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  1. Dish soap is not a real good choice for cleaning it will leave a scum on the inside of the bottles. You will have better luck if you use oxyclean free. I buy it at Walmart just make sure you give it a good rinse out
  2. I have never tried the extract but I have used orange peel several times with much success
  3. +1. The screwy brewer calculator is a great tool
  4. Thanks for all the great feed back fellow brewers. Woke up this morning to a nice surprise the smack PAC was fully inflated. So I made a starter and brewed this afternoon. Brew day went good no hick ups four hours later the yeast were having a major party in the fermenter. So life is once again awsome. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. I checked out the smack PAC and it seems that I did get the nutrient PAC broke this morning I did just give it a little shake hope that's not a bad thing. So I guess the only thing I can do is ride it out. When it starts to activate I will make a starter and see if I can blow the lid off the fermenter.
  6. Haerbob3. It was shipped with a cold PAC but when I got it the yeast and cold PAC was warm
  7. Well today was going to be a brew day, I got up at 5:30 am got the wyeast 1214 belgian abbey liquid yeast out of the fridge gave it a good smack, shook it up it's now 4:30 and the yeast still is not making the bag expand. I will give it a few more days but I'm thinking the yeast might have got to hot when it was being shipped to me. Has anyone else had this kind of problem with Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abby liquid yeast ?
  8. +1 crack the lids to vent some gas and drink the next day if you used pet bottles. If you used glass 12oz bottles you will just have to live with it. Next time you bottle look at the screwy brewer chart it helps out a bunch.
  9. Sam you can give it a try with the pale malt and 1/2oz of the cascade hops. Bring 4 cups water to a boil add the pale malt and hops boil for 15 min. Remove from stove add the mr beer octoberfest, add 1 gallon cold water to LBK. Then add wort and bring water level up to 2-1/2 gallon in LBK stir good and add 1/2 packet of us-o5 yeast. This will be a little lighter in color then howling red. Also keep the hops in the LBK tell ready to bottle
  10. Looks like the only thing your missing is the golden LME .
  11. Welcome. Keep the LBKs full and you will have a pipe line in no time
  12. The bottles should be kept at room temp for four weeks after that put one in the fridge let it cool for a few days then give it a try. If it tast good to you then put them all in the fridge and drink on. The best way to get the pipe line going is to keep the LBK full
  13. Welcome Paul, I would not worry to much about it. But let it condition for another two weeks at room emp then put one in the fridge for a few days and give it a tast. Just remember in the end you made beer
  14. I have heard of people fermenting up to 6 to 8 weeks but that is when the beer is transferred to a secondary fermentator. I would think that if your going to use a long frematation cycle you should use a secondary I have been told that if the wort sits in the turb cake to long it will give off flavors to the beer.
  15. Welcome, and just remember 3weeks in LBK with temp 65 to 70. And 4 weeks in bottles at room temp before you try one and also sanitize everything that comes in contact with the beer. Ask lots of questions the people on this forum can help you make great beer.
  16. I have no LHBS so I have to buy all my ingredients on line and pay the additional shipping cost so I only plan ahead 1 batch. But it works out perty well sence I brew two times a month.
  17. Try to cool it down and wait the 3weeks fermenting and then bottle and give it at least a month in bottles befor trying it. Never know might turn out good. One other thing when I made the Mexican Aztec it took at least 6 weeks condishining be for the cider tast went away.
  18. Cowden, welcome. First question 77 deg is to hot for fermentation, you should try to keep your temps down to 65 to 68 deg. 77 deg might give your beer a funky tast. Next question if you put the LBK in the fridge it will make the yeast go to sleep. During the hot summer months you are better off putting the LBK in a ice chest with frozen water bottle inside to keep the temp down. And also remember that the temp inside the LBK can get 5 to 10 deg hotter then the room temp. Next question you should ferment for 3 weeks. And then bottle. After bottling you should carb and condition for at least 4 weeks at room temp. The first batch always seems to take the longest. So as soon as you bottle get another batch brewing and maybe another LBK and you will be working on a pipe line in no time.
  19. Brew Ha. All yeast react diffrent with diffrent temps I have brewed a wheat beer with us 05 and used a blow off hose for the first week in the fermenter mine also had blow off aftert the first week I replaced the hose with a ferm lock the beer turned out great. So I'm saying this is normal. RDWHAHB
  20. Brewin this up today. Hope it turns out better then the spring seasonal
  21. When adding booster the fermentation will stay the same 3weeks. But condishining time will increase to around 6 to 8 weeks. You are better off using a LME (liquid malt extract) or a DME (dry malt extract ) instead of a mr beer booster
  22. Hi and welcome. Seems like lots of people here put the LBK in a cooler with a frozen bottles in it to maintain the 65 to 68 deg. Just need to make sure you change out the ice bottles every 12 hours.
  23. Right on I was starting to think I was the only home brewer in this neck of the woods
  24. No you should be good after 4weeks carb and condition time at room temp.
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