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  1. I thought the same with the sterilization because I did use a bleach last time and rinsed with tap water, which the instructions said was acceptable. I now have a room in my house that stays between 67-70 degrees so that is where I will store it. Does metal spoons and whisks, etc cause odd flavor?

  2. I am kind of new to brewing. I have done a few batches but they have all had a plasticy taste. I am going to try the American light in the next day or 2 and would like to know if there are any tips or tricks to make this mix good drinking. I have decided to use bottled water to avoid any chlorine and have the 1 liter Mr Beer bottles. Is there anything that should be added to this refill for ultimate flavor?
    Thanks for any suggestions

  3. I have never brewed a stout before. I am a little nervous. I purchased the St. Patricks Irish Stout mix. Should I stick stricly with the recipe on the can or are there some tricks to make it turn out amazing? It came with a BrewMax LME SoftPack Robust package. Should this be used? If so, the whole package? I am new to this home brewing, I have brewed 2 batches in the past, a blueberry and cherry wheat and neither seemed to turn out that great. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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