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  1. My first 2 batches I did 21days in the keg and then 2 weeks at room temp and had pretty good result. most sat in the refrig for 4weeks + Will pull them back out for another 2 weeks and see how that goes. These 2 batches went for 21 days in the keg and then 2 weeks in the bottle. one batch has been sitting outside at 72degree for 3 weeks now, so will let it sit for another week. Batch #3 is Fallen Friar FF start GV was at 1.03 and finished at 1.012 (hopefully reading it right) Classic American started 1.05 and finished at 1.010 Batch #4 is a Classic American Light with fixes : It smells and tasted real good after a couple days in the refrig, but tasted a little flat. Real good hop taste, but not over powering. Not a big fan of mega hop taste. Batch #1 was baseline West Coast Pale Ale Batch #2 was baseline Whispering Wheat Weizenbier, also had very good head on all the bottles. Whispering Wheat was real good for a Mrbeer brew. Didnt like the West Coast. Might have burned the west coast a little as I jumped right in without much info. It tasted a little burnt maybe. It was still drinkable and seemed to get better the longer it was sitting there. Batch #4 is : 1 lb of amber DME 1/2 oz Hallertau hops boiled for 5 mins and then left in the keg for 21 days Classic American Light HME. I have something like 20 cans of Classic American light left.. So was playing around with it. Used rehydrating dry yeast (using grape nuts) for both. gonna do another 2 baseline soon, I do have 12 kegs now.. so could do a lot more, but temp control this time of year sucks.. working on finding a old wine cooler or something to keep them at a steady temp.
  2. So I think I only put 1 scoop of sugar in my 1 liter bottles.. I used the big scoop on Mrbeer Sugar Measure (self leveling) I bottled on 6/8/2013 and put one batch in the refrig (6/23/2013) already. I sampled one of the beers after 3 days in the refrig and noticed that it did not have much head or pressure when I opened the bottles. I use only 1 scoop on the Mrbeer Sugar Measure. I looked back at my log and noticed it! I should have been 2 scoops. So what Should I do? I opened 4 bottles and put another scoop of sugar in it today and put them in the refrig. Another 11 bottles are already in the refrig? Should I open them all and add another scoop or is it too late to recover?
  3. "The_Professor" post=293224 said:I'd suggest picking up some amber DME and Hallertau hops. Bring 1 gallon of water to a boil (in a 2 gallon pot), remove from heat and stir in 1 lb of amber DME, return to the heat and boil (watch for boil over), once the foaming subsides add 1/2 oz Hallertau hops and boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add the HME. Cool in an ice bath, then proceed as normal. I just bottled this on Sunday (I have 15cans of American Light.. I bought 15 kits from sears very cheap, so playing around..) and it smells and tasted wonderful before bottling, Looking forward to this. If I took my readings right, SG 1.050 and FG 1.010. Using Priming Sugar for the 1LT bottles. I also rehydrated my dry yeast using grape nuts. I didnt have a boil over, but with the DME in the pot, it tried too! Once in the keg it was very very active for the first 3 or 4 days almost right away with the redydrated yeast. I added yeast when wort was down to 69 - 70degrees.
  4. Finished bottling today. Taste pretty good and smells a little sweet SP.GR @ 70F is showing between 1.012/1.014 without correction.
  5. Your right, the reading was wrong on my part :S I was trying to go off my memory and I'm getting old. Also said the wrong scale when I looked at the Hydrometer last night. Was in a hurry as the wife just called that she had been at the train station already for 10mins! Went back to my notes/pictures and it was sitting at 1.040 SP.GR @ 70F temp. (1.041 @ converted? Hope I'm reading it right now) Going to take a reading tomorrow (21 days) and see how it taste also.
  6. Brew has now been in the keg for 19 days. I still see foam on top of the brew at this point. I have not touched, bumped into or given the keg any light over the last 19 days. Temps have been sitting right at around 70 - 71 for the last 19days. I dont see the bubbles doing much on top, but its foam for sure.. Should I let it sit there longer then 21days? Last batch of beer I bottled at day 21 and had no activity. I have not tested with HydroMeter at this point. When I first pitched the yeast, I was sitting at reading of around 1.400ABV
  7. Just bottled the keg and it taste pretty good. Now to hide it away for the next 4 week+
  8. I am actually bottling my first brew today. It has been sitting for 21days today (also used west coast pale ale for my first). I've just finished soaking my PET bottles in a 5gallon pot of oxyclean free for about 5mins per bottle (warm water and 1/2 scoop) and rinsed them 4 times now. Also just did my Hydrometer and tube. About to mix up a pot of Star San to do the bottles and start bottling this afternoon after my corn beef is done. I also picked up another Kit off Ebay for $6 with local pickup and have a Whispering wheat weizenbier brewing in that keg. It’s at one week today on that brew and has a lot more activity in the keg then my west coast pale ale did. Hope thats not a bad sign for my first brew
  9. "RickBeer" post=345781 said:Planetb - Just to make sure you noticed in your reading - the refills you're using, including the great deals you got at BBB, are the old Mr. Beer product. I just mention this because some of the names overlap with the new product (i.e. Octoberfest), and there is a big difference between the old 1.21 lbs extract and the new 1.87 lbs extract, not to mention the Craft Extracts (2.86 lbs). In short, the old product makes a more watery, lower ABV beer than the new product, unless you use LME/DME to shore things up. The Craft Series is excellent - and much more expensive - but the old and new standard extracts, with added LME/DME, are quite good. I noticed the names changed and the size different, but got side tracked by a ton of other info! thanks for pointing this out :chug: I picked up another kit (Deluxe) today off ebay for $9 from a local Salvation Army store. They only listed the keg and box, but to my surprise when I got it home, it had everything in it. The extract has a expire day of May 2012 on it and the can is puffed up. Looked over the keg and its brand new. Guess I'll try to start another brew in a this weekend or the following weekend. Once my first brew is done and bottled, will be looking at some of the newer extracts and crafts also.
  10. Well I am new hear and new to brewing. I love beer and think I've tried a beer from most places in the world. I like Belgium beer the most, might be because my family is from Belgium and had my first beer at an early age while in Belgium. I always go for a Witbier (Hoegaarden Original White Ale) or Kriek lambic (Liefmans) beer when I can get them from the store. I drink a lot of other beers and enjoy them all (other then bud light. yuck!) I've been reading for the last 7 day now. I started my first brew 8 days ago. Started with the West Coast Pale ale that was included in the box (can was expiring next month) . Temps are at a steady 71 degree in the room for the last 8 days. I did a small taste test yesterday (day 7) and it tasted like beer thats flat (good sign!) . Bought a hydrometer and thermometer tape over the weekend from a local shop, but have not looked at using it yet. Going to wait for about day 14 before I even start to think about bottling. Still have some activity inside it right now. but very little. This waiting I think is driving me nuts, I have even started to talk to the beer... My girlfriend is starting to think it was a bad idea buying me this kit Felt like when I was setting up for the brew that I was about to perform surgery on someone trying to keep everything sanitized. Might go get some SaniClean for when I do the bottling. Will be using the included bottles, but started to save up some brown glass ones for later use. I picked up 2 3 pack refill kits from bed bath and beyond a couple months ago for $5 a kit. So I have 2 Octoberfest, 2 high county and 2 whispering wheat. I have a lot of brewing to do here in the next 3 months as they all are listed to expire in July Anyways. thanks for the great info on the site. Hopefully my first brew will be good.
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