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  1. "haerbob3" post=351544 said:brand of yeast?? liquid or dry. I think you are going to be fine. You never got over 80 Just the dry, MB yeast that came with the kit.
  2. So I just realized that Ive left my yeast out at room temperature (~66F at night, 73F during the day) for the last 5 days. Was starting a batch of Bavarian Weissbier and had taken out the yeast about an hour before I was going to start it but got a call that my uncle had passed and it completely slipped my mind to put it back in the fridge. That was Monday evening, Ive just gotten home and saw the yeast sitting on my counter. So is my yeast dead? Or is it still viable?
  3. Ive read before that the use of different types of sugars wont affect flavor given the amount used, I was unsure if there would be any difference in the measurements by using the turbinado sugar. And wanted to compare the 2 myself just so i could say that I have compared the two and any (if they happen) discernible differences. After going to Screwy's calculator, seeing the CO2 volume, and having no idea what that meant, I thought I would ask. I did a thread search for turbinado, but nothing that was able to answer my questions regarding it.
  4. Finished making my Chocolate Porter this afternoon and its now in the LBK as I await impatiently for it to ferment. I was thinking about bottle priming with both turbinado sugar and white cane sugar just to see the difference, if any, in the two. I'm on Screwy's site looking at the bottle priming calculator but I'm unsure as to what the "Desired CO2 Volumes" should be, default being 2.5. Anyone have an insight into what my "CO2 Volume" should be set at and if the use of turbinado sugar will have any effect on the priming?
  5. Have 2 so far with a 3rd on the way. UPS is currently holding it hostage until Wednesday. This weekend, all will be getting put to use :woohoo:
  6. "meytchison" post=328776 said:Thats awesome. Lets here it for Mr. Beer. Absolutely! They are definitely alright in my book! :banana:
  7. "haerbob3" post=328783 said:First if you bleach or peroxide solution to sanitize the LBK you should be alright, but if in doubt replace it. To avoid the situation you just had I did full volume boils with liquid or rehydrated yeast. When the yeast is poured in first and the wort thru a strainer. You avoid scratching the LBK, aerate the wort and mix it all at the same time. :cheers: :cheers: I will definitely have to give that I try! I just plan on tossing the LBk, but I'm holding on to the spigot and lid, just in case. Im sticking with rehydrated for the time being until Im more comfortable with brewing but liquid is something I definitely plan on using in the near future. Thanks for the tip Haer! :cheers: :barman:
  8. "stevecon" post=323081 said:Right on it is always exciting doing your 1st batch. Like said above you will need to replace the LBK as it is now destroyed. You might get lucky if you contact MrB and let them know about your misfortune, they might send ya a new one, their customer service is bar none. Stevecon, you couldnt have been more correct about Mr.Beer's customer service! I just checked an email from one of their Beermasters saying they will send me a new keg at no cost, all I had to do was provide them with a picture of the scratched keg. It might have taken a week, but I couldnt be happier right now!
  9. "mashani" post=324812 said:If your looking for simple extract kits, and they have Muntons Gold kits (these come as 2 3.3# cans of extract), then those kits make good beer in LBKs. 1 can + included yeast in 1 keg. The other can + some other yeast in another keg (S-04 is a good choice). The true brew kits are steeping + extract kits, if you have done a steep and / or want to learn how then those would be good choices. The other kits you mentioned will probably require an adjunct like 2# of DME or sugar to make 5 gallons of beer. Just be aware of this. They will likely call for sugar, but DME will make better beer in most cases. Muntons is the only one that Ive heard of so I might have to get a couple of those and the True Brew. Ive only recently started reading about steeping, so the true brew kits sound like they might be a good way to start out and learn about it. I will definitely have to find a better HBS that will know if the other kits require an adjunct, or know more about them. My LHBS is useless if I have any questions. Could I interchange between DME & LME instead of the sugar? Or just use LME as an additional adjunct on top of the sugar/DME?
  10. "Manowarfan1" post=324738 said:I personally do not have a preference but one thing I would suggest is that you buy yeast while there, that way you know you have enough, it isnt sitting out at room temp with the kit itself, and you can control the flavor profile etc of the yeast. You may have noticed that all the Mr Beer recipes have a common "taste" - that comes from yeast as far as I can figure. My LHBS makes their own "kits" - as opposed to just a 3.3 pound can or Muntons etc - so you may want to see if you can get some DME/LME, some steeping grains and hops and just do it all yourself. Tell them you are new and you want something simple but tasty and I bet they can slap you a recipe together based on whatever style you want to make. Cheers jeff I actually was going to look into getting some liquid yeast to try that out as well, so I may have to make a trip to a better store. My LHBS is pretty horrible. The only thing that they keep in stock is a couple Carboy starter kits and the 5 gallon refill/recipe kits theyre now trying to offload. They mostly do wine making and any mention of beer gets eyes rolled and short derisive answers. But I like the idea of using DME/LME with steeping grains and hops so I guess I should start planning a trip to a bigger and better HBS in another city this weekend. Thanks for the tip Jeff! :barman:
  11. Thinking about picking up a couple 5 gallon kits this weekend, comparing by output, theyre way cheaper and I figure I'll give em a shot to compare them to the Mr. Beer kits. My LHBS usually has Muntons, Coopers, True Brew and John Bull in stock. Anyone have a preference when/if you are using one of these kits? :cheers:
  12. Looks like a damn fine beer! I get to enjoy mine in 27 day 17 hours 10 minutes (Yes, I have a timer and calender notification set). Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  13. I actually came across my immersion blender a few minutes ago and think, if I can sanitize it correctly, I might give that a try. It has a guard around the blades and even if I were to set it on the bottom, they wouldnt touch anything but wort. I will do the whisk thing though. I'll have to try and find a rubber one whenever I get my new kegs. They should put a note in the instructions that say not to hit the sides or bottom with anything, just for people like me who dont give it a second thought.
  14. Well thats quite aggravating. I did send Mr. Beer customer service an email, but Im really not expecting much in terms of a response other than "Shit happens". They are having a sale on the LBKs so I'll be picking up a couple of them next weekend, as well as a new, silicone tipped spoon. Still excited that my first batch came out good, just means that I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can start my next 2.
  15. Bottled my first batch tonight! :banana: Following Borg advice, I emptied the first couple of ounces to clear out the spigot after cold crashing. Classic American Light is certainly not a style that I would drink normally, but dammit if it wasn't about the best beer that I'd ever tasted! Got it bottled without a hitch and now have it stored in a cooler, in the bottom of a closet. Im not a patient person but after tasting my flat beer, Im glad I waited the 3 weeks and then cold crashed. Cant wait to try it next month! Many, Many thanks to the Borg! :cheers: :barman: Also, any suggestion as to another option to stir with in the LBK? The spoon that I used scratched the bottom of my LBK all to hell. Was thinking like a rubber tipped spoon or a rubber/plastic whisk.
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