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  1. Congrats , the way you describe it sounds like its a really good beer makes my mouth water
  2. Awsome you defiantly have it very organized. I'm also going to have to steal the rubber made crate idea from you. Maybe if I was more organized the wife would be more understanding of my new found love.
  3. Thanks RangerDanger. This will come in very useful in one of my upcoming brews for summer
  4. HarleyHawk, I'm only guessing here but I would think the longer the fruit is in the LBK the more fruit tast you would get. I think by adding it 10 days into fermentation it would give a subtle tast. The only drink I have made thus far with fruit is black berry brandy. And the longer the berries are in the more flavor they produce. Shoot thinking of black berry brandy I think I will pour myself a glass. Happy brewing to you.
  5. Well next weekend I will be bottling the white deioblo blanco hopefully from what you all have said about the the white ipa having little tast this will be the way to go
  6. Welcome, and don't sweat it just leave it in the LBK for 3weeks and carb and condition for 4weeks. Maybe a little longer on the card and condition do to the added booster
  7. Oh yes wal-mart some times you can find great deals in their. Nice find and good price
  8. Thanks for all the support guys I will let you all know in a few weeks how it turned out.
  9. Just finished the clean up on this batch what a great experience. Everything went good no issues this will be a great beer. It's now sitting in a cool dark spot in the basement. Time for a cold brew.
  10. Just started my first batch that requires a grain steep and hops boil. Can't wait tell this one is ready to drink. What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. And I think after I'm done with this I will go down to the store and get the brew this is based off of to finish off the night. Happy brewing all.
  11. On this one I bottle primed, got it all bottled this morning hope it turns out.thanks for the info still new to brewing just going through growing pains I guess
  12. Finsfan, getting a stock pile of pop top bottles is a great thing. I have been working hard to get this done. In the last two and a half weeks I have managed to get 2 1/2 cases. Still need more oh Darn.
  13. Help all this morning I opened the fridge after cold crashing my howling red ale for two days, in the bottom of the LBK there was a piece of ice one of the kids turned down the fridge. Is this a bad thing, will it kill the yeast ?
  14. 4weeks carb &condition total , sounds good to me +1
  15. That sucks Timewarp sorry to hear that
  16. Trollby, that's where the bottle was leaking from. Wish the LHBS was a little closer then 250 mi that way i would not have to order on line .
  17. Thanks all I am going to send it back. Kinda bumbs me out I was going to use it this weekend to sanitize stuff to make caribou slobber
  18. Sorry I forgot to ask this how much do you add to a spray bottle?
  19. Well the star San I ordered from amizon showed up today looks like it got banged up in the mail and it has a small leak the bottle and bag it was in was covered but only lost about 1/2 oz should I send it back for a new one or will it be ok too use? Also I read the warnings on the label looks like this stuff could kill a fella if not used right
  20. so far this has been a great way to unwinde from the stresses of life just kicking back and making beer oh and btw i do love beer and drinking home brew is the best way to enjoy a good brew. Brew on my freinds.
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