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  1. Thanks guys.Sorry so late with replying.It looks like I will stay away from the honey to boost alcohol.I think I really should be asking is "HOW TO BOOST THE FLAVOR"
  2. Anybody ever just add honey to boost alcohol level? I am going to make another batch of Diablo IPA with a special recipe of mine and my friends say I just need a little higher alcohol content.Any suggestions with achieving this would be greatly appreciated.I also think the honey might add a nice taste.
  3. I was thinking about getting another lbk for batch priming.Does anybody here do this and does it work out?
  4. Thanks guys,I like the idea of sugar cubes.I will give those a try.
  5. I have made several batches of beer now and they all have tasted good. I recently started giving beer to friends to sample and got some feedback on those today.One friend said most of my beer is really fizzy,bubbly almost like champaign.I always go with the recommended measurement,which is 3/4tsp for 12oz bottle.My fermentation temps are usually around 62 degrees and I ferment for 3 weeks.I cold crash for 3 days then bottle.I let the bottles sit for 2 weeks at approx. 62 degrees then I move them down to the basement to condition.Its a little cooler down there.Anybody know if theres something im doing wrong or am I using too much sugar to prime?
  6. Thanks for the help guys.This was my first time using a hydrometer.I will just assume its ready and off to the fridge it will go for a coldcrash.
  7. I made a batch of this beer and got an OG Reading of 1.058 and a FG of 1.014.Why would my ABV only be 5.76%? I substituted a pouch of LME instead of the Booster and its been fermenting for 18 days.The temp on the LBK is holding steady at 62 degrees.Should I let it sit longer or is this the best its going to get?
  8. I just poured one of my Patriot Lagers after 4 months of conditioning and it is delicious.I know most people don't condition their beer that long but the results are great.I have been buiding a pipeline and I have a few batches of beer that have been conditioning for over 3 months.If you have the patience you will be rewarded with awesome beer.My friends are impressed with my beer.Now I cant wait to try my Powerful Patriot that I dry hopped with Centennial.
  9. I made my first batch of Oktoberfest with the deluxe refill and it tastes awesome.I cold crashed it for 3 days and let it condition for 5 weeks before trying one.What I got was a nice sweet tasting beer with a great head and a nice aroma.I will be brewing this one again.
  10. I made the Bewitched Amber Ale and it has a good flavor but no head.Really disappointed in this one,I always follow the recipes.Poured a glass of this after 5 weeks conditioning and it was like flat beer.Dont know what went wrong I have made over a dozen different batches of beer and this one really sucks.
  11. Has anyone here made the Powerful Patriot? I have a batch fermenting now since the 11th.I have an extra 1/2 oz. of Centennial hops I was thinking about using to dry hop.Im planning on throwing these in at 5 days and cold crashing for 3 days.This beer has 1/2 oz. of liberty hops at the boil also.Any other suggestions before I run out of time?
  12. Ok thanks.I was just wondering because with the bigger beer making kits have a secondary fermentation.What is the reason for this then?
  13. Does anybody know if it would be beneficial to do a secondary fermentation by racking my beer into a second LBK.......or is it a waste of time?
  14. Im on my 5th batch of beer now and havent tried cold crashing yet.Will this greatly improve my beer and how long should i do this?
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