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  1. +1 on submersion technique ...because I don't have a vinator ...yet
  2. I was searching for info on domino dots and it brought me here so instead of starting a new thread, I figured I would just be a little redundant (and hopefully slightly less irritating) and ask here. What is the general consensus on the dots? 1 per 12 oz bottle? as docpd has stated.Does it produce sufficient carbing? I ask because some people have different preferences on these things (less/more carb etc.) and since its your brew, you will make it how you like it and so forth and so on. I'm not disregarding/downplaying your input doc, I just like to get a general consensus in addition to one opinion. In the event that I should end up needing 1.5 dots per bottle is it still easier than just using my primer measure and table sugar? ...I'm going for "high speed, low drag" here because when bottling day comes I will need to bottle before I leave for work since I work 2nd shift
  3. "jsherman" post=381578 said: "RickBeer" post=381516 said:The guides I found (which of course I didn't bookmark...) led me step by step, i.e. Is the fan blowing in the house, is the air cool, etc. Then it asked if outside unit was turning, then if I heard an electric hum (I did). When it came time to repair, I turned off inside breakers AND removed the outside fuse which is on the wall of the house and pulls out. So I was positive there was no juice present. The new capacitor was too big, so I removed the bracket and used metal strapping to put the new one in, doesn't require much. A few years ago one of the two furnaces stopped providing heat. We came home to 60 degrees on 12/30. Played around, no idea what was wrong but could see burner was not lighting. Called repair company, earliest was 1/2. Told him what I saw, he suggested I examine the ignitor. I did, and could clearly see it was burned through at one spot. I swapped ignitors in the units and it worked. He had them in stock, I drove up there and got one from him (would have been $10 cheaper in a few days but we needed heat). I've used the web to fix many things including the power door lock on our minivan, cleaning the carb on my weedwacker, replacing the anode rod on my hot water heater, ... It's amazing what you can do after carefully reading and watching videos. Similar to what people can do if they read this forum. My favorite internet fix: My last car was a '96 Mercury Sable, and from the time I got it, the turn blinker would randomly blink at faster speeds, or sometimes not at all. After the flasher stopped working altogether, I did some googling and found out the problem was the multifunction switch, and it was common problem that cost $10 in parts but possibly $100-200 in labor for taking the steering wheel apart. In the process of researching causes I came across a post suggesting that I spray WD-40 into the hazard button area on the top of steering wheel so that it could run down and lubricate the multifunctions switch. And it worked! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: I love seeing peoples faces when I tell them that I once fixed a turn signal with WD-40. LOL you changed the blinker fluidI dont know what happened but the AC is running fine now. we rent our house and my wife called it to my attention that we should probably notify our landlord "before I go taking things apart and trying to fix them" and I suppose the AC heard the threat and started acting right again. Also my brews haven't erupted or anything. The thing that gets me is that if it did it once, there is probably still a problem..or going to be one...or ignoring it will make it worse or what have you. I believe I will still let my landlord know,he's a rather nice guy, I'm sure he'll look into it/fix it/ let me take it apart and tinker with it then fix it/ not evict us.
  4. "Screwy Brewer" post=382195 said: "somethingclever" post=382158 said:....Nevermind, I just read to check for trub in this scenario....I checked.It's there. If you want to see krausen make a yeast starter, that's the most reliable way to ensure you're pitching the healthiest yeast.Don't I have to have wort on hand to make a starter? I suppose I can hold on to some next time I make a brew. I intend to start "farming" my yeast for brews that I make often and I would imagine that starters are good for that as well. I'm going to have to research it at some point
  5. ....Nevermind, I just read to check for trub in this scenario....I checked.It's there.
  6. The only thing I boiled was the booster (after it dissolved) and the orange/hops, everything else was added after flameout. It has been a few days and my staggerback stout has a high krausen but it seems like the wheat isn't doing much of anything, I saw a few bubbles on it last night when I got home from work that may have been the beginnings of a yeast colony. Maybe that strain of yeast is a "slow starter" and I'm just paranoid.It just concerns me because I'm pretty sure the packs got hot during shipping and maybe it killed all of my yeasties .
