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  1. No I didn't rehydrate, but it looks like its really developing some good krausen now.
  2. ok guys thanks , JJ yes I do have trub, and I do have bubbles activity but not like the Stout wich the krausen is to the roof of my LBK.
  3. Oh yes there is bubbles and some krausen but nothin like the stout, but I guess that yeast reacts diffrent.
  4. Just wondering if any of your guys use US 05 instead of the provided yeast for the MB refills. I recentley brewed an Irish stout with a Smooth LME and a Patriot Lager and a Pale LME also I added Booster to both. The stout has some healthy Krausen, but the Patriot lager have very little yeast activity after 48 hours of pitching. I just wanna know if at this point evrything is good to go, just because its my first time using US o5. thanks in advance for info. :chug:
  5. Thanks Man. Well for the CAL, I went 2 in ferm and 3 in carb/conditioning & Currently for my Cervesa its been ferming for 3 weeks. I did not find out about the 3-4 not to long ago after I had joined the forum, Looks like I have to condition at a lower temp.
  6. I am new to this this craft. I have 1 MB LBK with Mexican Cervesa in it. about 3 weeks in to fermentation. I did a Hydrometer/tastes test today and... Man straight Cider smell and taste just like all the other forums I have read about. The Classic american light I bottled a few weeks ago and man there goes that Cider smell and a taste again.,,,,, I'm thinking its the yeast,HME,Or am I wrong? ferm temp 70-72 * and bottled at 60-65* Any help would be much Appreciated.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice. :chug:
  8. ok thanks guys for the advice, yeah that's what I figured about the ABV, I will be more patient with my next brew on deck: Mexican Cervesa can't wait.
  9. Hello everyone, I recently bough myself the MB kit about 2 and a half weeks ago. I read all the instructions and watched the DVD so that I wouldn't mess up my first batch. I followed the instructions to the "T", sanitized everything properly, mixed the HME (Classic American Light) with the proper water amount, poured it in the LBK, added the amount of water to fill it to the 8.5 line, continued to stir the wort then I pitched the yeast and closed the lid. I placed the LBK in my pantry and let if ferment at about 70*. Here is where I think I went wrong, according to the instructions it says 2 weeks of fermentation would be ok to bottle. Well me being a rookie, I didn't know any better So I went ahead and bottled after 2 weeks of fermenting. I didn't find out of this discussion forum until after I bottled other wised I would of known that 3-4 is the standard for fermenting and bottling. So basically what I'm asking is my beer not fully developed or should I leave it in the bottles for longer the 4 weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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