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  1. Well my Heavy McWee is lagering away, and my samples have been stellar! Does anyone out there have a good Scottish Red/Highland ale recipe?
  2. I used to drink beer just to drink. I live in an area with many breweries and I found myself stepping outside my un educated Bud Light comfort zone and partaking in the abundant varietals out there! Now Im brewing my own and the sky literally is the limit! BREW TO PERPETUATE THE SPECIES!!!
  3. I have bottled my 3rd batch (American Light, API IPA and Heavy McWhee) and I have 4 more on the way! I have poked around the forums getting some tips and tricks to a better finished product. I must say this has become my newest addiction! I am now in the midst of designing a 'Brew Room'! A question about the in-active yeast in the bottom of the LBK. I notice that as I get to the end of the bottling process the in-active yeast mud ends up transferring into the bottles, resulting in a layer in the bottom of the bottles. Can (or should you) filter that out?
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