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  1. 1 oz a "shot" +1. I would say that anything more than an ounce of espresso would be pretty overpowering. In my opinion it would be better to err on the side of less espresso and see if you want to add more if/when you brew it again.
  2. If you boil the Mr. Beer HME then you are going to change the bitterness of the recipe. I would add some DME or LME (1#ish) to the water while you are bringing it up to a boil. Do your hop boil and then add the Mr. Beer HME at flame out. That way the Mr. Beer natural recipe is unchanged by the boil and all you did was add some more bitterness (or flavor/aroma) in your boil. As for whether your hop tea will affect the bitterness of your brew I'm not sure. I'm sure one of the experts will chime in though. EDIT: Are you using QBrew or Beersmith (any other Brewing Software really)? I have found that QBrew has been one of my best friends as a new brewer (as well as the folks here). Learning exactly how to use it has been a real help.
  3. Welcome to the Borg. I took a sample of the Heavy McWee from my hydro reading yesterday and damn was it tasty. Also, +1 to what Draken said. You're going to refrigerate it after you've conditioned it and prior to drinking it. This will allow most of the yeast to fall into the bottom of the bottle and become compact. No need to filter it.
  4. Everything I've read says it was good. I just wanted the opinions of this board since I trust you fellas/gals. I saw that it was a clone of Moose Drool and wanted to try that before I bought it but it's not available in South Carolina. Oh well. I think I'll just take the leap and try it!
  5. I just got my first ale pail and bottling bucket so I was looking at some 5 gallon kits. The Caribou Slobber has great reviews on NB and it looks quite tasty. Anyone here that can comment on it?
  6. I did my first Candi feeding last night. The Krausen had "fallen" (you're right Mashani, compared to other brews fallen is a relative term). MAN does it smell good in there. I checked on the temperature this morning and it was already pukin' on me again
  7. Just make sure you don't try this with a High OG brew because you'll need the head space.
  8. Congrats! It seems many of us got the same starter kit. Aztec + Czech Pilsner. I brewed the Pilsner first and am conditioning the Aztec. I've already got three LBKs fermenting and an ale pail that needs some beer in it. Welcome to the obsession.
  9. Thanks mashani. Cherry Candi Syrup sounds like it would be awesome. I'm going to start on some Partial Mash brews in the near future (probably after a couple more extract with specialty grain batches). After I get the hang of it and ensure my efficiency is good maybe I'll work on a partial mash quad and use the Cherry Candi Syrup. I really appreciate the help mash/haer. You guys are great.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I just got my 5-gallon kit to compliment my LBKs.
  11. Thanks Haer. I really want this one to be tasty. It is going to be aged until my dang birthday after all!! :laugh: I will definitely check out that book. Once I get a little better I'd like to attempt a Quad similar to the Ommegang Three Philosophers but maybe with actual cherries added after primary rather than mixed with a Kriek.
  12. Thanks Mashani. I have high hopes for this one. Quick question though. I lost control of fermentation temperature on the first night. It shot up to about 78ish. I have since slowly backed it down to 68. I know that you said to keep it at around 68ish for the first few days (yeast replication I assume) and then slowly bring it up to mid 70s. I was planning on warming it up to around ~74 slowly over the next few days before doing my first sugar feeding. Do you think the short time at 78 would produce too many fusel alcohols and ruin the batch? I know it is supposed to get hotter but I'm a little worried it got hot too early/quickly.
  13. I'm glad this turned out well for you. I'm going to have to try it. Both SWMBO and I are big Blue Moon fans.
  14. Well the 3787 is winning it's fight. I had my first LBK puke on this batch. Cleaned up all the lovely gunk. Wiped down the lid with a sanitized paper towel and put it back in the cooler with a single frozen water bottle. This yeast is crazy. I'm really excited about how this beer turns out.
  15. As I understand it since LME is a liquid extract it contains more water than DME. I believe the target amount of DME is 80% of whatever LME you are using. So, for 3.3 pounds of LME you would need approximately 2.64 lbs of DME. I'm sure the experts will chime in and correct me if that is incorrect.
  16. Morning after update. I was kind of in a rush last night and didn't end up adding enough LME. I weighed my leftover LME and I was almost a pound (.8) off from what I should have put in the wort. So this morning I boiled a cup and half and added the extra LME. I tried to minimize the additional volume because I know I will also be adding more when I feed in the Candi Syrup. The good news is the 3787 yeasties are working their butts off! High Krausen and very active fermentation. When I poured in the additional LME the smell was heavenly. I have very high hopes for this one. Here is to hoping I can contain the LBK pukes while I bring the fermentation temp up!
  17. Sorry for the double post! Internet was acting up.
  18. Hey guys! Quick update. I brewed up the Belgian Golden Strong today. I got an OG (little low) of 1.062. According to QBrew that's still low even without the Candi Sugar. After adding the Candi Sugar I should be close to 8%. I just hope it tastes good! Thanks for all the advice!
  19. That sounds awesome. We'll have to do it in the fall so I can have some practice. I want to make sure my beer is good before I start giving it out to people!
  20. Goose Creek!? Small word. I lived in Goose Creek for 20 years. I lived in Crowfield right by Stratford High School. wa4reg, the one I was referencing was: http://go-greenevents.com/event/id/1022 but I can't see anywhere to buy tickets and the site hasn't changed must since my initial post. I did see this festival, that I missed last year, but it looks awesome: http://www.topofthehopsbeerfest.com/greenville/ Nice to see some SC brewers!
  21. Congrats, Connie! My Dad just got back from his final trip to Afghanistan. I'm glad he won't be going back.
  22. Thanks everyone. I'm really enjoying learning about beer. I haven't been this addicted to a hobby in a long time. I'm just trying to take baby steps instead of jumping straight into the deep end. I'd rather go slow and get right then jump in and mess up!
  23. Congrats! :cheers: Had my first home brew taste last night as well!
  24. Thanks guys! I've got the Blue Patriot in LBK #1, Heavy McWee in LBK #2, and I'm brewing a Belgian Golden Strong this weekend for LBK #3. I've also got the Winter Dark Ale and Northwest Pale Ale being shipped now. Got the Czech Pils and Aztec Cerveza bottle conditioning. I think I've got a problem... or maybe... it's just.... :borg:
  25. Other than the initial cost of extra equipment, I really don't see this being much more expensive than store bought micro-brews, and it's so much more rewarding. This. The initial cost of setting up a pipeline is not so fun. I'm looking into building a fermentation chamber similar to Screwys since I live in an apartment. Other than that this seems like a pretty cost efficient hobby.
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