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  1. Hope mr beer puts it out soon or this summer brew will turn into a hunting season brew for me.
  2. Welcome, just remember the 3weeks LBK and 4 weeks conditioning and your beer will be great
  3. Haerbob3, shoot if you only have 30 gal can you send me 5gal. I could us Some good home brew.
  4. No worries. Just cold crash for 2or3 days before you bottle and all the floaties will sink to the bottom.
  5. Thanks guys I'm cooking on the new rotating stove. It really cool I took that pic when it was at a 90 deg rotatation tried to get a pic when it was at 180 deg but the pic came out blurry. LOL
  6. [attachment=13420]image001.jpg[/attachment] this is always a good day
  7. Has anyone got to try the white el Diablo Blanco ipa yet. Mine has been in bottles for 1week.
  8. Welcome Justin, and thank you For your service In the Army. If you have any questions just ask the people on here can help make great beer
  9. welcome, keep LBK full and in no time you will have a pipe line
  10. BlackDuck that first pour looks great
  11. Welcome, you can sanitize by just boiling it when you boil your 4 cups of water.
  12. Hi joe and welcome. It's only been a week so don't worry you should let your beers condition for 4 weeks and by that time they should be rock hard. As long as you added the right amount of priming sugar
  13. As long as you like your beer their is no overboard.
  14. If it works I can see a pig in my future
  15. Thanks all. I tend to get a nervice when I comes to the sanitation process I don't want to have a infected batch.
  16. On bottling day after you sanitize the bottles do you have to Waite tell they dry completely befor you prime and fill them. Just want to make sure I'm not doing this wrong. Because I do not let the bottles dry all the way. Today when I bottled their was still foam in them from the star San
  17. Yes sir that is correct. I just finished bottling mine. It smelled great so I had to have a sip it tasted real good hope it turns out as good as I think it will. I shall find out in 1 month
  18. Got mine cold crashing and bottling tomorrow night. Think this will be a good one
  19. Sure hope your all right about time heals most beers. I tried the Aztec after two weeks conditioning not real good so tonight I tried a second bottle after 4weeks it was a lot better but still not real good. I will give this another 2weeks and try it again. But on a good note tomorrow is bottling day for the deioblo blonco white ipa.
  20. Sorry for your loss it's always hard to loose a friend and a family member.
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