taste,not the bitter. The good news is that just means my hop boils won't be very long. Monty
  11. So basically the bitter after taste is hops. Well OK so be it. I'll stick to flavor and aroma and a low IBU because that is what I like. I guess I'm just a hop weiny Thanks for the IBUs on those beers. Now how to make a dark beer that is creamy and not bitter. I guess I'll have to do all my own hops when I do a darker brew. Monty
  12. Uh don't be so sure you won't like it. This isn't Lite beer like you are used to. It is just a Light color, not Lite like diet. And as it is the little 1.67 lb can will only give you about 3.2% beer anyway. However, I don't know about throwing in a whole 3.3 lb can of malt in the fermenter keg either. Is it hopped? or unhopped? If unhopped, now you are way outside the normal MR beer recipe in that you will need to do a hop boil which means boiling a couple of gallons of water for an hour adding hops at different time along the way. Then you'll have to cool it all down, so you don't melt the fermenter keg that came with the kit. And I don't even know if you are supposed to boil the unhopped malt with the water either. Have you ever made beer before? If you have, then I am sorry and will bow out. If this is your first time, then you are starting at the very top of the heap, definitely not what the MR Beer kit is aimed at. I take a can of CAL, and add 1 bag of booster (corn syrup solids, mostly glucose) and 1 LME pack (about 850 g of unhopped malt) and it makes a nice Light color non-bitter ~6% beer. Easy Peasy. So in your case, I would do the recipe according to Mr Beer instructions but add 1/2 of that 3.3 can of malt to it and you'll come out with a nice Light colored smooth beer. It won't be hopped out or bitter, but full bodied. Probably about 5-6% ABV too. Maybe dry hop the hops too for aroma. Dry hops just means throw them into the fermentor for the last week of the 3 weeks. Also the borg here recommends 3 weeks fermenting, and 4 weeks conditioning/carbing at room temp. Monty
  13. "Brewbirds" post=375538 said:I'm curious what beers you can say that you like that you can get from the store. There is going to be some bitterness from hops in most beers but they get "balanced out" to varying degrees depending on the style of beer. It may be astringency, dryness or something else in the beer that you describe as bitterness that may not be the biittering from hops, which is intentional, that most home brewers will immediately want to associate with that word. Also, I have seen several posts about the bittering in the HME possibly being from a certain hop variety that does not go over well with many people. Have you found and looked at the Beer Style Guidelines that are frequently linked here? It may help describe the different hop characteristics you taste from one type of beer to another. I have found a site called Beer Legends quite helpful in learning about the many different roles hops play in beer brewing and am quite thankful for a Borg member for leading me there. I"m not trying to say you need to spend hours devoted to beer study but if you assign a flavor you don't like to the wrong thing it might turn you off to brewing and we don't want that to happen. OK I tried a Sweet Water 420 Pale Ale last night. Great flavor and aroma, but the bitter after-taste is there. Is that the hops? I really do not like that after taste at all. The beer tastes good initially, but then slowly slides into a bitter side of the tongue after taste that lasts until the next gulp, and then slowly comes back. That is the flavor I don't like. If the 420 didn't have that after taste, I'd love it. Monty
  14. Well, I brewed up another LBK last night, and cleaned out some more space in the little kitchen area in the basement, so I have room now for 2 more LBK's. Thank you Mr Beer for the latest scratch and dent sale for filling up those 2 spaces. That will give me 5 lbk's for beer and 1 for gluten free cider etc. Life is good. Monty
  15. "RickBeer" post=375721 said:BAA should not be the same color as a Porter. It should be amber as noted. If it was the same color as a Porter, then I would examine your method. For a pure Mr. Beer batch, you boil water, remove from heat, dump in the can (stirring as yo udo so), stir it, dump into the LBK (that has a gallon of cold water in it). There is no cooking/heating of the HME on the stove. IF it is cooked on the stove, that will both darken it AND change the flavor profile (because you're cooking the hops). @RickBeer - Yeah, I must have done something, but I followed the instructions to a 'T' as it was my second batch after the CAL. Maybe the water was too hot when I added the HME from the can, but I did not (and knew not to) boil it. I am starting to think that it got infected. It is brown. And that is what I thought when I bottled it, why would they call this brown stuff 'amber'. Orang-ish golden maybe, but not brown. And even though I did not like it much, somehow there is only one bottle of it left @azmark - After 40 years of beer, I don't think I am going to start liking that bitter after taste. But as a confirmed Bud/Coors/Miller drinker (although Bud is not my fav), I hope you are right. Monty
