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  1. You should always condition your bottles at room temperature (ales anyway, lagers might do better cold). Only put an ale in the fridge when you are ready to drink it. It will always do better at room temperature. :cheers:
  2. Welcome, Sambeer. You'll find a lot of good people here who are willing to help you on your journey. I look forward to seeing some of your pics and watching your journey unfold.
  3. Congratulations, man! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying brewing as much as the rest of us. Here is to your health! :cheers:
  4. With an OG that high I feel quite certain that you'll be cleaning up after a puking keg! :laugh: I love Dragon's Milk though. Please let us know how it is!
  5. Congratulations man! I'm glad your first beer turned out well.
  6. Yeah, right. That's what you noticed in his Avatar, the motorcycle. Sure. Why don't you grab Mrs. BigFloyd and show her the motorcycle picture... There is a motorcycle in that picture???
  7. It doesn't matter which lid you have on there (assuming of course it's an LBK lid ) as long as it's sanitized.
  8. Very nice. I'm about to have to pitch my first starter for a Vanilla Smoked Porter. I was just going to shake the damn thing every time I walked by it lol.
  9. Your message is unclear. Did the krausen foam out and blow off the top? That's what it sounds like. If so and you put on a new (hopefully sanitized) lid then you're ready to relax, don't worry and have a home brew. +1 to Wings. If active fermentation was going that strongly it's likely you had a pretty safe C02 barrier built up and didn't contaminate it.
  10. Adding honey won't make it any sweeter. All the sugars will just be additional food for the yeast and it will increase your ABV but the sweetness will be long gone. Honey is often added to increase the ABV and to create a drier crisper finish in the beer. If you want to add it I say go for it but just be aware of what to expect the final product to be. +1 to everything Hazardous said. If you want some honey flavor you can steep some honey malt with some DME. This will impart a stronger honey flavor than adding honey itself. (As I understand it, Honey malt is more effective when mashed but can be steeped with lesser results.
  11. UPDATE: Fermentation has slowed over the past few days and I'm managing to keep the temp below 62F (can't be exact because the strip stops at 62). I took a hydro reading today just to make sure I didn't drop the temp too soon and I got a 1.011. I was expecting this to stop somewhere around 1.024 (according to QBrew anyway). Any thoughts on why this might be? I tasted the hydro sample and it was awesome! It had a wonderful banana aroma and was mildly sweet with a nice spicy aftertaste. I can't wait to taste it again on bottling day (for science!). Also: Thanks Haer for the recommended reading. I ordered brew like a MONK and have been thoroughly enjoying the read. The history of Belgian brews is almost as interesting as drinking them... almost.
  12. I took a hydro sample of my Belgian Golden Strong ale today and damn it was good. I'm also excited to brew up some Mr. Beer Seasonals. The Saison and White IPA look pretty tasty.
  13. I'm just addicted to brewing. I enjoy brewing the beer as much as drinking it (almost).
  14. Sorry. Missed the first post. Conditioning / Drinking: #1 Grand Bohemian Czech Pils #2 Aztec Cerveza #3 Heavy McWee Fermenting: #4 Blue Patriot (I'll bottle this weekend) #5 Belgian Golden Strong (needs 3 more weeks) #6 Winter Dark Ale On Deck: #7 Vanilla Bourbon Porter (5 Gal) #8 Caribou Slobber #9 Bavarian Wessbeir + LME
  15. That's interesting that it took four weeks to blow up on you. I would have thoght had I useed too much sugar that after four weeks had past, if it was overcarbed I would have a bottle bomb befoer now. I would have thought you'd have blown up a bottle much sooner if it was an over carbonation issue. Hope it didn't cause too much damage!
  16. That does sound like a tasty brew Mashani. You'll have to keep us updated on how it is!
  17. Congrats on making beer! I'm sure this will be the first of many! :chug:
  18. "BrewThrough" post=351085 said:Ommegang is an awesome brewery. Rare Vos and Hennepin are excellent. I had the good fortune to visit and sample most of what they make. It was a great day, there was a hint of spring in Cooperstown and the food was excellent too. It's a must if you're ever in Cooperstown. I'm extremely jealous. The Three Philosophers Quad is easily my favorite beer of all time.
  19. From what I have read secondary temperature is not as important as primary. I think you're supposed to keep it close to the same temperature as primary but since fermentation has slowed down a higher temperature will affect it less. I could be wrong but I'm sure someone will chime up if I am.
  20. Holy hops man. Sounds tasty.
  21. Also, since you're adding them at bottling time. Why not experiment some? Add 1oz to the majority (safety net/control group) then add 1.5oz to one and 2oz to another and label them appropriately. That way you can try all of your options and decide which you like the best.
  22. So far that's my favorite part about home brewing. You may enjoy 1.5oz of espresso in your brew whereas I might prefer 1oz. Being able to customize beer is pretty bamf.
  23. I love a good Brown Ale. It's settled. This will be my first 5 gallon brew!
  24. Quick question on Honey Malt since it's relevant to the topic. Will steeping Honey Malt give you a similar flavor to doing a partial mash or will doing a partial mash impart more honey flavor?
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