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  1. Hi folks, I'm travelling and have a very small "homebrew store" in the town i'm in now. If I buy a Cooper's Wheat can kit, which is good for 5 gallons, I have only 1 way to brew it - using my Mr Beer LBK. Other options are not open. Once I go back to India, I have to use only the ingredients I bought and make do with them. There are NO HOPS or even malt extract available. The store manager tells me you just need the kit + water and sugar. Is it feasible to consider splitting the extract into 2-3 batches? That's my prime concern. If possible, what are the downsides? Side question: How good would the final beer be with the kit + sugar only? Regards, Sam
  2. Hey Dave, i'm finding the instructions you gave a bit hard to follow... Zest the lemon and put the zest in a muslin hop sack. Juice the lemon and hold onto it. Why is the hop sack needed? Why can't the zest and juice be added into a single sanitized bowl? Maybe I need simpler, more detailed instructions or I'm just a NooB? /Sam
  3. So my dilemma is that now I'm at 16 days bottled and When I'm 3.5 weeks into bottling, I travel for 10 Days. My temp control setup is to swap frozen bottles so that's not gonna happen. And, the temp in my closet is already 28C/82F, And it will get hotter still in the next few days. Maybe upto 32/33C. Will that spoil my American Light? What are my options?
  4. Hi Summertimeale, please share about - the temperature you conditioned at, how much time outside the fridge and how much time in the fridge... I am 1 week into conditioning and yet to begin drinking...
  5. Thanks all for the rousing welcome! @FedoraDave - to answer your question as to "what makes me sure I will be ready after 3 batches" - I don't, it's just a goal to make 3 batches first, then figure out where I stand. Preparing my 1st post for the BeerLog for later today..
  6. Hi all, Background: I'm 41, Male. I'm Indian (India Indian) I'm a first time homebrewer I'm a beer drinker (no other alcohol) I'm bored of drinking Kingfisher, Kingfisher clones, Kingfisher clone clones I'm not upto regularly spending 400 Rupees (7 USD) for a glass of great tasting Hefewizen at the rare microbrewery in Pune I'm reading, reading and reading all over the net about HomeBrew all the time nowadays I'm fully reliant currently on Mr Beer kits. All-grain brewing will come later, after I've done 3 kits So, what's the travelog thingie? I decided to share my experiences and learning at each step of my early journey, so more NooB's can be encouraged to take up homebrewing. I will post my experiences, trepidations and elation along with pictures at every key milestone. Watch this space for updates...
  7. Hi all, Hello from sunny Pune, India. I'm sitting on my first batch of homebrew and bottled my Mr Beer American Light 8 days back. I used 400ml soda PET bottles and added table sugar. The temperature is kept between 68 and 72 F (or 20 and 22 C, as it's measured in India). I see in some of the bottles a very, very tiny stream of bubbles rising to the surface. I have about 20 bottles and at any time, maybe 3-4 show a small circular clump of bubbles on the top of the beer. The circle would be maybe 1/3 the size of a dime( yes, a US dime). I do see a sediment forming on the bottom of the bottles. Do the bubbles rising indicate a leak in the bottles? Should I check/validate somehow? Thanks for your help. Sam
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