  16. "TimeTraveler" post=375544 said:If your Bewitched Amber turned out brown, it sounds like it was a bad batch or you burned it. Mine was a nice amber-color. It shouldn't be brown, though. Well, it is brown like the Porter I just bottled, so something is up. I am betting that I messed it up (I didn't boil or burn it though), so most likely an infection. It was a stock Mr Beer recipe, so I'll need to try it again to be sure. @TheGrove - yep, that is what I am trying to do, figure out what 'hoppy' vs 'maltly' etc. @BrewBird - Thanks for the beer legends info, I will check it out. It won't turn me off to brewing, but to making that particular beer again. But if Time Traveler is right, then I need to try it again to see if I goofed it up. Monty
  17. That's a good idea. Plus I get drunk. I'm liking it. Seriously though, what I generally find is that most craft beers have that bitter after taste. But you're right at least that would be a common trait for discussions. For example, I could say that Sierra Nevada IPA has a horrible bitter after taste, and then someone here could tell me, yep its the hops, or no your beer was skunked, etc. Monty
  18. OK I guess it could be the 'burnt' flavor of the darker malt that I am tasting. That would explain why the darker beer with lower IBU is more bitter than a lighter color with higher IBU. Or that the Amber has a lower Specific Gravity than the American Ale. However, I would think the lighter would be lower than the darker and not the other way around. I guess that's why I need to start doing SG on these things. I would need to hold things constant and then try some batches with increasing bittering hop boils to really see what it is that I don't like I guess. It would be cool to determine that it wasn't the hops that I don't like. Maybe an approach would be to try to make that after-taste to see what causes it. I guess I could do that with DME's etc. Hmmft - I need a bigger pot. We'll see if I ever get that curious to figure it out. Right now I really like what I am making as far as the lighter colored beers from the Mr Beer HMEs. Except I haven't tried the IPA's yet because I don't normally like those beers when I buy them. Grr.. I need to know, and they are having a nice sale right now. Too bad it ends before I get paid. Monty
  19. Aren't ya supposed to be 21 to even post here? Just sayin. And yes, you live at home, so you play by the home rules. Monty
  20. Hi, OK I am still trying to understand what parts of beer flavor I like and what parts I don't. For the most part I don't like a beer with a strong bitter after-taste. I have brewed the Bewitched Amber Ale, and it has an IBU of 30, and mine turned out really brown, not amber, and with a strong bitter after-taste. I just bottled up some American Ale that has an IBU of 36 and did a taste test and it was no where near as bitter as the amber. Was my Amber skunked or infected or something, or will the American get worse (or more bitter) as it carbs? Thanks for any feedback. Monty
  21. Hey Inkleg - can't wait for Sunday. Anyway I got another LBK coming, could not resist the scratch and dent sale on the Gold kit over the weekend. Too good of a deal even if you don't use the LBK. But I will. Updated my list to reflect bottling last night. Now I have more room for another 2 batches. Should have the refills here Wed. I really liked the Patriot lager I did with the LME and Booster, so one will probably be that. And I think a lime zested Mexican may be in order too. Monty
  22. I guess you could reuse it. From what I understand, that unlike the One Step cleaner, it doesn't break down but retains it's disinfectant ability for months. I would think though since it relies on phosphoric acid, it could become less acidic in some cases, like exposure to alkaline substances. Also it only requires 20 seconds or so to disinfect where one step requires a couple of minutes. I usually use one step with a spray bottle of Star San as backup and for quick disinfects etc. Monty
  23. Yeah the cooking part is really what holds me back after the lack of space. I got a hot plate that does fine for boiling water to add LME to, but beyond that, I guess I could steep some, but hop boils would be hard cause I can't do 2 gals of water. I do have a turkey fryer etc, but I am fine right now doing what I'mn doing. I can totally understand doing it anyway you can though. I will probably be boiling on the fryer in the garage at some point. My ultimate would be to score an old refrig, rig up a temp controller, and try true lager fermentation. But again where? Monty
  24. I have a nice set up down in the basement, with cabinets and a sink and room for 4 LBK's and bottling stuff. But just don't have any place for the bigger 5 gal batches. I wish I did, as it means more beer faster, but doing 4 lbk's or ~8 gallons at a time I think will get me going just fine. I can bottle 2 LBKs and fill them back up in an evening, (doing extracts of course), so it works for me. I'm having a blast with this. Nothing really special, but I don't know, I really enjoy drinking a beer I made, and extracts make this ridiculously easy to do. The waiting is the hardest part (I think that is a line in a Petty song). Monty
  25. FYI - The price of the software from Amazon is the same as the downloadable version from their site and you get a cd. Monty
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