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  1. I was under the impression all mead was grainless too. But, read somewhere they're used and hops too to get a bitter beer flavor.
  2. Anyone have a recipe or a website I can find a gluten free beer. Maybe even a kefir recipe or a grain-less mead? I know it sounds gross or weird. But, wanted to make a batch for a buddy who's paleo!
  3. I just bought the Dads Favorite Creme Ale recipe. Patriot Lager, Pale LME and 1/2 cup of honey. Just pitched it last night so, I'll be able to tell you in 6-8 week which will probably be too late for you.
  4. Would added cinnamon be a bad idea? Maybe with a Pale DME?
  5. Wings fan mentioned someone using the AMC with a Robust LME and getting to something like a Negra Modelo. Would that not be a good base to add the cocoa ect? Or maybe add a little agave to create a sweetened cocoa?
  6. You right on the not more creative than lime. I guess I mean I wasn't going for butlight lime and maybe something along the lines as a chocolate sombrero from clown shoes. Something with a bit more flavor. There isn't alont of recipe ideas for the AMC.
  7. No I havent had it straight up. I've read alot about it being modified because it lacked in body and flavor. Made me want to explore other options. But, I consider myself rather creative and wanted to see where we could go with it other than add dme, lime juice and zest.
  8. New to experimenting. I have a Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME and was thinking about making like a mexican chocolate beer. Was thinking along the lines of a churro theme. I have Robust LME a pound of Pale DME. But i was thinking maybe 2 oz. cocoa power 1/2 to 3/4 tsp cinnamon and for a kick 1/2 tsp of cayenne. Didn't know if this would work or instead of using the cocoa power and DME if i should just use the Robust LME? Thoughts?
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