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  1. LOL. Thanks guys! I hope it doesn't smell or taste like feet. It did smell like beer as it rained down all over me and everything in the closet. I appreciate all of the advice, and will see where this batch goes. Just waiting to bottle next week so I can order a re-fill and a new spigot (or 2) shipping is too much to order on its own!
  2. Sooo. I had not brewed in about a year or more. I cleaned two of my LBKs and started up shop again. I wanted to clean everything really well and removed the spigots to clean. I tightened oen too much I guess. After brewing I noticed it was leaking the next day and when I touched it it literally blew apart and beer started to gush out of the hole. I ran with the LBK to the sink and tilted it to stop the flow. I went and grabbed my clear hard cider keg and no rise container, did a super quick wash of the clear keg and transferred the beer. I then put it in a closet and covered it with a towel. Fermentation looks to be moving along, but with allot of build-up on the bottom. Do you think I should see this batch through? Is it worth the time/ effort or should I just dump it and start again with a new batch that I know is not contaminated for sure? Thanks. Sucks a $3 part may have ruined it.
  3. OK I bottled my Fresco Chili Lime beer yesterday. It had a good bit of tingle to it from the peppers and no trace of the lime, despite zesting two limes instead of the one in the directions. Will this mellow a bit after carbing with the sugar and conditioning?
  4. "JWB" post=373161 said:Save those Bud Light & Pabst bottles! :gulp: LOL, saving them up despite the wife's objections.
  5. Congrats! Just have my first the other day, really got me into wanting to do more!
  6. Thanks guys! Appreciate the good words! Gonna get the second LBK fired up again next week and get some Canadian Blonde going and building some more pipeline reserve. I just need to buy some more bottles before its done, I didn't count on the condition time the cider would need.
  7. Cracked open my first Aztec Mexican last night. It was darker then I'd expected, but I gotta say, way better and nicely carbonated. I was very happy with it! So much for my father-in-law tell in me how bad it will be and that it wont be drinkable. LOL! [attachment=13409]1stBeerAMC.jpg[/attachment]
  8. i just used the mb yeast it came with. Maybe thats it, I've only used the MB yeast which comes with the beer HMEs
  9. So it fermented for four weeks, It was visibly active for about three of them. I checked the FG which was 1.00 and was the same for the last three days. I bottled today,and primed the bottles with the 2 1/2 TSP of sugar in my 1L bottles. The cider seemed to be very bubbly or carbonated as I was filling them up. Is this normal? is something wrong? The bottles almost had a thin head on them even after being sealed. Is something wrong?
  10. Good question. I just got my Fresco Chile Lime Beer and was wondering the same thing with the peppers since the instructions are not clear.
  11. My cider has been in my clear LBK for 2.5 weeks. The Cider is still cloudy and I still see small bubbles coming up at a pretty good rate. How long should normal fermentation take?
  12. "pspearing" post=368295 said:My first CAL batch tasted cidery to me but after a month in the bottle it wasn't bad and a couple weeks later it was actually pretty good. I think it just takes time for it to condition. Hydrometers differ--mine is calibrated for beer and at 70o but some are calibrated at other temperatures. The % alcohol scale was confusing (to me anyway) and I had to read the directions a couple of times to realize what it was saying. If Timmsram's hydrometer is like mine the 1.5% reading is probably not far off for the final reading. The original reading probably was about 4.5% or 5% on the alcohol percentage scale. Yes that the reading I was looking at, maybe I worded it incorrectly. I'll give it a bit longer to be sure and try again.
  13. OK, I started fermentation two weeks ago today. The first few days were crazy in there, I thought it was going to over flow the LBK. It looks very clear now and I don't see anything going on. I just checked it with the hydrometer and tasted it. Its only reading about 1.5% ABV and tastes sweet like cider. Obviously, its not done, but again I see noting going on hardly anything on top. Just let it got to three weeks??
  14. "yankeedag" post=363545 said:Yeah, but the way Vegemite tastes, it's better used to fill pot holes in the street. Can't say I ever had it, sounds gross. Just funny that I saw it on a show I get forced to watch and there was the question today.
  15. Just saw this on "Chopped" last night: "Vegemite" dark food past used in Australia made from brewers yeast extract. Supposedly its left overs after the beer process is done???? And its widely used and good for you!
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