  7. I ended up doing a 10 minute boil with roughly 3 tablespoons of orange zest and 1/4 oz. tettnanger hops I am dry hopping with another 1/4oz. of tettnanger I used 3/4 cup of booster and (whimsically) squeezed an orange into the wort ( bavarian wiessbier and golden LME) before pouring into my fermenter then pitched the belgian whitbier smackpack closed it up and put it in the cabinet next to the lbk full of staggerback I intended to take OG readings but the wife was making lunch and runiing me out of the kitchen so I skipped it :S Hopefully in 7 weeks I will have a decent beer Sliante' -Ian
  8. thanks for the input (beer and AC related) I will utilize my google-fu and see what I can come up with. I recently changed out some caps in my tv so I suppose it wouldn't be too far fetched to do it on the AC except I could unplug the tv and get a visual on the disconnect, I am terrified of electricity...hell I switch off the breaker to change lightbulbs....not really but only because I didn't think of it till now. Oh and I went ahead and activated my yeast tonight so brewing may happen sooner depending on how long it takes my yeasties to get fit for battle. The package says 3 hours (I don't trust it) and I have read that it can take up to two days...I suppose I will just have to wait and see.
  9. I was planning on making my wheatbeer and my staggerback stout Tuesday but my wife brought it to my attention that the A/C isn't working very well( set to 71, temp in the house is 78). I don't have any type of climate controlled room/box/whatever all I have is a cabinet that I took over to brew in, I was planning to keep frozen bottles of water in there to keep the temp down ( this was before the AC went stupid) but would this be enough now without the central air to keep things cooler I really don't want my lbks to explode. also on a side note, since I got the idea to freeze water to help keep things cool from the borg, I feel safe assuming you already know this technique but I might add that the MB 1 liter bottles seem like a perfect choice for this if you have any around (anyone who bought a kit should have a few.)Plus you can just empty them and bottle in them on bottling day, multi taskers....Alton Brown would be proud.
  10. I am very interested in the orange peel, I intend to use some this weekend but have no clue about how to go about it (or maybe I'm overthinking it) did you just enjoy an orange and throw the peel in the fermenter or what?
  11. This weekend I intend to make some staggerback stout and a wheatbeer, the staggerback is pretty well covered, I intend to condition it till Christmas and enjoy it then. My wheatbeer was a recipe I threw together whilst perusing MB's website it is just a bavarian weissbier HME with a golden LME, tettnager hops (im not sure if I should just dry hop it or boil ...or what) and I got some belgian whitbier liquid yeast also. I am considering adding orange peel to the fermenter but I dont know if I should wait until after primary fermentation or just throw it in with everything else ... or if I should do anything with it before I put it in there (dry it, sanitize it, have it blessed?) The thing that attracts me to wheatbeers is the citrusy/spicy flavors so any input on cultivating that would be appreciated Due to the brutal nature of the late spring/summer here in Mississippi I will probably be freezing 2liter coke bottles and putting between my lbks to try to avoid an explosion (the stout concerns me more than the wb in this aspect) so what are the borg's thoughts on my wb endeavour?
  12. I generally tend to drink wheatbeers during the warmer months and stouts during the cooler ones so I suppose that I would suggest a wheatbeer. I cant give any suggestions really because I have no experience with them ( I will this weekend) but I am trying to focus on the "crispness" of the clove/citrus flavors that make wheatbeers such a perfect " I just cut the grass" beer. just my 2c.
  13. My brain churned and churned while reading this thread and it only produced one word: Why?
  14. I have been goofing around on qbrew with this recipe and I came across an ingredient called dememera sugar and I did a little bit of research, it sounds like it might work well in conjunction with the fenugreek seed. With this being a fermentable sugar it will lose most/all of its sweetness during fermentation so by adding lactose could I replace that sweetness and keep the flavor of the dememera? I am having a hard time wording this question out...I'll try this (and try not to sound crazy): Dememera sugar - "sweetness" (due to fermentation) = flavor of sugar ...just not sweet? So... ^that + lactose = something close to the original flavor of the dememememera sugar?..and some added abv..
  15. I got the addition to qbrew from screwy's site and now it makes so much more sense. The estimated FG is 1.011 and my hydrometer reading was in that neighborhood (need to refine my hydrometer reading skills) I am going to check again this weekend and if nothing has changed/i get 1.011 I will bottle. Thanks for the help guys.
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