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  1. Well there are plenty of other recipes and tastes out there for everyone to enjoy, but I wouldn't waste time posting if I didn't have an enjoyable beer to offer.
  2. This forum wont let me post pics from my phone of it but its medium dark with a white head tight foam almost like a Guinness cloudy body fruity initial taste with citrus finished by a nice bitter bite from the saaz which as you might guess goes real nice with pilzner beer. Despite the mt dew my test audience thought it was a professional beer with easy taste.
  3. To clarify, I stir the wort and mt dew with a metal spoon while adding yeast. Plenty of aeration for fermenting. The booster plus the mt dew sugar adds a punch! This tastes like a nice citrus beer without much original soda taste at all. And upending bottles to stir up bottle troub is a personal preference. This is not an april fools joke. Its just beer!
  4. Needed: 1 can czech pilsner. 1 pack booster. 2 mr beer kegs. 2 two liter bottles of mountain dew. 1 case empty glass bottles. 1 mr beer bottling straw thing. 1 pack (1/2oz) saaz hops. Appropriate ammount of carbonating drops (the little pellet things). Appropriate basic brewing utensils. Sanitizer. Do all your sanitizing stuff. Boil your four cups water and add booster. Mix in your czech pilzner mix. Fill one keg with both two liter mt dew bottles, cold of course. Once wort with booster is ready, add to keg w mt dew in it. Do this slow. Use tap water to bring to full volume. Again slow due to foam. Pitch yeast. Let ferment one week room temp. At the week mark, add saaz hops. Let sit another week. Put keg in fridge 3 days. Get bottles and other keg sanitized and pre place carbonating things in bottles to desired carbonation levels. Using bottling straw, rack beer to secondary keg because this beer has a lot of sediment. Using straw, bottle the beer. The bottling process is best done cold from the fridge. Make sure to use the straw to avoid aeration and oxygenation. Let sit room temp 15 days, turning bottles occasionally to break up residual sediment. Pop in fridge 2 days, serve and enjoy! Strange I know but good alcohol content and a party hit!
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