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  1. Check the size. I think there's a 100 KB size limit with the latest upgrade of the Mr Beer Discussions web site. /Sam
  2. Thanks folks. I went with making an Amber ale. 1 gallon batch 100g amber malt steep 20 min 250g DME 60 m boil 2g magnum 60 min 250g DME 30 min boil 1 g cascade 30min 1 g cascade 15 min US05 3g rehydrated Seems bit darker than I thought it would be. Wort taste seemed very ordinary. Photo attached below. Experts, your comments on what to do to improve the recipe, schedule, etc. /Sam
  3. Do not get disheartened. I am only 4 batches old and have produced1 batch which I enjoyed and got good compliments for. The most important things for you to focus on - Sanitation Sanitation Temperature control Sanitation Now you get the idea. Read as much as you can about is so you can introspect which aspect of sanitation might be getting messed up. Are you using star San? Are you cleaning the work area first? are you being outdoors? The solution and good beer are not far... /Sam
  4. OK. So I normally brew about 1.1-1.2 gallons because of my fermenter size and am happy to scale down the recipe from 5 gallons. I have about 30 lbs of DME so no restrictions. /Sam
  5. Hi folks, just got my locally procured Pale DME. Would like to make a dead simple light ale as my first try, something like the MB Classic American Light. I have two yeast options. US05 and Saf04. Have two hops - Magnum and Cascade. Appreciate your suggestions on the possibilities as well as basic instructions. /Sam
  6. Hi Elko, Your reply is a bit cryptic for me. I'm a noob with only 3 batches behind me and could do witha bit more detailed instructions. Did you meani should use the dme first? I didn't understand what you meant by leaving in the hops until bottling? Do I put them in a bag to boil and then drop the bag also into the LBK? /Sam
  7. Hi folks, I have an MB Octoberfest can. I would love to make the Howling Red Ale but sadly can't get the rest of the ingredients from MB. I also have the following ingredients with me and need expert advice on how to get closest to the Howling Red Ale. Cascade Hops, 2 oz Magnum Hops Pale Malt Pale DME Some home toasted Amber Malt (toasted as per instructions to get 30L) MB Yeast Safale US-05 What would be your suggestion(s) to be able to come close to the Howling Red Ale? /Sam
  8. [attachment=14339]BelgianWitAG2.JPG[/attachment] The pic
  9. [attachment:1]20130706_151708.jpg[/attachment] My first AG was supposed to be a Belgian wit. Here's how it looks before I down it As for the taste, I can't taste the orange or the coriander that i added. comments from the experts? /Sam
  10. In fact you should make sure you are not going anywhere near 76 ambient air temp as then the best will be actually much warmer than 76 during active fermentation. Maintain 65 or so and get good beer! Sam
  11. I have ordered MB refillsfrom Amazon shipped to India so UK should not be a problem. Some refills amazon would not ship though, just so you know. /Sam
  12. :party: +100. My CAL was Nasty tasting at 2 weeks in the bottle but quite good at 6. I finished the last bottle last week with 10 weeks of bottle time total and it was quite satisfying. I have my net only about 3 Weeks of room temp conditioning and the rest was in the fridge. The beer still improved greatly. I went for cold conditioning because ambient room temp is 80*F where I stay and have to do some work to keep the temp low 70s. /Sameer
  13. Hi Grogg, I'm pretty much same experience level as you. I have tasted my third batch recently. 72 is too warm. My first batch was CAL at 72 but I missed out that the wort temp will be much higher than that as fermentation picks up. It tasted like some sort of whisky at first. My CAL got notably better after 2 months from brewing date. I brewed it early March and I still have1 bottle remaining! Next up was the cerveza and I kept the temp closer to 64. it went up to 70 once after 4-5 days of fermentation. The first bottle was decent but a bit of the heavy alcohol taste. Another couple weeks, the beer rocks! My tips - good sanitation. rehydrate yeastr to get vigorous fermentation started early. I did so with my cerveza. Also, avoid being too keen to check your beer all the time. You will expose it to light oxygen or other unwitting dangers. Good temp control in first 4-5 days of fermentation. And, Patience! Best of luck Sam
