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  1. Hey Guys, I am here in Rancho Cordova. Started brewing in January. Did the Classic American light first was OK. needed more flavor but drinkable. I Just tasted my 2nd batch, Roses Rambling Red very yummy. Have 1776 in the carb/Conditioning stage. Fermenting Powerful patriot Ale and Brown eyed girl currently. Probably going to head to my LHBS in folsom next and try one of there recipes for comparison. Nice to hear from local people.
  2. So the results are in. I let it them sit for another week and then put 1 in the fridge for 3 days. What a difference 1 week makes. It tasted very good, I would drink Classic American light over any regular store bought (Bud, coors, miller etc). The color turned to a nice straw color, I opened it and got a nice carb release sound, the head was decent and held on for a while. I am glad that I opened 1 early (at 3 weeks) as it was a good learning experience. It really does pay to be patient. Definitely looking forward to Roses Rambling Red (bottled 1 week ago) and 1776 (just started fermenting). Does anybody use the hop sacks. I decided on the 1776 that I would throw the Hops in without the sack and I did a 5 minute boil before adding the extract and booster. What kind of effect will this have on taste and color?
  3. Big, I noticed the same thing on my bottles between the 1.5tsp and 2 tsp sugar bottles. Will report back in a week. thanks again for the great feedback.
  4. Big, I was kind of wondering that as well, since I didn't have a Hydrometer initially, I went by what Mr. Beer rule of thumb was, which is if it is sweet then it needs more time in the fermenter, And in this case when I tried before bottling it simply tasted like flat beer, so away I went. I am hoping it just requires more bottle time. I put the bottles inside a cooler and put a heating pad in with them and put it on low for a couple of hours to warm them up a bit. So hopefully that will help the bottle carb/conditioning. It's all a learning process. Thanks for all the great feedback
  5. Ninkasi, did you have a lot of Trub when you fermented the Roses rambling red? I seem to have some but doesn't appear to be as much as the Classic american light. When I did my hydrometer reading after a week it was in the right range for being finished and it actually tasted better than I was expecting for flat beer and after only a week. Week 3 is this coming weekend so we will see where were at then. Do you do anything different on the 1776 Ale? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the input. I think my Sanitizing process was OK. I tried to be somewhat Anal about the whole thing and followed the instructions to a tee. When I did my second batch I actually put down Plastic wrap on the counter(I think Fedora Dave mentioned this). The caps seems to be pretty tight and I checked them all again after trying out the 1st bottle, cuz my 1st though was somehow it got oxidized. I did the recipe straight up(other than the sugar amount for bottle priming), I didn't know squat to be able to modify it. When I do my next bottling, I now have a 2nd LBK so I will batch prime and will be using regular glass bottles. So I will let the rest of my Classic American Light bottles continue to sit and open one of the 2tsp sugar bottles next - Probably in a week. All the bottles feel like they have hardened. I will report back once I try my 2nd bottle.
  7. Ok, so I am new to Mr. Beer brewing and the forum. I just tried my first bottle of American Light Classic. Here are the details: -I let it Ferment in LBK for 3 weeks -Carb/condition for 3 weeks -I did not have a hydrometer so I was flying blind when I bottled (I have since corrected this) -when I bottled it did not taste sweet or yeasty so I figured it was good to go. However it the color was not the straw color it was more brownish -It fermented/carb/Conditioned in 62-68 degree room. -I Bottle primed(using the 1 ltr pet bottles) and did 4 bottles with 1.5 teaspoons of table sugar and 4 bottles with 2 tablespoons sugar ( I experimented with the sugar after seeing all the posts about how mr. Beer over sugars everything). So I couldn't wait any longer and had to try a bottle. So I opened one of the 1.5tsp sugar and found that there was very little carbonation, The color was still brownish, There was no head when I poured. The taste seemed flat with just a hint of carbonation. It seemed to have a bit of fruity Molasses flavor if that makes sense. Any thoughts would be helpful. I am currently fermenting a Roses Rambling red and then planning on 1776 Ale. Thanks, Mark
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