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  1. Thanks - got 3 LBK and 1 LGK and each time I empty one, I fill it up. :banana: Must. Build. Pipeline. Monty
  2. I hope this is ok to do, but I thought I'd keep track of the Mr Beer beer's that I have made and my impression of them. Mods please move if this is not the right place for this. Bear in mind that I am not a traditionalist when it comes to beer. To me a bitter after taste (BAT) is not a good thing, hence there probably won't be any IPA's or high IBU beers here. Also these first batches I've done I have not bothered with OG and FG. 1. Classical American Light HME Fermented 2 weeks, Conditioned 3 weeks. Bottle primed 1L bottles with 2 teaspoons sugar. Light carb after 3 weeks. Loved this beer, nice and smooth, but not much effect ~3.5% ABV Gone. 2. Amber Ale + Pale LME Fermented 3 weeks. Conditioned 3 weeks. Bottle primed 1L bottles with 2.5 teaspoons sugar. Nice carb after 2 weeks. Turned out brown, not really amber Too Bitter. Major bitter after taste Works good ~4.5% ABV Probably not doing this again. 1 Bottle left to condition for 6 months or forever maybe. Update: Borg consensus that this should be a dark golden color not brown, so this is probably skunked or infected as it is brown like porter brown. Will need to try again and be more careful with sanitation. 3. Patriot Lager + Pale LME + Booster Fermented 3 weeks, Conditioned 2 Bottle primed 1L w/ 2.5 tsps sugar Good carb Dark Golden color. Hint of bitter and hops. Works real good >5% ABV Smooth, full, good flavor. Maybe a little ciderey after only 2 weeks. Would condition longer next time. Gone 4. Classic American Light + Pale LME + Booster Fermented 3 weeks, Conditioned 2 weeks Bottled primed 1L w/ 2.5 tsps sugar Good carb Light golden color. Not bitter malty >5% ABV Smooth, light, good flavor, however notably cidery or hint of sour. Would condition longer next time. Gone 5. Apple Cider (Archer Orchard - Mr Beer) + 1.5 cups sugar + 1/2 lb whole mulling spices for 1 week in LBK Fermented 3 weeks, Conditioning Bottled Primed 1 L w/ 2.5 tsp sugar sampled and whew, very spicey. Smells real good, tastes like there was too much clove. May need to condition a while. Tried this again on 6/16/13, better, but way too much clove. we'll see what this is like again at christmas 6. Porter + Pale LME + Booster + 2 Vanilla beans Fermented 3 weeks. Bottled 5/27 - taste test good vanilla aroma and taste not over powering. Will probably be too bitter 7. American ALe + Pale LME + Booster + 4 cinnamon sticks Fermented 3 weeks. Bottled 5/27 - taste test good cinnamon aroma and taste. Going to be real good. 8. Classic American Light + LME + 1lb honey + 1 vanilla bean started 5-15 Bottled 6/9/2013 9. Cinnamon Apple Cider (MR Beer) + 1.5 cups sugar + 1 lb honey + 2 cinnamon sticks started 5-19 Bottled 6/10/2013 FG 1.000 10. Patriot Lager + booster + LME Pale started 5-28, OG 1.062 (I hope I am reading the Hydrometer correctly including temp adjustment) Bottled 6/16/13 FG 1.014 ABV 6.29% 11. Aztec Mexican Cerveza + booster + pale LME + zest and juice from 3 limes. started 5/30 OG 1.054 Bottled 6/16/13 FG 1.012 ABV 5.5% 12. Honey Canadian Blonde + Pale LME + 1lb Honey started 6/4 No OG because I broke my sample tube, and the Hydrometer is too long for the LBK 13. Octoberfest + lme pale + booster OG 1.052 started 6/6/13 14. Honey Cider Mr Beer Cider 3 cups Honey 1lb lactose yeast nutrients/food rehydrated S-04 Started 6/10/13 OG 1.084 Brix 19.8 15, Czech Pilsner w/ partial mash of 1/4# honey malt + 1/4# Carapils + 1/2# 6-row Boiled for an hour with 1/2ox Saaz(czech) hops at 17 and 7 min before FO LME Pale Started 6/16/13 OG 1.048 Brix 12 16. Saison (Summer seasonal) Added zest and juice from 1 Lemon plus boiled 1/2 oz ginger with it. Started 6/16/13 OG 1.060 Brix 14.6 17. Saison (Summer seasonal) Started 6/16/13 OG 1.064 Brix 16 All for now Monty
  3. It is funny, my wife is fine with this, so long as I quote the volume of beers in bottles, once I switch over to gallons, she thinks I'm a drunk. It is funny, because come on, gallons is where it is at. Monty
  4. Well, so far to me, hoppy has meant bitter, and that is what I don't like about some beers. The aroma, the flavor, yes, maybe, but the bitter? NO. Actually it is what makes dry hopping sound so attractive. Next few baby steps. Right now, the one thing I have noticed about making your own beer, is it works really well. :side: I did some Mr Beer Amber Ale for my perfect puppy, called Golden Grunty (when you hug this dog, she grunts, hence the name), but I can't drink it, too bitter, so I am leaving it till Xmas to see if conditioning works on it. Also where the heck do you learn what hops taste like, what malty is, why bitter is needed for beer? To me this is a major learning experience, just relating what I am tasting to what is in the beer that makes it so. Monty [attachment=13478]GoldenGruntyBeerLabel_2013-05-20.jpg[/attachment]