  14. Hi folks, a question about alternate ingredients. I have the standard MB Octoberfest HME. I have some cascade hops too. I don't have LME softpack and cannot order them to India. Can I use a home roasted grain instead to achieve the same effect? I have roasted Amber malt 30L but not yet used it anywhere. /Sam
  15. Updates on my Mexican cerveza - it has been 4 weeks in the bottle now and allow I can say is that the Borg in their collective wisdom have all the knowledge about home brewing that is needed. My beer now is very gratifyingly tray and traces of the heavy alcohol taste are gone. I get 20 bottles and now I am through with5 so i will be able to make these last for the next few weeks for sure and two of it gets better still. A BIG thanks to the borg for all the awesome advice. I have been assimilated! /Sam
  16. I think that explains it best - 75 is way too warm. I followed MB instructions for my first batch and let the ambient temp go upto 76. The beer did not taste satisfactory. With a few weeks in the bottle and in the fridge, it became tolerable. My second was kept much cooler, 68 or below and it turned out much better. Your hefew turned out well coz 75 is fine with the hefe yeasts but most others will fart into your beer at those temps. /Sam
  17. Hi folks, my first wheat BIAB was racked after 11 days in the LBK. The beer shows a strange colour gradient and when bottled, smells a bit like the trub layer that remains behind in the LBK. What causes the appearance in the picture? Did I rack to much out of the LBK? Sorry for the shaky picture...
  18. Hi Foothiller, thanks. Can I add the cooled DME+Water now into my current batch or was your recommendation for future batches? Any precautions to take regarding pouring, etc? Regards, Sameer
  19. Hi folks, I made a small batch of American Wheat yesterday. I did a BIAB and with my calculations, I was targeting 1.040. My efficiency assumption was for 55%, given this is my first try. After I put the wort into the LBK for pitching, I then took a sample and the hydrometer showed 1.030. The taste was also a bit bitter compared to what I expected since my hops were aiming for 18 IBU's. So I'm going to get a beer that's very low ABV, maybe like 3% compared to 4.0+ target. Plus it's going to taste hoppy and that's not my preferred beer taste. My self-analysis was that the milling was not good enough, I got too many grains which were powdered or even unaltered. I can correct that going forward. Of course more factors too, like holding the mash temperature more constant. My question is if I can do anything at this stage to improve the beer in terms of ABV or balancing out the bitterness? Else, I let it ferment and gulp down the batch in the name of Home Brewers Round the World.. :laugh: /Sam
  20. Zorak, your Irish Red recipe? /Sam
  21. Man, this forum is gooood... My AMC is 4 days in the bottle and the PETs are rock-hard already. (Maybe it's the Indian sugar??) Just when I think - this AMC must be already tasty, maybe I should have one already, I read this thread... Time to do my Yoga Pranayamas and reset the wait-timer to another 5 weeks :-) /Sam
  22. Alf, the son of fermentation is inspiringly awesome...
  23. Hi folks, bottled my 2nd batch yesterday and had a taste. It seemed like decent Mexican Cerveza. Starting to plan for the 3rd batch, the MB Octoberfest. The plan so far, which I would like BORG opinion and comments for - 1. Steep 0.5 lbs of Amber Malt (I have already toasted this 10 days ago) into 1 quart of water for 30 mins at 160*F 2. Bring wort from #1 to boil. Flameout and add 1 can MB Octoberfest 3. Cool wort. Add into LBK. Top up to 8.5 quart mark 4. Pitch rehydrated yeast after ensuring suitable temperature. 5. Aerate. Put away for 3 weeks. Am I on the right track with the 1 quart of water for steeping? What about the other steps? /Sam
  24. So I did this Sunday night, 2.5 days after cold crash. Most useful tips from the BORG which helped me - 1. Using a large syringe - 50 ML. It made adding sugar to bottles the simplest part of the bottling exercise! 2. Covering sugar solution with sanitised foil while cooling. 3. The cold crash itself - I got much cleaner Mexican Cerveza into the bottles, I think. Thanks BORG. /Sam
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