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  1. My Mr. Beer Kit arrived! (Three days early too, faster than the John Palmer book ...not that I'm complaining, thanks Amazon!) Busy over the next few days with school, hockey, and working at the Beer Store, but should give me time to read the Palmer book and then I can brew up the Aztec Cerveza this weekend! :laugh:
  2. Brewbs and manosteel thanks so much! Great info here!
  3. "electricworm" post=344692 said:I live in a small town.. but Kingston area would be easiest.. Where abouts are you? Might be able to help you out.. ~worm I'm an hour outside of Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo. I'm about 4 hours away from Kingston :pinch:
  4. "T8r Salad" post=344666 said:Arid-zona surrounded by Canadian Snowbirds (feels like Canada but a lot warmer) EH? [attachment=11731]canadiansnowbird.jpg[/attachment] Yeah, a lot of people in western Canada head to Arizona/New Mexico for the snowbird season. Thos in the east go to Florida. I'd by lying if I said I haven't.
  5. Alright ya got me. I'm a *cue Radiohead music* creep. I'm a weirdo...
  6. Where abouts in Ontario? EDIT: I ask not for the sake of being a creep, but with the hope that you might be able to direct me to a LHBS in my area.
  7. So, where my fellow Canadian homebrewers at? :chug: Ontario here! :cheers:
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! I ordered a kit last night, and I've read bits and pieces on this website about the brewing process, mostly from the sticky for new brewers in the new brewers section. It should arrive in 5-10 days so I've got plenty of time to read up on all I need to know and get prepared.
  9. Thanks for some speedy responses guys!
  10. So I've been researching a lot of stuff lately about making my own beer when I stumbled upon the gem that is Mr. Beer. Now I'm all prepared to go ahead and purchase a kit and begin the exploring the wonderful world of craft beer but being the indecisive person I am...can't decide which Mr. Beer kit to buy. I noticed for each of the Premium, Gold, Deluxe, and Brewmaster Select kits there are Extra and Ultimate options available. As someone who is starting out, what would you recommend I decide to go with? Cheers!
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