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  1. Congratulations! Get a small paint strainer for the hops, way easier than the stainer. It's all good, the progression is only natural. But the kits and full extracts are great for when your time for brewing is short. Extracts are great for sampling hops. If you have a extract you like, changing and experimenting with hops is a great way to check them out.
  2. I feel for ya! My best friend is 13 now have shared every secret with him. It's putting a tear in my eye just think about it. Hurry up and find another Not that the hole will be filled but it will help. Rusty is 13 but on his birthday he acted like 5! [attachment=13414]RustysBday003.JPG[/attachment]
  3. Bottled mine yesterday after 21 days fermenting, final ABV 6%. Pretty happy with that! I will let it sit for another 21 and give it the first taste test.
  4. We have done 2 batches of Root Beer with great success. Our Root Beer was made from a Mr. Beer kit and also with Champagne yeast. What Temp are they sitting at? That would be my only thought on having carbonation problems. Ours sat at 70 - 75 degrees with very good Fizz.
  5. The Fresco Chili lime that I brewed, we left them in during fermentation. I don't think 5 minutes would leave enough of the pepper taste. The Chili left a great back bite in our beer. We used medium heat peppers, not too hot. I would leave them in for the complete 3 weeks of fermentation.
  6. You could always bottle it and send it our way for a taste test! We will let you know if it should have been thrown down the drain or into our belly. The majority of forum members let there beer ferment 3 weeks. All is good!
  7. Can never have to many! You never know when you might get Thirsty! A well stocked pipeline is like a security blanket.
  8. With all That Sapphire does it taste like the new Becks Sapphire? It sounds good! I know the Becks Sapphire is not what most would drink around here, but since i picked up some for the bottles. I kinda took a liking!
  9. Welcome to the Obsession, easily addictive, extremely satisfying! :cheers:
  10. Decisions, Decisions!!! So many Decisions! Sit Back and Enjoy it. Just have your next one ready when this one is done, makes the wait a little more do able. Welcome to the Obsession ! :cheers:
  11. Search and Read, Search and Read, Search and Read, Search and Read Brew you first beers to gather a baseline and get the process down. As it has been stated many times in the past here. Experiment after you know what it should taste like. Once you know, Then let the Obsession begin. Welcome to the Obsession, easily addictive, extremely satisfying! :cheers:
  12. "HarleyHawk" post=365545 said:Have the Girls and Boys on deck. Why did you wait a week to add Boysenberry? You also added boost? That should have blown the top right off I would think. Did holding off on fruit help with this issue? Might try that myself. Any info on ambiant temp, gravity, and bottle condition time would be appreciated. Thanks Adding the Fruit a week after the start does two things: First yes it will help with the yeast being able to handle the fermentation and the later you add the fruit more of the flavor will come through in the taste
  13. Unfortunately I have not had the old one, But the New one is pretty Good. [attachment=12937]Brew9.jpg[/attachment]
  14. No Worries! Sit back and relax! All will be fine.
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