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  1. OK So 1 can hme Classic Americam Light = 3.7 ABV 1 LME 1.1 ABV 1/2 Booster .65 ===== total ABV is 5.45 Now does LME count as an adjunct or as a malt? because if LME is adjunct then I would have 1.75/5.45 = 32.1% ABV from adjuncts which is OK Now if LME is malt and not adjunct, then I would have .65 / 5.45 = 11.9% ABV from adjuncts, which leads me to believe that I could go even higher in the booster. 1 CAL = 3.7 1 LME = 1.1 1 Bst = 1.3 === Total 6.1 % ABV 1.3/6.1 = 21.3% still under 33% SO is LME an adjunct or malt? I would think it is malt, but I don't know how the adjunct 33% rule counts it. ??? Thanks ]Monty[
  2. Hey, that is a great idea. It is a pale LME. I plan on doing the usual 3-4 so I'll give this a try. An unrelated question: How the heck did you do that with your signature? How do I add the click here and display all that other stuff. Pretty slick idea for a sig. Thanks ]Monty[
  3. Yep I agree CAL is a great beer. And I also think the ABV needs a little kick too. I have another thread asking exactly this question. I am going to try CAL + a LME pack. I am actually trying to make a Bud Light Platinum Clone, but taste like CAL with higher alcohol. The standard answer seems to be to use LME instead of sugar, for the extra alcohol. Yes $8 shipping is a killer for one LME. I just put together an order of extra bottle caps, and 6 lmes and carb drops and other things to get the shipping percentage down. I think I am good for quite a long while now. I even got another LBK. ]Monty[
  4. My Dad always did the dash of salt to beer to take away the bitter taste, it works. Hey I just finished my CAL first batch too. It is really good beer isn't it? ]Monty[
  5. Hi, First post so go easy. I like lite beers, I do not like IPA, or sierra nevada etc. They have a terrible after taste to me. What is it about IPA vs lite beers that I like? I am trying to figure out if it is the hops I like or the malty flavor, or ?. For example, I just finished my first Mr Beer batch of the Classic American Light. It turned out fantastic, no after taste, smooth etc. Everyone that has tried it, has liked it.It carbonated perfectly. Just a fantastic experience. Anyway I want to brew another one, and I know you all will tell me go for flavor not alcohol, but the CAL would be better if it had a little more alcohol effect. For example, I love Bud Light Platinum, it is 6% Lite beer. So for my next batch I got a pack of LME to add to the CAL HME. I also have a pack of booster, so my question is should I add the LME or the booster based on what I like? Last question. I have noticed that some of the recipes on Mr Beer warn about the LBK overflowing. What exactly is the cause of that? Is it the total amount of malt? As a hypothetical, what if I added a CAL HME, a LME, and a booster? Is that going to explode? or over flow? Anyway, that's my noob questions. Thanks in Advance ]Monty[
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