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  1. are you useing water from your house or are you useing spring water because your house water may have something in it to make it taste bad I would try useing spring water and make sure your keg and bottles are cleaned real good before you sanitize them you should disassemble your tap assembly between uses and wash in warm soapy water ( unscented soap )
  2. I have a batch of the cowgirl honey also .It has been in the bottle 4weeks now I dont care much for the ginger taste .I dont think I would do this one again. and if I did I would leave out the ginger .at first the beer taste good I when you have that ginger taste that just comes on and blows it . so my advice and opinion is to leave the ginger out and try some kind of can fruit like cherrys or cherry juice 100%
  3. Beer-lord= How long have you been conditioning your batch of st pattys Total of weeks that is.because I would like to know how long to let my sit up. I have 2 batchs of st pattys 1 with cherry juice and 1without that I bottle on the 4/12/13. THANK YOU AND CHEERS!!!!
  4. TRIKE

    2nd LBK

    Congrats! I was glad when I got my 2nd LBK now I have 4 of them it good to have them filled so you alway have beer to drink and beer getting ready to drink.GOOD LUCK AND CHEERS.
  5. Strelnikov/ How long did you leave it in your keg before bottling it. well I botted my after 3weeks I got 2qt. size ,6,16oz. size and 6,12oz. size bottle of beer.I had about maybe 1more 12oz.bottle left but I didnt bottle.Im very happy with the turn out of beer I got.I hope it turns out to be a good beer. I also bottle my 2nd batch of st patty with out cherry juice and got 8qt.size and 1,12oz.size of beer both the same day I know that is going to be avery good beer.so we will see in a month or so. CHEERS.
  6. I bottled my st pattys cherry. I went with the sugar for priming I'LL see in 4 weeks how it turns out good luck on yours CHEERS!!
  7. Foothiller/ Thanks for the info. I think Im going to go with the sugar and be done with this batch I think it will be just fine. It all taste good cold anyways.so thanks again CHEERS! Streinikov/ Good to here Im going to bottle mine 4/12 Keep you posted so lets all have a beer and be HAPPY CHEERS!!!!!
  8. Foothiller/You have used honey for carbonating. because I was thinking of useing honey for primeing my batch of st patty cherry/blueberry I have going on here do you think it will be okay and if so how much to 1liter because my plan is that I was trying to get a little honey taste too. I think I messed up when Iput the concentrated cherry juce in you said to use 1gt. of 100 % cherry juice and I used 12oz. of the concentrated cherry juice but I did a taste test and it dont taste to bad it will be 3 weeks on april 12 th and ready to bottle Help S.O.S. CHEERS
  9. Strelnikov/ I just did a taste test on my st patty cherry /blueberry it tasted not bad so I think Im going to bottle it on the 12th that will be 3weeks in the LBK. How is yours comeing along? I will keep you updated. CHEERS!!!! TRIKE
  10. Pengins27/ MR.BEER has a carbontiondrops that they sell you may want to give them a try some people say they work good I have not use them yet but Im going to try them in my next batch Strelnikov/ How is your st patty comeing along? I dont know how my is going to turn out I still dont care much for the taste keep you posted So CHEERS FOR NOW.
  11. TRIKE


    My Question is the yeast in the Mr.Beer Root Beer the same as the yeast they use in there beer brews. yes /no. CHEERS.
  12. Streinkov: I read what FOOTHILLER said I dont understand all that og/fg stuff so im just going to see how it looks after 3weeks if it looks okay and taste okay im goin to bottle it. my should be ready on April 12 that will be 3weeks or the 19 I will seewhat happens. But Foothiller has been very helpful to me. And I Put some blueberry in mine like I said earlyer it cant hurt I hope but I thihk it will be drinkable I just checked on it and it is starting to brew Iwill see by morning.I just hope it dont get to wild.but when it settles down I will do a taste test if its okay I think I will bottle it on april 12th I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED SO LETS DRINK A BEER. CHEERS!!!
  13. GOOD Im letting mine go a extra week too. but i added some blueberry to mine because mine had a little tangy taste that I didnt care for much Im hopeing it will sweetin it up a little So now I have a cherry blueberry st pattys brew going on it may not sweetin it up but I think it will be okay.it cant hurt.it may make it better I will keep you up dated Good luck on yours keep me up dated. Who know I may have come up with a good beer. SO FOR NOW CHEERS FRIEND.
  14. Strelnikov: Well the monster brew should have settle down by now sorry about the info. on looseing top and cleanin the vents but if the vents clogged and the keg was swelling up you will have to clean them once in awhile so your top woundnt blow.but I think it will be okay CHEERS
  15. Well I just did a taste sample of my st patty I have 2 batch brewing 1 plain and 1 with cherry juice.The 1 with out the cherry juice is tasteing fine it is going to be a very good beer.The 1 with the cherry juice has a little tangy taste but it has only been brewing for les when 2weeks but I think it will be okay. But I know 1 thing it will be drinkable. So let the brewing gods do there work. So have another beer and wait.Im brewing now.CHEERS. BEER BREWING IS THE BEST HOBBY I EVER HAD.
  16. the 1st time i brew a batch of beer I used blackberry in some aztec mexican cerveza and what a mess I used a booster in it too and at 1st everything was fine and about 12hours later it went wilded i thougth by keg was going to blow up and my wife was going off and to top it all off i had to go to work and she had to keep looseing the top for me it settle down in about aday but that was my 1st brew with fruit but overall it turn out to be 1 of best brew to date so hang in there it may be. 1 of your best . IM HAVEING A BEER NOW SO HERE TO YA. CHEERS!!!! HAPPY EASTER.
  17. yES i NO WHAt YOU MEAN,mINE DID THE SAME THING ,YOU HAVE TO JUST LOOSING The top and letting out the gases and keep cleaning the little vents with some sanitize cleaner with a paper towel it will be ok. It will settle down in about 24 hours ,but you have to keep letting the gases out so your lid so it don't blow off hahah,, That was funny what you said ,,you put your ear up to it ..don't maen no harm by laughng. Sit back and have a beer and wait it out and i will have one to .and Cheers
  18. Strelnikov Did you have any overflow after addin the cherry juice.I had a little but it settle down after a day. let me know how thing go good luck. CHEERS!!!
  19. I thought I would brew both of the st patty at the same time so I could know how the st pattys real brew tasted without the cherry juice.and i will see how i like both and if so I may try the honey.lets see what happens.But thanks again for the tips. I have been looking at the new spring brew Mr. bEER has I Think im going to order it. I have 4 batchs brewing now the 2 st pattys 1classic american and 1american porter.
  20. Well I went and got some from the store.They fit in the plastic Mr.Beer bottles.The cubes are 1/2 inch. 1cube =9/10tsp.and 3.60grams of sugar. I got a small box of 126cubes for $2 so I think i will try a few bottle with both Mr.Beer and a few that I bought from the store and see which one works best.CHEERS!!!!!
  21. So they are like sugar cubes like you can buy at the grocery store.
  22. Has anyone used the Mr.Beer carbonation drops for bottling and how did they like them to useing sugar for primimg. And are they real sugar? CHEER!!!!
  23. Im brewin 2 batchs of the st patty 1with cherry juice and 1without.I see you have been conditioning for 5 1/2weeks . Im goin to let the cherry brew for about 4week before bottleing.It has been brewin for going on 2weeks.But I will let you no how it turns out.cheer!!
  24. Beer-lord Did you use cherry juice in that brew.
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