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  1. Congrats! You made beer! the experienced folks here recommend 4 weeks room temp for carb/ conditioning. My first batch was also CAL, it took 8 weeks for the ciders taste to mellow out, yeast may not be fast but they do keep working. Be patient, enjoy, and be the Monster!
  2. Agentguerry, I did 3 weeks in the lbk, then tested conditioning by tasting weekly starting at 4 weeks. At about 8 weeks the cidery taste was gone, weeks 11 & 12 we excellent (and all I had). I have no idea what the pitch / ferment temps were -- too new to check -- and that may make a difference. Happy brewing!
  3. whynot

    day 4

    Well worth the wait for a first pour. Definitely start more pipeline ASAP! Those 8 bottles won't last very long. :gulp:
  4. Borg folks often recommend a conditioning test on a first batch... try one bottle each week to taste how time improves beer. My first batch was also CAL, cidery taste disappeared after 8 weeks conditioning. Just had one at 11 weeks and it is much improved! Lest the yeasties do their thing for a while, and put more to work in a new batch of something interesting while you get a pipeline built up. They tell me a full pipeline makes the waiting easier!
  5. If you look at the MrBeer.com recipe page and sort by extract they have 7 recipes for the Classic American Light refill. May be some ideas in there that can help.
  6. Oly, thanks for the explanation. It sounds like well water (filtered) will work fine, more cash for kits!
  7. My well water runs through an iron filter and I have been using bottled spring water for brewing. I'm not sure what "dryness" means, although from context that sounds like the beano not the water. When I get some pipeline built up I'll run a test batch with well water... it would save a few bucks but I suppose a comparison test is in order before switching.
  8. By coincidence, I'll be bottling northwest pale ale Saturday as well. I hope we're both pleased in about 6 weeks! :chug:
  9. I have the stick-on thermometers, placed where the wort is. One problem, I keep the fermenting lbk in a cooler to manage temperature, and it is a pain in the butt to read the sticky on the side of the lbk. Screwy put up a post on installing a probe thermometer (costs less than the sticky at my local hardware store) which reads wort temp from the top of the lbk. Something to think about.
  10. Thanks for the reminder Screwy! I'm just about ready to install probe thermometers on my LBKs (need to bottle first), and hadn't thought about adjusting them.
  11. I think I need a time machine to condition my next batch faster, that picture made me thirsty!
  12. That beer looks great! From your notes you have a nice pipeline building.
  13. Cool Robert! My first was a Classic American Light also. Some still conditioning, I'm doing weekly samples starting at 4 weeks in the bottle. It was noticeably better at 8 weeks. I hope you can hold out for a while and have some when it gets good! My two lbk's are also now full... time to build pipeline.
  14. My next batch (third) is a first attempt at a MrB recipe, so includes a hop steep (pellets). Since this is post boil addition I should sanitize the muslin bag. Got that much. Haerbob suggested skipping the muslin bag altogether. Any side affects like floating pellets when I bottle if I do it that way? (Curious, I think I'll use the bag this first time). On prior posts I've seen suggestions to weight the bag... is that a matter of a couple (sanitized) stainless steel washers?
  15. Very nice. I wondered about selecting bottles and how to clean them... and the borg provides pictures! Very helpful post for this newb.
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