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  1. Thanks for all the help you guys. I'm going to leave in bottle conditioning for another week and try one (5 weeks). I have an oatmeal stout in bottles now, going to leave that in bottles for 5 weeks until I try it too. Any advice is always appreciated, cheers!
  2. I didn't use booster, I contacted live chat before bottling and they said it was ready. Going to leave in bottles conditioning longer
  3. ya the room was around 77deg.
  4. I am new to home brewing and have completed the American Lite which was good but had a slight Green Apple taste to it. I just completed Octoberfest with a smooth pak which was at 77deg for 16 days in the keg, then 4 weeks of bottle conditioning at the same temp. Is the temperature giving me this taste or is it something else? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. They told me 1 cooled shot per 1 liter bottle.
  6. I was told by live chat to put the shots of espresso into the bottles not in the wort. Is it better to put into the keg for fermenting?
  7. What kind of oatmeal do you recommend to buy?
  8. I am a beginner brewer and have done 2 beers so far, the American Lite and I just bottled the October fest with a smooth Softpack. I am about to start an Irish Stout with a Robust Softpack and wanted to use oatmeal. Any suggestions on what to use?
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