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  1. In Brew Masters, Dog Fish Head said that they take a beer from concept to the pub in 3 weeks. That's decent craft beer. I always wondered if it was true or just a bit of injected drama as the show followed him through the process.
  2. Before you throw out the bug you really should squeeze any stolen beer from the carcass back into the LBK.
  3. All great comments here, and I would never disagree with Fedora Dave. I would submit, however, that the original recipe listed in this thread is basically Belgian Blanc with a tiny bit of vanilla. It isn't exactly mad scientist territory. Having said that, I still agree that starting out basic is best.
  4. Next time just cover your video camera with saran wrap and point your tripod at the bottles. I would love to see a slow motion video of a bottle bomb!
  5. Sounds very good to me, JubiBeer. If you go too deep on the orange peel you'll get more bitter peel than sweet, depends on your preference. Also, coriander is important but very strong in my opinion, I would avoid any temptation to go over the 1/2 tsp. that you've planned. Please let us know how it turns out!
  6. In terms of a straight up Mr. Beer recipe, she might like Belgian Blanc. I'd say to get closer to Blue Moon, follow the recipe, but go really light on the coriander.
  7. "jsherman" post=383661 said: "TheGrove" post=382561 said:Off topic maybe, but I wish the LBKs had a built-in tilt to them. We all have these great setups and then we all shove something under the front end! The cardboard under the kegs came in the Mr.Beer kits. You just forgot to install the tilt kit they included. Here's what I use... It's 2 "Brewing with Mr. Beer" books, folded and taped together. No disrespect intended, but I get a book in every order, I have tons of them.
  8. The unit could definitely be moved easily. I use Velcro to hold it on the outside of the fridge, but you could just rest it somewhere if you don't want to tape or Velcro for now. My sensor is taped to the inside of the fridge. I set it at 62 degrees, wort in both kegs reads 66 degrees. JJ's idea of putting it against the LBK is smart, but I don't ever need to touch mine, just leave it there. To each his own.
  9. TheGrove


    "zorak1066" post=382653 said:in fact thats what it means in german 'yeast wheat' beer. I didn't know that, but you are correct!Definition: Hefeweizen is a cloudy wheat ale that originated in Germany. The direct translation is hefe-yeast weizen-wheat. Yeast in the name refers to the fact that this beer is unfiltered and remains cloudy thanks to the suspended yeast. This yeast also contributes the unique banana and clove qualities to the aroma and flavor of hefeweizen. Thank you Zorak!
  10. My wife has a drinking problem and I have a brewing problem. We're either the best match or the worst. :ohmy:
  11. I didn't drill. I just taped the wire tightly against the fridge and into the door. The molding around the door fits over it nicely.
  12. Mine have a similar area in the back, like the molded plastic was folded over on itself. I'd say if it's not leaking air in or out it's not a problem.
  13. Welcome! Don't give up after that original recipe. Learn from it and then go for that Porter!
  14. I have to cast a vote for the non-digital one (linked below). It's about $20 cheaper and it's just 1 dial. I dialed it to 62 and it's been 62 in my fridge ever since. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002EAL58/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Off topic maybe, but I wish the LBKs had a built-in tilt to them. We all have these great setups and then we all shove something under the front end!
  16. Very nice! I agree, if it were mine the shelves would be filled in with empty bottles, HME, LME, bottling gear, ugh! My daughter is moving out soon. I have dibs on her room!
  17. "Khlogan2002" post=382223 said:I've looked into a mini fridge, but cant find a cheap one without a freezer. I use a mini fridge that has a freezer, I just ignore the freezer. I use a Johnson Temperature control (around $30) and run the sensor into the fridge and set it at 62 degrees. (Conveniently, the freezer ends up at around 40 degrees, so I can throw a few finished bottles in there.) [attachment=13993]photo.JPG[/attachment] The 2 in the fridge are cool. The one on top is slightly warmer, so that's for my wheat beers and ciders.
  18. "FedoraDave" post=382027 said:It's my understanding that distilled water has a Specific Gravity of 1.000 at 60 degrees F. I doubt you pulled off a Reverse Jesus, and turned alcohol into water. This was my exact concern, Dave. How could I turn all of those ingredients back into distilled water.By the way, I don't claim to be the Son of God, but I can turn beer into... my name in a snow drift.
  19. I couldn't agree more with Ranger Danger, for me it's the sanitizing more than the priming. In fact, here in Japan they sell sugar in little 3 gram packets that are long and skinny like pixy sticks we used to eat as kids. I just tear the packet off and pour 3 grams into each of my 12 or 16 oz bottles. No need to sanitize measuring spoons or funnels, I love it.
  20. I have a question on my hydrometer readings for a batch of MB Pumpkin Weissbier... The recipe estimates OG at 1.045 and FG at 1.009. My readings were OG at 1.040 and FG at 1.001. If these are correct I am definitely OK with it. I think my OG was light because I added a bit of water above the 8.5 line up to the Q. I was worried about getting a decent number of bottles out of the batch with all of the pumpkin guts in there and I knew this would make it a bit light. I was OK with that. My concern is whether a FG of 1.001 is realistic? (I took it twice.) I did ferment for 4 weeks and cold crashed for 4 days, but I just assumed it would be tough to get it down that low. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Well, I got half of the batch in the bottles tonight and my little assistant applied the labels. If you're a Caribou Slobber fan, the labels that they sell are great. They are the thick vinyl, static cling type that only stick to glass. They peel back off and are reusable, pretty neat. I ended up fermenting for 4 weeks, but I think it was worth it. OG was 1.052 and FG was 1.011. I'm pretty happy with that. I cold crashed for 4 days because I knew there were a lot of hops floating around in there. It came out pretty nice and the hydro sample tasted great. I can't wait!
  22. Actually, I have a Weihenstephan Weizen Liquid Yeast on hand. Wouldn't that give the same effect?
  23. I really like this idea. Thanks Bingman for bringing it up. Thanks others for answering. I think I'll try a wheat beer with WB-06 at 75 degrees. If you figure out the banana bread recipe I'd love to hear an update!
  24. Strawberry Wheat sounds great to me! Please let us know how it turns out.
  25. "Ser Stein" post=376409 said:I feel like a lot of the craft beer community discourages the use adjuncts. In the Brewer's Association definition of a Craft Brewer, among other things it states "A brewer who has either an all malt flagship (the beer which represents the greatest volume among that brewers brands) or has at least 50% of its volume in either all malt beers or in beers which use adjuncts to enhance rather than lighten flavor." I just thought it was an interesting quote.
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