  5. Dude It. Is. Awesome. You. Will. Make. Beer.
  6. Here is what I am doing: Monty [attachment=13475]SuperDevilDogPour.JPG[/attachment]
  7. I'm not a real hoppy type guy (wuss). Was the hops double? Are you a hop head? Sorry been drinking my super devil dog (CAL+LME+Booster~6%) so I might not make sense. :silly: I would worry that I just doubled the hops. Monty [attachment=13479]SuperDevilDogBeerLabel.jpg[/attachment]
  8. Oh yeah forgot about the hops. :ohmy: That's why I ask the borg. Monty
  9. I have a quick question for the experts. Can I put 1 3.3 lb Coopers extract kit (plus water and yeast to 8.5 quarts) in one LBK, or will that be to much malt in too small amount of water. I think the 3,3 Coopers can is meant for 5 gals, so it would only be half the water. Would that give me a over flowing LBK once the yeast kicks in? Thanks Monty
  10. Hi I have a quick question about conditioning cider. The Mr Beer Cider kit comes with a light green keg (LGK) and clear bottles. Does that mean that light exposure is not as critical with cider as beer? I will probably still put the bottles in a cabinet to condition, but I was just curious about the reason for the clear bottles etc. Monty
  11. Yes, I did split it down the length of the bean, then just tossed it in 'commando'. The steeping in Vodka is a great idea. That would sterilize it too wouldn't it? Thanks Monty
  12. OK, so do they even make a honey malt extract? or would I steep it? I am not set up to do a very big boil let alone a mash, so I probably would need to find a honey malt extract. Monty
  13. Ok thanks for the feedback. So all the honey gets eaten up. hmmm.. Maybe I'll carb with it? Well live and learn and HAHB Monty
  14. Hi, Ok this is what I did last night. I would appreciate it as a newb if you all would critique what I did and point out where I should have done something or not have done something and why. Thanks in Advance, and don't worry about hurting my feelings, I can take it, and look forward to learning from the more experienced. Ok so I got a new LBK and decided to use up a can of Mr Beer Classic American light, but thought I'd spruce it up a bit. So here is my ingredient list: 2 gals Publix spring water 1 can CAL HME 1 pack of Pale LME 1 lb Honey 1 vanilla bean First I sterilized everything with one step and star san spray where needed. Nothing unclean touched the beer-to-be. I boiled 3 cups of water, put the honey in and mixed that up, and let it boil for a couple of minutes to sterilize the honey. Then removed from heat, let the boil die down, and added all the malt extract. I soaked a vanilla bean in some one step while the honey water was boiling and then put that in the LBK, then put 1 gal of water in LBK, added the malt honey mixture and topped it all off to 8.5 qts, and then mixed it all with a spoon and tried to get as much air into as my arm would do. I then sprinkled the yeast on top and let that sit for 5 minutes or so while I cleaned up things, then stirred it all again vigorously. I wonder if I should have boiled the vanilla bean also I just threw it in the LBK and wonder if I should have put it in a bag or something. anyway in about 3 weeks I'll bottle carb it and then in another month drink it. Thank goodness I have a couple of batches conditioning and a couple more fermenting in my other lbks. The waiting is the hardest part of all this. Argh.... Monty
  15. A man and his small son were crying over their dog which had passed away. Suddenly the little boy looked at his dad and said, "I know why they die so soon, they already know how to be good and don't need as long as we do." Sorry for your loss, man. I raise a beer in his honor. Monty
  16. Neat! A ton of work right there. Was this K copper or regular. I believe you could have done it with K because it is designed to bend, regular to not bend. Monty
  17. Thanks Yep first batch is per instructions. I was just wondering what you would do to sterilize the spices and what the lactose is all about in the cider posts I was reading. And the various lactose amounts at bottling is a great idea too. Thanks again for you expertise. Monty
  18. Hey, I am going to do a hard cider and I have the MB cider kit. I am think of adding some mulling spices that I have, but I don't know when to add them or how to sterilize them. They are not ground up, but whole spices. so do I put them in from the start? or wait a week? and do I sterilize them by boiling in water? Also do I add the lactose at the beginning or when I bottle? I think the lactose is for sweetness in the cider, is that because the yeast doesn't eat it? Thanks for any advice. Monty
  19. Ok I just drank all my Devil Dog, I just bottled up my Golden Grunty Friday. I use my dogs, [attachment=12833]DevilDogBeerLabel.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=12834]GoldenGruntyBeerLabel.jpg[/attachment]
  20. Gah!! Oops sorry, I missed it. Thanks for the answer and it explains a lot of the sigs I see. And I see what you mean about the brackets. I'll need to change I guess Thanks }Monty{
  21. @ Wings_fan - Old habit. Supposed to be a signature so you know it is really me. and WTF don't you? Also you didn't answer my question about your signature with the click and expand thing. How do you do it? Alright I did this last night: 1 pack Booster 1 LME Pale 1 CAL HME plus CAL yeast We'll see what it is like in about 7 weeks or so. I'll update this thread then. ]Monty[
  22. ok so it is Malt and does not count in the 33% ABV from adjuncts rule. Thanks ]Monty[
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