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  1. Well guys, I found out Mr. Beer does sell the gaskets/rubber washers..... they are .25 a piece. I told them they should list/show them on the website.... it might seem a little expensive, but I think they are a firmer, more durable washer than the vulcanized rubber ones..... mine lasted 7 years before I had problems with them! They also told me the new Cooper's yeast they use takes a little longer to ferment... I noticed where I used to could get my keg done in a week, now it takes 2, but they also said this was for carbonation also. The lady told me you should carbonate for 3 weeks.....
  2. Hey thanks! JohnDubya I already have 3 cases of Mr. Beer swingtop bottles I bought in 2006 or 2007, that was onsale for Father's Day for $14.95 a case, if I'm, not mistaken. :chug: They just now seem to not hold a seal, the seals are not cracked, but have deep indentions (wear rings) and the bails are weak. I have read I can tighten them, so I am going to do that, and I have ordered new gaskets. I can't find the soft plastic type that is on there now, I think they might last longer than the rubber ones. I am starting to wonder if they slowly leaked... the first bottle I opened, was pressurized and foamy, every other one has been flat, but good alcohol content. So it's got to be the seals/bails...
  3. anyone know where I can get gaskets or bails and gaskets? I didn't see them on the mr. beer website.
  4. Well, my rubber gaskets are still soft and not cracked, but they do have a little bit of a wear ring indented on them....not bad for 7 yrs I guess. I didn't know you could buy replacement gaskets for them? I will try bending the metal clasp and see if I can order new gaskets...thanks all
  5. I have been using mr. beer since about 2003, in 2005 I bought 3 cases of the swing-top bottles and I love them! But here lately I have run into some problems with them. Some of them seem real weak when you flip the metal thing down to seal or up to open. I just brewed some American Ale and put it in the fridge last Sunday, I tried one Sunday night and it was fine, a nice pop and it was foamy as new beer will be sometimes. Tonight I decided to try another, the flip was real weak and it barely gave a little hhsss when I opened it, no foam, it was flat as lemonade. I tasted it, it tasted alright, but I poured it out and went and got another. Same thing, but this one was a little harder to flip, but barely a hiss, and it was flat with no foam. I drank it anyways and it brewed, cause it had a nice kick.... I live in an old house, so it gets chilly..I keep my bottled beer in a room with an electric heater on 70F to carbonate, so I don't think that is the problem and I've stored my beer to be carbonated in here before with no problems... What I am wondering is, if anyone else has ever had this problem, and is there any way you can bend or whatever it takes to tighten up the latches on the flip tops...
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