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  1. HarleyHawk, I'm only guessing here but I would think the longer the fruit is in the LBK the more fruit tast you would get. I think by adding it 10 days into fermentation it would give a subtle tast. The only drink I have made thus far with fruit is black berry brandy. And the longer the berries are in the more flavor they produce. Shoot thinking of black berry brandy I think I will pour myself a glass. Happy brewing to you.

  2. Just finished the clean up on this batch what a great experience. Everything went good no issues this will be a great beer. It's now sitting in a cool dark spot in the basement. Time for a cold brew.

  3. Just started my first batch that requires a grain steep and hops boil. Can't wait tell this one is ready to drink. What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. And I think after I'm done with this I will go down to the store and get the brew this is based off of to finish off the night. Happy brewing all.

  4. On this one I bottle primed, got it all bottled this morning hope it turns out.thanks for the info still new to brewing just going through growing pains I guess

  5. Help all this morning I opened the fridge after cold crashing my howling red ale for two days, in the bottom of the LBK there was a piece of ice one of the kids turned down the fridge. Is this a bad thing, will it kill the yeast ?

  6. Well the star San I ordered from amizon showed up today looks like it got banged up in the mail and it has a small leak the bottle and bag it was in was covered but only lost about 1/2 oz should I send it back for a new one or will it be ok too use? Also I read the warnings on the label looks like this stuff could kill a fella if not used right

  7. so far this has been a great way to unwinde from the stresses of life just kicking back and making beer oh and btw i do love beer and drinking home brew is the best way to enjoy a good brew. Brew on my freinds.

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