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  1. Let's say I had started a keg of Octoberfest and then left for 10 day vacation. Power goes off in house. House gets to 85 and stays there for week. Get home, very little bubbles in keg. Did yeast get killed by high temp and can I do anything to save beer?.
  2. Do you boil the honey and ginger or put them in raw?
  3. I have not started that batch yet. If I don't use it, she will get pissed. How much DME do you think it would take to make it drinkable?
  4. I have an open keg an my wife got me...ick....classic American light mix, and I will have to boost flavor if I want to even think of drinking it.
  5. I want to boost flavor, don't care about boost in alc. will adding dry malt extract help? If it does, when to add and how much.
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