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  1. It's been sence Friday I brewed a 5gal batch of American wheat with a few small upgrades. The brew day went great I should mention that this is the northern brewer extract kit. I ice bathed the wort and rehydrated the US-05 yeast , the temp at pitching was 68 deg. This was the first time rehydrating yeast for me so I looked up on the inter net how to due it and followed the instructions to a t. The batch has been sitting in my 5gal formenter for two days at 65 deg the question I have is I can't see any action in the fermintation lock, so shoul I move this to a warmer part of the house or should I sit on it for a few more days to see if it takes off? I have another pack of the yeast should I pitch it in case I have a stuck frematation

  2. ok so I got my bottling bucket today and would like to us it for fermenting 5gal batches as well. but when I looked at the lid I see no gasket in the lid, it is drilled for a fermentation lock so that was a plus but my question is should the lid have a gasket . I put the lid on the bucket and it is a tight fit. but with no gasket makes me worry a little bit about contamination.

  3. Welcome. Your beer is in your hands. Start by just doing easy brews that way you know what type you like to make then you can start doing hop boils. Grain steeps. Biab, then all grain. The possibilitys are endless is what I'm starting to learn. Oh and by the way ask questions the people here are always will to help you make the best beer you can.

  4. [attachment]photo.JPG[/attachment]
    Vampier blood ale this beer turned out great, good head and glass lacing could not have asked for a better beer. great flavor with not much of an after tast. i will have to make this a regular in the pipe line.

  5. Welcome, you will find answers to all your questions here. The people on this form are the best. I do not recommend chasing ABV. But if you want you can add DME / LME. Mr beer sells a booster pack that works well or you can add honey. The down side is it will dry your beer out. And the conditioning time of the beer will increase. I would recommend if your looking for stronger beer buy kits with higher ABV ratings that way you know what your getting.

  6. And that means the start to my weekend. This is brew day for me sense I'm home alown and the day I order new brew supply's. But right before the wife leaves to go to work today she told me that if I order anything to day she would relieve me of something I'm quite fond of, so what did I do, the same thing any addict would do I ordered any way and just used my work e-mail. That way she won't find out about it tell nex week. I think I'm hooked is their any hope for me. ha ha ha. Brew on all

  7. Here it is all I'm doing a 5gal batch this weekend so my question is can I use my 6.5 gal bottling bucket for the fermenter. Instead of using 2LBK. To me when ever I split a 5er between 2LBKs it seems that 1 of the LBK always comes out better then the other. Question #2 if I were to go down to the home-depo to look for a 6.5 gal bucket how do you tell if it is a food grade bucket.

  8. Sometimes you just have to man up. My wife complains every week when I buy new supply's. I just ignore it and buy away. This is a much cheaper hobby then the snowmobiles and quads that I had to sell toput the daughter through gynastics.

  9. I just got several diffrent types of pellet hops in the mail today. All the packs are vacuum sealed can pellet hops be stored on my beer shelf or should I keep them in the freezer. Thanks all

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