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  1. Derek, I made a Mocha Brown Ale and I used crushed coffee beans and cold steeped them in water for 24 hours. Then I dumped that water into my wort with 5 mins remaining on the boil. I used .7 oz of beans and about 4 oz water for a 2 gallon brew size. The coffee flavour was real nice in the final brew! Hope this helps. /Sameer
  2. Hi folks, for various reasons, Wheat DME is too hard for me to source. I was curious if I can use a DME-plus-wheat-malt combination to make a decent PM Hefeweizen? BORG advice requested. /Sameer
  3. The high temp usually does affect the beer but the more weeks you leave it for conditioning, the less the impact. Well, up to a point. 4 of my 10 batches I've worried that they were ruined, 3 were fine in the end. The 4th is bottled 1 week ago. RDWHAHB. /Sam
  4. I just downed the last of this and finally feel smug after 11 months of brewing 10 batches. Thanks to the BORG for the support and guidance.
  5. Hi Screwy, thanks for the reply. I did brew the older recipe and by 20 days in the bottle, at new year's, it was a very mediocre beer. But 10 more days in the fridge after that and I had a very respectable Paulaner clone! Needless to say, i was thrilled??:-) i always thought that the wheat beer takes only 10 days to condition fully you explain why it is so much nicer after a month in the bottle? Thanks, Sam
  6. Hi folks, earlier this year I got good advice from the BORG to brew my own Irish Red. Ingredients were hard to get as brewing ingredients are only available in bulk sizes in India, from specialised importers. I would need to buy hops in increments of 5 kilos! Anyway, I picked up my nobel hops and EK Goldings on trips to Europe along with a bit of specialty grains. Here's my Iris Red - early tasting - only 2.5 weeks in the bottle. Head was a bit weak but then it doesn't need to be huge on an Irish Red anyway. I'm pretty satisfied with the appearance. Now for the conditioning - how long does it need in the bottle to start tasting good? It was slightly medicine-y this weekend, not quite like the Irish Red I would expect. I brewed at 62-63F and went for about 20 IBU's with 4.8% ABV. It is now conditioning at 65F. /Sam
  7. Thanks Joe, Snowjob, I think I will try the ziploc bag with rubber band approach today. Regards, Sameer
  8. Hi, since I got a mini-fridge, I've had to stop using my LBK and use glass fermenters so they fit in the fridge. However, there is barely 1 inch of space on top so I can't put an airlock. I have been using sanitised aluminum foil to cover the fermenter. My last 2 batches have been sour when bottling and even after conditioning for 4 weeks. My suspicion is around this as a possible source of how I end up getting the sour taste. Any precautions I can take or extra steps I can take to prevent/minimise? With the last batch I have placed, I am spraying starsan onto the foil once every day, more out of paranoia! Please help! /Sam
  9. Hi bobdude1, welcome to the addiction! This is a great forum and closing in on 10 beers, I still get awesome help and support from the BORG. /Sam
  10. Loads of material on how to get the desired bitterness in the beer you make. When it comes to the aroma and flavour, are there any guidelines around the amounts of hops to add? How do those amounts compare withthe bittering hop quantities? Or is this the art of brewing? /Sam
  11. Congrats! WelcomeTo the addiction.
  12. Thanks Bluejaye. TOday is the 7 th day for my fermentation and I have come to the same conclusion. I got a very thin layer of krauzenand no trub at all but then around day 5i saw the krauzen thicken ever so slightly. To my inexperienced mind, it was a sign that the yeast were doing their job. When I checked today, the krauzen is staying to dissipate gruadually, so I guess fermentation is winding down. So I'm pretty excited about this batch right now, which is a bit of a change from being a very concerned Noob 3-4 days ago! /Sam
  13. Semantics. Many people may not like the MR BEER Mexican Cerveza Refill but I am not one of them. The AMC may not be a clone of anything, but when I drop a lime into my Cerveza, the taste reminds me a lot of Corona Light, which I last drank 8 years ago /Sam
  14. The 3-4 is for 3 weeks in the LBK and 4 weeks in the bottle. Any time in the fridge (for cold crashing or after carbonation) is outside of the 3+4. You will notice the beer improving significantly with this timeframe. /Sam
  15. You will get beer regardless. Rehydrating yeast is like hitting the road running, that's all. /Sam
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