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  1. Thanks guys I'm cooking on the new rotating stove. It really cool I took that pic when it was at a 90 deg rotatation tried to get a pic when it was at 180 deg but the pic came out blurry. LOL

  2. On bottling day after you sanitize the bottles do you have to Waite tell they dry completely befor you prime and fill them. Just want to make sure I'm not doing this wrong. Because I do not let the bottles dry all the way. Today when I bottled their was still foam in them from the star San

  3. Sure hope your all right about time heals most beers. I tried the Aztec after two weeks conditioning not real good so tonight I tried a second bottle after 4weeks it was a lot better but still not real good. I will give this another 2weeks and try it again. But on a good note tomorrow is bottling day for the deioblo blonco white ipa.

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