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  1. It is even cheaper to use plastic soda pop bottles.
  2. Hi and welcome. I try to keep all my beer fermenting at 65 to 68 deg for at least 2weeks. After that I will let the temp go to 70 deg
  3. You can give it a tast any time you want. But I would give it 4 weeks. If it's still not to your liking wait another week and try another repeat tell ou like it then put it all in the fridge and enjoy.
  4. My thoughts and prayers for their Famlys and friends
  5. pborder welcome. The Mexican Aztec is Not that good by its self. Here is one that I did that seemed to work out well 1 pale lme 250 grams. From mr beer follow the mr beer instructions for boiling the water. Then while the water is boiling add the LME and stir good. When the LME is stirred in remove from heat and add the Mexican Aztec. Fill the LBK with the suggested amount of cold water and add you wort bring your water level up too the mr beer suggested level make sure that the wort is at 70 deg or lower and pitch 1/2 pact of us-05 yeast. After two weels fermenting at 65 deg. Add the zest and juice of two limes. And a 1/2 oz of centennial hops allow another week in LBK. Then cold crash LBK for 3 days and bottle using the correct amount of suger for the size of bottles you use. Let carb and condition for 6 weeks at room temp. It takes a while for the Aztec to condition.
  6. Hi and welcome. When the bubbles stop that dose not mean that frematation is compleat if you don't have a hydrometer you should leave the beer in the LBK for at least 3 weeks and carb and condition for 4 weeks. As for temp i try to keep mine in the mid sixty range just remember your temps in your LBK can be up to 10 deg hotter then your ambient air temp. Any questions you have just ask the folks on this forum can help you make great beer
  7. Drink up. You got to love it when an idea turns out tasty.
  8. Just bought mine today. Can't wait to brew this up I think I will throw in some centennial for a dry hop.
  9. A 6.5 gallon fermenter and a new bottling wand plus a bigger auto siphon im sure I spelt that wrong. I have only been brewing sence April and I have about 30 gal under my belt. So at this point my current collection is 1 6.5 bottling bucket. 1. 6.5gal fermenter. And 3 LBK. The wife thins I have a problem but oh we'll I can't stop. I will brew on.
  10. The cheapest way is to use a ice chest with frozen water bottles. They will keep your temps in range for 12 hours
  11. Welcome to the best beer forum on the net. Don't be shy ask questions the people on here are great and will help you make great beer
  12. Ted them temps will work fine just try not to let it get any hotter then that.
  13. Welcome Ted, this is the first mistake all us noobs make. Mr beer is a great product but their formenting and conditioning times are a little off. Just remember 3 weeks in the LBK and at a minumum 3 weeks carb and conditioning. I personally condition for 1 month before I try a beer. You should be fine if you took the beer out of the fridge the yeast will wake up and finish the job. And don't worry about the cider tast it's just green beer
  14. Mine has not been good as of yet. Tasted good at bottling. But after a month condishining the beer has a sweet taste to it so I'm sitting on it for another month.
  15. I have the same problem I'm an addict . Brew on
  16. That sucks Joe. Take care of that knee, the brew can wait a few days
  17. I here ya their Joe, right now I have 3 empty LBKs and 1 wheat beer fermenting a5 gal. Can't hardly stand to go down stairs and see them empty kegs. But sometimes life gets in the way. But lucky for me I just got my next batch in the mail a chinook IPA. Looking forward to brewing it. Might even split it into 2 LBKs and pitch 2 different types of yeast
  18. Welcome, try the mr beer site they have some good recipes that are basic
  19. Right on Joe. Now get that pipe line stocked back up. Sounds like a tasty brew.
  20. Welcome. And +1 to what brewin Bull said a cooler and some ice bottles go a long way to keep your temps down
  21. Hazelnut, dry hopping is a great way to add extra aroma and a little flavor to your brew. If you want to give it a little extra I would dry hop with the 1/2 oz of the cascade. But I'm still a new brewer also but their are people here that can give you a much better answer then I can. Happy brewing too you. Brew on
  22. Joe-Fred. Welcome. + 1 to much priming sugar
  23. Ok I'm confused after opening the lid and checking this beer I was just down stairs getting another home brew out of the beer fridge and saw that now the fermintation lock on this batch is a steady stream of activity and I noticed that the temp has gon up 2deg. I don't know but by pulling the lid looking and putting it back on could have changed anything. Have any of you ever experienced this typ of thing.
  24. After 4weeks in bottles I tried the El Diablo Blanco IPA and I have to say its not ready to drink yet. Very sweet it had good color it was a clear beer with good head but way to sweet to drink. I will let this go for another few weeks and try another one I hope it's ready for the 4th of July party.
  25. Ok all I just could not stand it any longer I pulled the lid and took a look inside It had a good layer of kaursen on top, and smells like beer. I hope that pulling the lid did not contaminate the brew. So now I'm just relaxing and drinking a home brew.
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