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  1. As the subject states I popped open one of my Czech Pilsners last night. It had only been carbin/conditioning for 2.5 weeks but I just couldn't take it! And you know what?... it tasted pretty damned good. Better than much of the commercial swill. I'm excited to see what the rest of the batch tastes like after another week or two. Thanks for all the advice. I have been lurking the borg for a week or two now utilizing the advice given. Best thing I did for home brewing was join up. Happy Brewing ladies and gents! :stout:
  2. It's hard to contain yourself once you get started. Especially when you are trying to build up a pipeline. Patience has been the hardest part for me so far. OH, and not pissing off SWMBO by taking up too much beer space :laugh:
  3. That's really cool, haerbob3. I'm impressed you were able to let it condition for 5 years. Talk about patience! Your grandson is a lucky guy.
  4. Welcome to the fun! My wife got me a Mr. Beer set for Christmas... I'm not sure she realized what she got herself into. I now have three lbks, looking into a 4th. I'm also in the process of saving up for a nice fermentation chamber. Prepare yourself for obsession, quickly. :cheers:
  5. Roger. I ended up just getting one packet of Golden Candi Syrup from Northern Brewer so I will only be using the 1# bag and adding it in two intervals. I forgot to edit that in the posted recipe. Sorry about that. Thanks again for all the helpful advice gents. This board is very receptive of new brewers. It makes asking for help much easier. I should have known a group of avid beer drinkers would be a cool bunch.
  6. I promised to keep you guys updated. So, I ordered the necessary ingredients from Northern Brewer. My LHBS charges $3-4 more per item. Pretty insane. Plus their options are limited . Anyway, it is supposed to arrive on Thursday so I'll throw the hops in the freezer and the LME in the fridge because I'll be brewing up this delicious monster on Saturday. More pics then!
  7. Wow Mashani, thanks for all the advice! I was actually going to ask about under-filling to avoid LBK pukes. Glad you covered it! :chug:
  8. Ok, sounds good. I'll make sure to keep you guys updated as it comes along.
  9. Awesome! I really appreciate all of your help. Is there any trick to avoid aeration while adding the Candi Syrup mix or should I just be REALLY careful whilst pouring? I'm hoping to brew this one up next weekend after I get paid. I'd do it this weekend but SWMBO and I are celebrating our anniversary and going out of town. Thanks again for all of the help!
  10. I do have a smaller LHBS near me. They have Dark, Clear, and Amber Candi Sugar. It doesn't specifically say "Belgian Candi Sugar" is it the same stuff? If I were to use Candi Sugar over Pure Cane Sugar would I need to add more/less/same? Taking your suggestions Trollby, how does this look? 4lb Northern Brewer Pilsner LME 1.25 lb Clear Belgian Candi Sugar .5 lb Briess Carapils steeped .5oz Saaz @ 60 .5oz Saaz @ 45 .5oz Palisade @ 10 Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity Recipe Gravity: 1.095 Estimate FG: 1.024 IBU: 29 Color: 5 ABV: 9.1% ABW: 7.2% Boiling a full gallon of the wort instead of the 4 cups. Should I still "feed" the Candi Sugar in intervals or should I just boil it into the wort?
  11. Thanks BlackDuck! I used QBrew to come up with the recipe (tried to stay within the guidelines pretty strictly). I figured that's less than 1/3 of the ABV coming from simple sugars, right? I'm still new so I could be confused.
  12. I got my kit for Christmas but didn't start my first brew until the beginning of February. I lived in Greer for two years (29650) now I live close to Greenville Memorial Hospital (29615). Are you going to the Beer Fest in April?
  13. I just started home brewing but I live in Greenville. Whereabouts are you in the Upstate? :cheers:
  14. Hello everyone! My wife got me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas and I am starting to get addicted to Home Brewing (Like there was an option). I am conditioning my first batch (Grand Bohemian Czech Pils) and about to bottle my second (Aztec Cerveza). I just recently bought two new LBKs so I could get a pipe line established (the addiction, it's growing). I've been reading "How to Brew" by John Palmer and it has been a great resource for me to really understand the process. Now, to the meat of my question. I'm attempting to brew a Belgian Golden Strong (Belgians are my favorite). I figure if I brew it soon it will condition nicely for October (birthday month for my brother and I). My idea for the recipe is as follows: 4lb Northern Brewer Pilsner LME 1.25 lb Pure Cane Sugar .5oz Saaz @ 60 .5oz Saaz @ 45 .5oz Palisade @ 10 Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity Recipe Gravity: 1.095 Estimate FG: 1.024 IBU: 29 Color: 4 ABV: 9.2% ABW: 7.2% The plan is: Bring initial 4 cups to boil. Remove from heat and add 2lb of the LME. Bring slowly to boil again and boil the hops at their respective intervals. Remove from heat after 60 minutes and stir in the second half of the LME in. I was thinking about "feeding" the cane sugar into the LBK in intervals because I know high gravity brews can be tough for the LBK, no? I was thinking: first half of the sugar after the first week of fermentation and then the second after the second week. Letting it ferment for a total of 4 weeks before bottling. Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions for improvement! Thanks, Jon
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