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  1. Welcome back to brewing! I'm finally going to get my Seasonal brewed up this weekend. After I bottle my Caribou Slobber and brew my Vanilla Whiskey Porter.
  2. "dogsnharleys" post=363313 said:Fruit beer = Cold crash for 3 days prior to bottling to drop fruit remnants and other particles out of suspension, as well as to compact the trub..Just my 2 cents worth. I cold crashed my Blue Patriot but still got some lovely floating chunks in the last two bottles. I'm hoping that when I go to drink it a few days in the fridge will drop the particles out of suspension for a clean pour.
  3. I've had both RJ Rockers - Black Perle and Black Cannon and both are quite tasty. My palate is only now getting to where I can enjoy IPAs but even before then I was fond of Black IPAs. The Black Perle is just delicious.
  4. If you leave the bottle in the fridge for a few days the floating blueberry particles should settle on the bottom of the bottle and become a little more compact. Then when you poor it should be relatively easy to avoid getting too much in your glass. No, they will not hurt you to drink. However, they will taste very sour and unpleasant if the chunks are big enough.
  5. Welcome to the obsession! Prepare to enjoy lots of good beer and feel a level of accomplishment you may never have felt before! :cheers:
  6. Congratulations, man! The first brew is definitely an experience. We just finished drinking up my Czech Pils and are working on some Aztec Cerveza and Heavy McWee. The dash of salt thing is intriguing. Do you do this with every beer or just yellow fizzy ones? Keep on' brewing! :cheers:
  7. "mashani" post=361985 said: "Beer-lord" post=361879 said:Mine definitely got better with age but still has a weak flavor. With some added malt and hops, I think it would be greatly improved though by itself, it's not too shabby. What I did has great flavor, but I added some dark extract, and I also added a bunch of mulling spices with bitter and sweet orange peel. Tastes like a bitter dark chocolate "smack" orange candy. Dang that sounds awesome, Mashani. I may have to try it. My wife LOVES those dark chocolate oranges. I had actually never had one until I met her.
  8. Thanks for the reply. When I tasted it at bottling it was pretty good. I had a lot of trub as well considering I cold crashed it and bottled it straight from the fridge. Let me know how your other one is. Maybe it is just better enjoyed young?
  9. I've got some straight up Winter Dark conditioning right now. When I tasted the sample at bottling time it was delicious. I'm excited for it to mature some.
  10. Nope. I just pureed them straight out of the can. The reason I say I would liquefy them is even after pureeing the them they were still kind of "chunky". Which made for an interesting pour into the LBK. I figured liquefying them would make for a smoother poor next time.
  11. "ScottyP" post=361534 said:One thing I've read is that you need to be careful with hops and fruit as some hops work well while others don't work at all. For what its worth I brewed the blue patriot and it was by far my least favorite - still have a 1L bottle left that I don't want to drink. Yours is a wheat so it may be OK. Oh no. What didn't you like about your Blue Patriot? I have some 3 weeks in the bottle for SWMBO. Does anyone have any input about when to but the blueberries in and what to do with them? I just pureed mine really good in a sanitized blender and added them a week into primary fermentation. If I were to do it again I would probably liquefy them instead.
  12. I just did a Belgian Strong Golden and had to do some sugar "feedings" in order to not burn the yeast out. I used QBrew and plugged in all of the ingredients as if they were going in at the same time to get an estimated OG/FG. I took two separate hydrometer readings and compared that to the expected FG from QBrew (I was under by .001). Once I had a stable FG I figured it was ready to bottle (though I essentially lagered it for two more weeks). Sorry this is not the exact algorithm for calculating post fermentation additions and their respective gravity but this is what I did when in a similar situation. :cheers:
  13. I ordered two and am probably going to brew one of mine tonight or tomorrow. I ordered two because I was told they sell out quickly. If any of you guys who have them on back order are unable to get them I'd be glad to trade my extra seasonal for another HME. I'm all about spreading around the love! :cheers:
  14. I'll take a look into Beersmith, haer. I've been using QBrew. Is Beersmith better or similar in terms of functionality?
  15. Just wanted to update you guys on the progress of this wonderful brew. I batch primed it (first time) today and bottled it. I drank the hydro sample and it was exceptional. Banana armoa and slightly sweet up front. Finishes slightly spicy and dry. Overall it is a very clean and tasty beer. I can't wait for it to carbonate. I've got a couple little bottles that I will taste at two months out and a couple swing tops that will wait until October or more. I will probably not bump this thread again as the next post about this beer will be in the First Pour sticky. Thanks again for the help everyone. :banana:
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